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By ATWadmin On September 19th, 2007

Sorry about the technical problems that afflicted the site yesterday, but as you can see, we are now back up and running. Thanks to all who emailed me their concerns about ATW being down, nice to know we were missed.


  1. Well, a breakdown is as good as a rest, I think R. D. Laing said.

  2. Welcome back David. I was concerned when I read the message on the site last night. It looked like there was serious technical trouble.

  3. Thanks for that Peter – we had a few dodgy moments but to quote the Bard, all’s well that ends well!

  4. David, are you sure it wasn’t part of a scorched-earth policy by the departing Andrew?

  5. No David is just being the gentleman he is. What happened yesterday was my fault totally. There were a few customizations that could have easily been made, but I deleted something I shouldn’t have which caused yesterdays problems.

    I want to say thanks to David, for being so gentlemanly about it, to Michael Ward,from Web Design Belfast, for being patiently on the phone with me yesterday, all afternoon, who done his best to help fix the problem, and who refused to take any money for it, Who rang this morning to see how things were going. A huge thanks to Michael-I’d recomend him to anyone who needs help with problems on the web.

    Also, to two personal friends who are in the web training industry and who run govt sponsored schemes. Ordinary nationalists from west Belfast who were more than willing to help fix Davids site, knowing David’s strong unionist views had no bearing on it, they were totally in agreement with his take on things within the UK and the west generally. That has to be satisfying for David to know that there are nationalists who agree with him on a lot of issues and were willing to help him out voluntarialy behind the scenes.

    Again a huge thanks to David for taking things the way he did. He was a true gentleman about the whole thing.

  6. Typhoo,

    As Elvis Costello intoned, accidents will happen! I wanted to thank you, Michael and all those other kind people for helping solve the problem. As you say, whilst we may disgree on unionist/nationalist issues, it’s a big world we live in and it is a good thing that people can be civil, disagree cordially, and so make life better for all of us.

  7. Typhoo,

    Just how easy was it for an unregistered commenter, to crash the site so spectacularly? Aren’t we restricted to just a few html tags? – or perhaps you were just ‘rummaging around’, and ‘accidentally broke Granny’s favourite vase!’…:-)

    David’s mannerly response, and handling of the matter is no more than I would expect from him, – a true gentleman!

  8. Ernest,

    Typhoo had kindly volunteered to give me a little technical help and in order for her to do this she was given access to the inner workings! I am indebted to her for trying to help in this area and, as I say, we all make mistakes!!

  9. David,

    Glad to hear that it was no more that just that.

    Rather a small mistake from an enthuiastic amamteur, than a deliberate act by a disaffected professional.

    In this day of trojans, worms, et al, one cannot be too careful.

  10. Thanks,

    David just to remind you to update your security, and change your personal log in details.

  11. I thought work (since they implemented spyware and restricted certain site access) had decided to stop my lunchtime stops at ATW for political reasons. I was relieved to see the message go up! David is a gentleman. Welcome back and never mind Typhoo all sorted in the end.

  12. Actually Alison, I did feel awful I thought I’d wrecked the blog completely.

    Check out this link and see what can be done with sq space.


    Since I nearly wrecked the blog yesterday, I have offered David the services of someone who can do the same for him, and I will fund it. I don’t think most of us know it, but he pays an awful lot for this site, so I’m not adverse to funding for the up date, if he wants to take it up.

    Especially since I nearly wrecked it!

    I hope he considers it, he should consider support, theres nothing wrong in it.

  13. So glad you’re back up! I missed ya’ll yesterday.

    Typhoo, you’re certainly making your presence known on ATW! 🙂

  14. Poor you Typhoo, i would have been bricking it. Ill have to check out the link when i get home – but yes re your other point, we should all hit the tipjar.

  15. The End is nigh!!….Repent while ye still may!!

  16. eh?

  17. Perhaps Typhoo should put an ‘n’ at the end of her name! 🙂

    Never mind. As they say: ‘To err is human, to forgive divine’…..Dave has forgiven you 🙂

  18. Typhoo,

    Don’t let my cryptic comment worry you!…it was nothing rude..:-)

    I hope the hint re the tipjar didn’t pass over too many heads! With so many blogs being totally spoiled by unrelated advertising, to the point of being almost unreadable, it is a pleasure, and quite refreshing to visit ATW.

    It is only when you are denied access that you realise how much harmless fun it really is!…

  19. That was funny Bernard!

    Don’t worry Typhoo, people are teasing because they like you. 🙂

  20. Listen guys I’m still in systems recovery here!!

  21. He shall be known henceforth as ‘David the Divine’…when giving him his full title.

  22. You are right Ernest about the tip jar, it’s unfair to allow one person to carry everything, which David is doing.

    We all use it, so I do hope everybody pays up a little something.

  23. Especially now when he has the costs of a writer of my stature on the ATW payroll.

  24. You’re not guilting me Typhoo, I’ve hit his jar and bought his wares. Out of curiosity, how often and how much do you think is appropriate?

  25. Hey All,

    I am not divine, far far from it, just a sinner trying to do my best but I do appreciate the kind comments.

    One good to contribute is to buy a mug! Daphne has been generosity incarnate, as have many of the other regulars so thank you to all.

  26. Me I dunno, I think anything is appreciated. Sometimes its the thought that counts. Anyway I just hit the jar.

  27. David,

    At least some good came from yesterday! Mysterious ways and all that.

  28. Glad to have the site back.

    Noel C
    I was going to make the same comment!