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By ATWadmin On September 22nd, 2007

DETRIOITb.jpgThis image sums up how weak and stuoid we are in dealing effectively with the war being waged against US by militant Islam. It was taken at Detroit Airport and shows a Nun being frisked by a Muslim security operative. WRONG. We should be profiling at Airports – any young man aged 18-30 called Muhammad is probably a good indicator of a search, being a Nun rather less so.  You see this all the time as our authorities go out of there way to ensure that we ignore the Islamic elephant in the room.

24 Responses to “PRIORITIES WRONG!”

  1. It was at this moment that the security officer suddenly realised she was dealing with a man on his way to a fancy dress party…

  2. I suppose we COULD have a caption competition….

  3. It deserves one David. I burst out laughing when I saw the picture first.

    On another note, I am a so-called lefty- but when I stand in that line to get on a plane- I am all for searching-especially my Muslim brothers and sisters.

  4. It also says a lot about women in religion.

  5. Classic photo. And i thought WE were the most PC nation on earth.

    Love the wheelchair and the bored girl in the background. lol!

  6. Of course, we need random searches, because if you make nuns exempt from this, the terrorists will simply start dressing as nuns to get through security…

    But there is a disturbing symbolism to this photo, and an indication that we really should be searching the people who are more likely to be threats.

  7. It could be interpeted in a lot of ways. Considering the islamic woman is on her knees?

  8. This is what happens when we surrender to the state in return for security. What a convoluted operation.

  9. Johnny,

    It’s plain embarrassing.

  10. Make that plane embarrassing.

  11. Both!

  12. Again, keep in mind…

    What makes you think that the Islamic supremicists would never think of dressing up like nuns?

    There absolutely have been incidents of them dressing in Orthodox Jewish garb in Israel.

    I want profiling –its deeply immoral not to want it– but yes, I want the security people to regard anyone as being a possible suicide bomber.

    Including those who look like nuns, or pregnant women, or babies. You think these people are too moral to put a device in a baby’s diaper?

  13. David did you mean stupid? I’ve looked it up, and Google suggests did I mean stupid.

  14. They just need to use a little common sense, is all. I don’t know how many times I got pulled into the extra-scrutiny line; six-foot-one honkey with a Southern accent and a military ID…yeah, better check me for bombs!

    I totally sympathize with the poor nun.

  15. Oh I don’t know Johnny, the nun might have actually enjoyed it 🙂

  16. "Do you always wear the same clothes"

    "Yes, It’s a habit I’ve got myself into"

  17. Phantom,

    "I want profiling –its deeply immoral not to want it–"

    LOL! Actually it is not deeply immoral not to want an easy route through security for terrorists.

    " but yes, I want the security people to regard anyone as being a possible suicide bomber."

    And that means no profiling.

  18. meanwhile 4 suicide bomb vests pass through on the other conveyor….

  19. I wonder how many nuns "threw a bomb for their country" when they got a chance?

  20. Amazing isnt it. BNP members cant be firemen, coppers, teaching staff etc in case they do something unspecified and dangerously racist, yet we will allow Muslims to perform explosives checks at airports.

  21. Or not, just caught the Detroit part lol…

  22. Having attended a high school run by nuns i can assure you that while not terrorists, some were terrors. This picture however, might as well have a unicorn. It looks as real to me as snow white and the seven dwarfs.

  23. Frank

    No, try harder. You can be hypervigilant with respect to all, but if any security official does not give any special attention to Muhammad Backsheesh the madrassa master from the Gaza Strip, he’s guilty of malpractice.

    Profiling does not mean lax security to those who do not fit the profile.

    The Israeli methods should be taken as a model. They’re not particularly nice to anyone, but yes indeed they give special attention to Arabs, and yes, they don’t lie about it either.

    Which is why no El Al plane has been hijacked in ages, despite the fact that it is target number one.

  24. Phantom,

    ¨Profiling does not mean lax security to those who do not fit the profile.¨

    Profiling, by definition, means less security against those who do not fit the profile.

    Creating easier routes through security is not a good idea. The Israelis dont do that.