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By ATWadmin On September 16th, 2007

Just wanted to wish Andrew all the best of British, thank him for his immense contribution to ATW over the years, and let him know that his place will be kept warm for him should he decide to return. Good luck from me!!!

25 Responses to “…AND IT’S THANKS FROM ME!”

  1. Best of luck, Andrew. I must admit I’ll miss reading the local views of your part of England.
    I hope, for your own sake, you change your political opinion and learn to relax a bit politically wherever you go. That kind of passion hurts nobody more than the person who holds it.

  2. Sometimes Andrew, it’s best to rise above these things.. Good luck in your promotion, you’re a young man with a good life ahead of you. A little bit of moderation in all things can go a long way.

    I hope you find your hearts desires.

  3. Adios Andrew

    I wish you all the good fortune that you deserve!

    To the Fake Madradin Ruad

    Pretty funny!

  4. Good luck Andrew. ATW just won’t be the same without you. You’ll be missed.

  5. Best wishes for the future, Andrew, and thanks for many enjoyable posts.

  6. God Bless Andrew. I’ll miss your fine take on life and your wonderful fierceness.

  7. As The Phantom said, I’d also like to wish Andrew:

    "all the good fortune that you deserve."

  8. One last swipe from Andrew there, always good to see. Hope your return to blogging isn’t too far off, Andrew.

  9. I’ve only discovered this site in recent weeks and have had to trawl back a fair bit to get the low-down on Andrew McCann. I like his style immensely! Anyone who can annoy republican as much as him is dead-on in my book!!

  10. Why can bloggers NOT comment on Andrew Mc Cann’s efforts?

  11. With Andrew leaving ATW loses its greatest advocate of multiculturalism as evidenced by his championing of Chinese proverbs.

  12. Why was my comment remove David?

  13. "removed"

  14. If it was anything like the one at 1.12pm probably because it was inapropriate

  15. Andrew McCann:

    I’ve mightily enjoyed your postings. Your religious and social observations have always seemed fair comment to me, and the latter ones…Bang On.

    Having ‘comments off’ may have been a tad over sensitive, but then again, who has’nt left the phone off the hook on occasions? (I heard that Clement Freud has to, quite a lot).
    If you do post again, use a nom de plume, everyone does these days. (ah’hem…Johnny Anonymous?).

    As to your reactions to the hostile comments above, just remember what Galileo retorted when asked why he ignored the Papal jibes: "Aquila non capit muscas".
    (Eagles don’nt eat Flies!)

    Good Hunting.

    And by the way, ‘A wise man does not stand under a crumbling wall’ was the silliest Chinese proverb you ever quoted. (ah la Mahons!)

  16. >>as evidenced by his championing of Chinese proverbs.<<

    Surely you mean Chink proverbs?

  17. Noel: I mean Chinese, Andrew might very well mean the other.

  18. Andrew

    Best wishes for every success in the future, careerwise and personally.

  19. DV, I see you’e censored this thread. Clearly AMcC whips up some strong feelings.

    At least you were even handed in also deleting his postings abusing me and others.

  20. DV,

    You have censored this thread beyond recognition!!

    What’s your game? Have you gone soft? I thought you were into a bit of forthright cut and thrust?

  21. Hotspur/Diathio,

    I’ve censored nothing – except one of Paul’s more offensive comments! However, ATW is not about childish personal insults and bad language so in future, I have made arrangements to make sure these things get vanish! It doesn’t add to the site in any way to have someone call another person names.

    And if you don’t like it why you can just go and…have a lie down!

  22. I fear that the fearless Andrew removed my post saying that he actually left ATW long ago when he prevented comments replying to his posts (I have never had one removed by David who seems to have a greater grasp of what freedom means so I assume it was Andrew).

    As I already said, his official departure is probably not only a victory for free speech it also frees up some bandwith.

    I hope this "subversive" comment isn’t also removed as "unsuitable".

  23. It appears Andrew also removed his own comments from this thread!

  24. Andrew best wishes and prayers… Live Long and Prosper…

  25. ‘I hope this "subversive" comment isn’t also removed as "unsuitable".’

    No, only its creator is ‘unsuitable.’