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By ATWadmin On September 23rd, 2007

So anyway, ATW is nominated as the 4th best Irish blog. Yours truly objects on the simple grounds that we are not Irish – or more specifically and based on Tom Tyler’s genealogy, we are 1/20th Irish. But I was really pleased to read that someone over on Iain Dale’s blog pointed out our strong US -UK links in the thread that follows. Don’t get me wrong, I tip my hat to all the many Irish blogs, and I have great respect for Mick Fealty from Slugger O’Toole BUT I am insistent that ATW is not Irish, we have a great balance of UK and US writers and readers which I just love and I would much prefer this blog stays as the square peg that fits no round blog holes. We are our own men and women here – we hate gutless conservatives as much as we loath dhimmi lefties. We will continue to dissent and to say the things that some don’t want to hear. I am not interested in being the top this that or the other, I want to be the best based on one criteria – the quality of the writing.

18 Responses to “ATW A UK/US BLOG!”

  1. Fair play to you David.
    It is your international flavour which puts you high on my count.
    You can only argue about Ireland so much- until you turn blue in the face.
    Well done.

  2. Pinky,

    Thanks for that – we mightn’t agree on othe threads (!) but I am sincere that I want us to discuss international issues. I get very bored with local issues and ATW has pulled right back on them which is not to say they are unimportant it’s just that who cares beyond those in small area? Its the big issues that attract me and we’re not afraid to take on the entire political establishment if we have to!!!!

  3. I also saw a comment on Slugger that ATW was rather more international than the other blogs listed. Speaking for the Texas contingent, I say well done!

  4. If I may be so bold.

    "Anonymous said…
    Strictly speaking A Tangled Web is an American/Irish blog site, (a very ancient association) as can be seen in the majority of it’s ‘southern states’ comments.
    It has some English writers to assuage the rest of the UK, but few comments from them.

    Good selection Ian, nevertheless for that.

    Regards, Mandeville. (England)"

  5. Congrats….Again.!

    I wouldn’t like to see local issues disappear since it’s nice to be able to debate what goes on in your own back yard. And its good to do it about international issues too. But It’s the mix that does it, if the site went truly national/international, without or very little norn iron, I think that would be a pity. Local issues are still interesting, and the big issues like immigration, are coming to us.

  6. David

    For what it’s worth, in my humble opinion:

    ATW is simultaneously Irish, British, Unionist, American, and muscularly pro-Western. That’s a terrific mix, and if I were you I’d never trade any of those labels. Not looking for an answer. Just sayin’.

    This Friday, I fly off to London for Monday and Tuesday meetings.

  7. And I think you ARE the best!

  8. DV, isn’t it just GREAT to be Irish? Enjoy it 😉

  9. Cheers to all! Yes, and that includes Daithio!

  10. I think your coverage of Northern Ireland politics probably threw some people off the scent, but whatever you cover is dealt with very comprehensively so take it as a compliment?!

  11. You’d be right to take it as a compliment.

    I enjoy posting here. I do it because few agree with me here, however normally we can have a heated but sensible debate where all sides are able to express themselves.

  12. Daithio,

    What is the English equivalent of your Irish title?

  13. David

  14. Thanks. Just curious!

  15. DV,

    When ATW is voted BEST (not 4th) Irish blog I think you should do the honourable thing and start calling yourself Daithio.

    Do you solemnly swear to do so?

  16. LOLER,

    But of course. I’ll be out skating that same day as I suspect hell will freeze over at the same time!

  17. Nice one!

  18. Well I don’t think this is an Irish blog per se (for one thing the ATW jukebox has never featured a showband).

    However, Irish issues and/or themes tend to have a bit more play here than Luxembourg, Peru or Senegal. Especially if one considers Irish issue to encompass NI.

    The writing here on NI issues tends to be pretty informative and the debate creative, and perhaps that is the reason ATW gained the ranking it did.