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By ATWadmin On September 25th, 2007

Do you think that Britain even understands what being "right of centre"  actually means? I doubt it. I base this comment on the publication of the "Top Right of Centre" UK blogs – with ATW coming in at a lowly 49th! Well, one sees just how WELL British Conservatism is doing, I guess our fall in Iain Dale’s popularity charts was predictable. It got me thinking and then I REMEMBERED the lyrics in this song and it all made sense…


  1. I can’t believe one left of center post from that Mahons character knocked ATW down the list!

  2. Jeez David, you did better as an Irishman! 😉

  3. Really, I think that all these lists serve no purpose other than to inflate Iain Dale’s hardly undersized ego, and to support his pretensions to be the UK’s number one expert on blogging.

    As for knowing the meaning of right-wing: well, I think that you only need to see who is number one on the list to know that whoever compiled it doesn’t. Iain Dale may be many things, but right-wing is not one of them.

  4. Perhaps he took exception to you criticising his article on Cameron, in which you said he was only half right. Didn’t he come here and tick me off..!

    I looked at a few of the blogs higher up and some of them are not as good as this one. Really I’m being honest about that, check for yourself.

    As to the question posed, does Britain have a right of centre, not for much longer I think.

  5. A panel of 12 people decided this? A popularity contest with 12 people as judges? You would think that they would use some objective criteria like circulation, number of posts on right-of-center issues etc.

    Of course, it you were closer to the top I would undoubtedly be praising the wisdom of the 12!

    …and there’s always Mahons to blame. 🙂

  6. Perhaps ATW had a lower position beciase of it’s percieved identity as a Northern Ireland blog. Even though it has developed as a comprehensive ‘all topics’ blog it essentialy started as a vehicle of dissent by David to the prevailing peace process orthodoxy and for it’s first couple of years concentrated often (especially through Andrew ) as an anti-agreeement commentary and that has helped prevent it being seen as a mainstream UK Right of centre blog.

  7. Typhoo:

    The first post I wrote at ATW upset Dale so much that he devoted an entire, rather petulant, post on his own blog to responding to it, even though I only mentioned him once in passing. So perhaps I am to blame for ATW’s fall from grace…

  8. Typhoo/FR,

    Congrats then! Mind you, to fall from grace in certain quarters is to rise in the esteeem of others!

  9. I’d say it would be you right enough FR..! You can hit the spot with that pen..!

  10. Yes but the hugely influential ‘Colm Report’ has consistently ranked ATW as the UKs no 1 blog and that survey is the only one that really counts.

  11. Indeed Colm. And I think I’m safe in saying that ATW is read by more people in Texas than Ian’s blog. If that don’t make you a #1 right-winger, nothin’ will!

  12. The Colm Report is for the discerning blogger and hence I must accept its considered conclusion.


    Give me Texas before Tooting anytime!

  13. I actually quite like Iain Dale, but that said his list is heavily skewed towards bloggers identifying with the Conservative Party rather than the right in general. There is also a bias towards blogs that focus on party politics rather than current affairs as a whole.

  14. I also like Iain Dale’s blog, I think he’s a nice guy, but you have to remember he speaks as a fully paid-up Conservative Party member and Cameron "whiperoonie"! ATW is outside "the party whip"!

  15. You can always trust our Tom to waste no opportunity to ‘whip’ any thread into shape.

  16. We must buy him a cat o’nine for his birthday!

  17. Charles

    I think that would just be added to a probably already comprehensive collection..

  18. I do not get around that mutch..but who the bloody hell is Iain Dale…