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By ATWadmin On September 28th, 2007

I wish the spin-doctors out there trying to suggest that the SDLP Minister for providing funding to terrorists – Margaret Ritchie, is "getting tough with the UDA" would give us a break and stop their PATHETIC drivel. The intrepid Margaret – who does talk in a peculiar Dalek-type manner – met with the UDA terrorist leaders last evening to discuss how they can continue to enjoy the £1.2m  funding to this illegal organisation as part of a "conflict transformation initiative". The money is designed to prompt the group to end its illegal activities and to help it retrain members as community workers. LOL!!!!

Ms Ritchie says she is not going to negotiate with the UDA on the matter and last night’s talks were only arranged to give her an opportunity to hear the group’s arguments. What a crock. The UDA will continue to get their lavish bribe, care of the tax-payer."Ritchie gets tough" is a puerile fantasy – she’s a human jellyfish who lack any sense of decent principle. If she had one, she would not lavish money on bloody terrorists in the first place. The Belfast Agreement has corrupted the body politic to such a degree that bribing terrorists to stop their criminality and barbarism is now considered progressive. Ever hear of what happens when you pay the Danegeld?

4 Responses to “THE DANEGELD….”

  1. If there is one thing about NI I don’t understand (and there is more than one I know), it has to be this type of tribute to terrorism (of any faction). Keep the toes of the politicians to the fire on this David.

  2. I agree with you here 100% David. The only way to "deal" with those scum responsible for atrocities such as Enniskillen or Greysteel for instance, and who blighted our provence for 30 years would have been to put a rope around their necks and drop them through a trapdoor.
    I maintain that if the authorities had made it utterly clear from the very beginning to the likes of the IRA or UDA that terrrorists would be ruthlessly dealt with by the courts then many thousands of innocent lives would have been saved.

    Deterrent works if enforced vigourously enough. Malaysia and Singapore for example don`t have a problem with drug smugglers any more. Why? Because would be smugglers know full well what the penalty for this crime in those 2 countries is. Death by hanging.

  3. "Getting tough with the UDA"

    Well we can dream!

  4. Margaret Ritchie isn’t giving the money to the UDA.