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By ATWadmin On September 21st, 2007

I see that ATW has been mentioned as being 4th best Irish blog over at Iain Dale’s Diary. Ahem…Heady praise, maybe we will end up third best in a few years? Just a few points;

1. This is not an Irish blog! We have no Irish writers.

2.  With a stable of writer’s from across the UK and USA, I think Iain needs to review the nature of this blog when placing it in his little list. After all, I’d hate to be taking up a place that could be given to an aspiring Irish blog. 

3. ATW is number one in a field of one.

32 Responses to “NOT IRISH BUT THANKS!”

  1. David: Do you feel damned with faint/fenian praise? I’d agree not quite your category.

  2. No, it’s just that ATW is not Irish. I’ll take praise from wherever it comes but…4th best….lol!

  3. Congrats….!

  4. Funny thing David,

    I was looking at his site yesterday just to read the poll ratings he had up to see where you were. I didn’t even look in the Irish category! I don’t think of ATW as an Irish blog, I think of it as a Conservative UK blog that covers a wide variety of everything.

    You’re Number One in my book Darlin’.

  5. If I read it right it the list was compiled by Slugger O’Toole who placed themselves first.

    Anyhow, you are clearly a Texas Blog now.

  6. Slugger o toole is big in N Ireland. Everybody knows that. They deserve it hands down, I’m sure David would agree. To come fourth is a great achievement, well done and congrats again. And since DV is based in Northern Ireland, which is part of the island of Ireland, that makes him Irish…

    lol bring on the flak…..

  7. Congratulations David! Ireland’s 4th.

  8. We love him Mahons – the man is solid.

    Now that he’s added you lawyerman – it’s all good. We Texans appreciate a Tulane Man.

    Rolling Green Waves….whoowhoowhoowhoo….Olive & Blue!!!!!!

  9. Let me put it this way, I am honoured to be Ireland’s 4th best so long as ATW can be the number one honourary Texan blog!!

  10. Daphne: The Green Wave rolls more in theory than reality, they always got rolled over in my time.

  11. Technically speaking ATW is not Irish but many of the Unionist persuasion look on it as a supporter of their cause especially when Shinners are trying to re write history.

  12. Is that like Crytstal Blue Persuasion?

  13. *****BREAKING NEWS******





  14. Mahons,

    One of the reasons we Texans love Tulane…….you suck at football – (nasty, but good natured, cackle follows)

  15. …and stepping up to the microphone, a blushing David Vance declared,…

    "Y’know, even though some think me Irish, and others may think we mad, I think I am a Texan at heart and I am moved by this award. We start bombing in five minutes…"

  16. I hear the deputy first minister of the NI executive is giving out the awards in the grounds of stormont…. infact there was an announcement tonight in Rathfriland at the Orange march, and they played the on the green grassy slopes of the Boyne.

    Actually I just heard there are hundreds of bands marching there tonight.

  17. THE CROWD ROARS!!!!!!!!!

  18. They’re playing the sash for David! Cos he won 4th prize in the Irish blogs.

    Daphne what are they playing over there?

  19. Nickelback – "Next Contestant"

  20. Vance, you’re a fenian tramp!!

  21. Sorry Davy, take me drunk, I’m home!

  22. We like the soused Totally Blocked.

  23. Vance, you’re a fenian tramp!!

    LOl now that was priceless.

  24. So ATW is not an Irish blog?
    And foot and mouth is not an Irish problem?
    Course not! – just English?

  25. Agree with Typhoo, if you’re on the island of Ireland, you’re Irish, Which is nothing to be ashamed of, and which does not make one any less Unionist.

    Nothing wrong with Slugger being Number One–I’d vote them Number One myself.

    And I’d vote ATW higher than 4.

    And I’d vote the great United Irelander far, far higher than Number 17. UI’s done some fine work, agree with him or not, and here’s wishing him all the best.

  26. Why are there so many Texans on here? I’ve never met anyone else from NI here. Since I appear to be the only one in this city I’ll pronounce ATW best blog in San Antonio!

  27. Hey Phantom,

    ATW and Slugger cover vastly different issues these days but on matters relating to Ireland they are very good. On matter relating to the rest of the world…

  28. Slugger was an essential part of the peace process and was widely read in republican circles and I would guess in unionist circles too. But now that the problem is effectively solved the problem for slugger is to avoid becoming a mix of the municipal and the provincial enlivened only by rows about flags and emblems.

    From what I can see from my less frequent visits sport is the only thing generating any passion and that passion is entirely negative.

    Even on ATW the Irish threads are a bit dull with everybody repeating well-established positions. But ATW remains interesting because it deals with the three biggest issues of the day, the climate change debate, Islam and the EU project.

  29. Thats
    unfair! Mick Fealty is hosting talks due to take place at the labour party conference coming up soon, and does discuss issues outside of N Ireland. For some of us politically the interest will always be in our own back yard. Mick is widely respected on the island of Ireland and within NI accepted by both sides of the divide, he kept a neutral blog in a highly charged sectarian atmosphere, where all could go and have their say – no matter who. That was some achivement.

    Sport just happens to be a topic which people like to discuss, at least there is room for it now, and why not. Poor sportsmanship to say he compiled the list and placed himself first or that he’d not do so good on the rest of the world. I thoroughly enjoy micks contributions to the guardian newspaper blog, which I always read and comment on with interest.

    The troubles may be over but theres still politics to discuss here, and on an island wide basis. I really enjoyed the discussion on FF wanting to expand. Its a place where NI views can be heard, rather than pushed out.

    Big in Britain, Big in Ireland, Big in NI, widely respected, and knows his stuff.

    Well done and boo to those who refuse to acknowledge it. Let’s give credit to a N Irish man where its due!

  30. TYPHOO

    I hope you are not taking anything I said as an attack on Mick Fealty. Far from it. He was perfectly right to nominate Slugger as Ireland’s number one blog and I don’t think anyone could seriously dispute that. I’d love to see someone put in a serious challenge to Slugger’s status in that regard but there is no sign of it.

  31. no no Henry, I wasn’t! I’ve read you many times on slugger, and enjoyed and mostly agreed with what you said too. But I do think, alto sometimes provincial,someone has to look after the provincial side of things.

    I do enjoy it over there.

  32. Don’t worry David, these other blogs jump on the Irish band-wagon because it’s easy as there’s no challenge left in them. They’re as stale as a loaf of bread in Vera Duckworth’s pants, they haven’t got anything positive to offer our country but old mouldy Irish customs which even the tourists are getting feed-up with.

    Glad to be Irish ???…..think again, the Republic killed off anything Irish, they butchered it.