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By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006

loony.jpgOnly 7% of communication is verbal.  The rest consists of intonation and body language.  I have been watching the various news frontsmen at Auntie over the last couple of days as they extend their coverage of the American mid-term elections.  Beneath the thinnest of veneers of professional impartiality, there is a collective genie of schadenfreude struggling to get out.

Everything in the delivery of news coverage from the BBC on this issue is laced with barely-disguised glee by the Lefties concerned.  As well as wearing smiles broader than the Mississippi as they forecast defeats for the Republicans in Congress, loaded terms such as ‘pounding’ have become commonplace.

As well as calling into question use of appropriate terms on what should be a professional news media service, everything in the coverage of American politics on the BBC more than suggests an agenda in favour of the Democrats – either overtly or with subtlety.  So much for the charter of impartiality.

2 Responses to “Rubbernecking”

  1. On a similar note, I see that the Fox News website today and yesterday, a time when the world’s media has its eye on the election in Nicaragua, has not mentioned the election there with as much as a single word – not even in its "Americas" section.

    Although we do find, amidst many other reports, an account of a demonstration, a few hundred strong, against the president in Venezuela.
    I mean, how can a change of government in Nicaragua, and possible comeback of US bete noir Ortega, compete with that!

  2. Cunningham

    The difference being that the BBC has a specific clause in its charter committing it to impartial journalism. I am not sure that a similar situation exists with regard to Fox News.

    That is the crux.