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By ATWadmin On September 14th, 2007

You have to laugh! Anti-terrorism experts from around the world conclude a major conference in Belfast today aimed at helping security forces from Australia to Sweden co-ordinate the fight against global terror. Yeah, here in Northern Ireland we know ALL about fighting terror. We are the experts. What you do is bribe the terrorists and betray the democrats. Looking forward to Tehran hosting the next human rights jamboree….!


  1. don’t forget you have to give them seats in the government also….

  2. I think thats a little unfair. Belfast is not terror central, despite unpopular headlines of late with crime,this is a new city emerging. And what they are doing is talking about how they managed the situation, and what they did right, and how they learnt from their wrongs.

  3. Let me rephrase the headline 😉

  4. lol

  5. And what they are doing is talking about how they managed the situation, and what they did right, and how they learnt from their wrongs.

    That will be a very short chat.

  6. Mohammad Atta, Osama Bin Laden: can they be bribed? Does ‘poverty’ have anything to do with the ideology of these men? Such men intend to impose their ideology on everyone and anyone who disagrees will be killed – it’s that simple!

  7. There was an interesting analyis reported in one of the newspapers the other day – can’t rememeber which one but I did read it, which showed that there was very little correlation between poverty and membership or organisation of terrorist groups. Quite the oppoiste in fact.

  8. Daivd,

    Completely off topic and I expect a public stoning to follow… but have you thought any further about a friday open thread where ATW readers can discuss what they are currently reading/watching or listening to ?

  9. Colm

    You may be thinking of Timothy-Garton Ash in yesterday’s Guardian.

    Here’s a couple of extracts from an excellent comment piece:

    To return from the United States to Europe is to travel from a country that thinks it is on the front line of the struggle against jihadist terrorism, but is not, to a continent which is on the front line but still has not fully woken up to the fact. On the front line at home, I mean; abroad is another matter. Only a fool would rule out the possibility of another terrorist assault on what is now styled the American homeland, but the fact is that in the six years since September 11 2001 there have been several major attacks (Madrid, London) and foiled plots in Europe. In the United States there have been no major attacks and, so far as we know, just a few averted conspiracies. All the evidence shows that American Muslims are better integrated than those in western Europe. Last week’s arrest of a group apparently planning a September 11 anniversary attack in Germany suggests that the threat to the Heimat is greater than that to the homeland.

    And this:

    beside the hard core of fanatics there is a penumbra of people who could go either way. In Germany, they were (and are) called the Sympathisanten, the "sympathisers". Among European Muslims, they might very roughly be correlated with those who, in surveys, refuse to condemn suicide bombings, although that figure is inflated by attitudes to Palestine. One analyst estimates that while the hard core may comprise 1% of British Muslims, the penumbra of Sympathisanten, the could-go-either-way group, is perhaps 10%.

    The full piece is well worth a read HERE

  10. On the topic of American muslims, here’s 2006 poll by Muslims For A Safe America. The results are interesting.