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By ATWadmin On October 4th, 2007


Comments have now been fixed and please talk away. It seems to have been a Squarespace issue which they have apologised for and fixed.


It’s coming up to a year since A Tangled Web first relocated to Squarespace and despite the ups and downs, I think on balance it was a very good decision. The site looks fresh and clean to my eye and whilst it can be improved, I’m happy with it and hope you are! I know that some of our regular posters get accidentally caught by the spam-filter, but whilst I know how annoying this is – it does nonetheless prevent some spam spoiling things. (That said, at the moment we are getting a large amount coming through but we’ll get past it) I’m renewing the annual subscription to Squarespace next week and if any generous ATW readers out there would care to throw a few pennies in the hat-tip pot, I would of course be very obliged. I look upon this blog as a journey that we all take together, I hope you enjoy it and might care to help ensure it continues. So thanks to the folks at Squarespace, thanks to all of you and here’s to the next year!

44 Responses to “ATW – ONE YEAR ON”

  1. No good deed goes unpunished.

  2. And punished it has been!

  3. …and to think it was all my fault! well well.

  4. Bernard,

    This time it was not ME!!! Phew.

  5. I love this pub graphic, David. You should perhaps consider encorporating it into your banner.

  6. Patty,

    It’s great, isn’t it – sort of captures the feel of the place, at its best. It was designed by one of our readers – I think it might have been Colm?

  7. I love the pub graphic too – I think it suits ATW perfectly.
    Classy and bold.

  8. It was Richard.. But yeah you should stick into the sidebar there on the left.

    Congrats on another year.

  9. It has been nice not to be blocked as spam lately (allthough I know some wish otherwise…LOL)

    David is that a real sign somewhere or fotoshopped

  10. , Yes I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the pub sign design. It is a good one though.

  11. What role do you play in the pub Colm? Who would you most map onto re the regulars of The Rovers Return, past and present?;o)

  12. Aileen

    Well for starters , Ernest would have to be Albert Tatlock, Monica and Troll must be Jack and Vera , Daphne could be a Texan Bet Lynch, I see you as Rita Fairclough, Pete Moore could be Mike Baldwin, our host David would have to be a male Annie Walker, keeping us all in line, and as for myself,I will let you decide…

  13. Colm

    I tried to post this (or somthing like it) yesteday.

    I could do worse than Rita Fairclough, (of coure you forgot to say "a young" ;o) )

    We are still missing a Ken and Deirdre and what about Ena?????

    Not forgetting Elsie Tanner!!

    I think you’s have to be Emily – the peace maker ;o)

    Funnily enough I am finding it hard to come up with someone who is the resident drunk. Hardly anyone gets drunk and lairy (how do you spell that?)in the Rovers Return.

  14. Aileen have you ever visited the rovers on coronation st, near manchester, and had your dinner there and looked at the museum which has ena and minnie her mate there.

  15. Typhoo

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to Manchester.

    When you say that they have Ena and her mates there, I hope we’re talking some sort of dummy/doll/waxworks.

  16. Aileen

    I only meant Rita in terms of her qualities as a sensible woman full of common sense and trustworthyness, not in terms of her age of course. Yes I can to an extent appreciate being dubbed Emily, although I’m not really ready to be written off as a dried up old spinster yet! At least you didn’t cast me as Norris. Tje trouble with trying to match ATW characters to Corries crowd, is that ATW is still mostly male while Corrie’s best characters are all females.

    Which ATW regular were you planning to dub the resident lairy drunk ?

  17. Colm

    Who’s Len?

    Oh I suspect there is more to Emily than meets the eye.

    "Corrie’s best characters are all females. "

    A true reflection of life then!!!!

    Who has posted here under the influence?

  18. Who’s Deirdre? Who is Gail?

  19. Aileen

    We should send Colm to get a job in the knicker factory.

  20. Typhoo,

    Colm’s qualities would hit rock bottom.

  21. "We should send Colm to get a job in the knicker factory."

    The pay is good. I’m sure he’d pull down several a week.

  22. Colm

    Just been thinking about it and you’re right,the Corrie men don’t really cut the mustard!!

    Those that aren’t wimps are gits!

    Jack’s about the best of the bunch!! Who is Jack?

    Deirdre and Gail are far too stoic and put upon to be any of us 😉


    Just waiting to see what Colm makes of that!!!

  23. Colm

    I’m being sooooooooooooo good and not commenting!!!!

  24. LOL, Charles.

  25. I would of course have to be Shop steward (wasn’t that Ivy Tilsley).

    It would give me great pleasure to say every few weeks "Knickers down girls, we’re on strike" !

  26. Apart from the good Knicker factory joke, Charles must be baffled by these corrie comments.

  27. Who would be sean? Pity Len has gone, I loved him. Can I be Cilla?

  28. True Colm. No idea what corrie means!

  29. Charles

    This is what we’ve all being going on about.


  30. Thanks Colm. It looks like what we call a soap opera.

  31. That’s what it is. It’s been on TV here since 1960 non stop and there can hardly be anyone in Britain who isn’t familiar with at least some of the more iconic older characters we have been mentioning on this thread.


    You wannabe Cilla. Of course you can. Someone has to be .

  32. I’ve done the tour of Corrie St at the Granada studios. The street is deliberately "smaller than real life" for some technical reason to do with cameras or something. Mind you, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen C.St, as I’ve never watched it.

  33. Oh I did it years ago Tom, and it felt like I’d been there before even though I hadn’t but it felt so familair.

  34. I had tea in the canteen with Kevin. Top that!

  35. No, tell a lie, I remember I was in college when whatsername (the blonde, bee-hived bar-woman) left, and everyone was crowded round the TV set watching it, and I saw that episode, just to see what everyone was watching.
    I used to watch Brookside quite avidly in the early years, mainly because I caught it right from the start, whereas with CS I felt there was too much history for me to pick it all up.

  36. Is Kevin "Curly Watts"? He’s a good actor.

  37. Kevin Webster – Sally’s husband.Played by Michael Le Vell – friend of a friend. Also met Rita, was introduced by Kevin/Michael! A loooong time ago!

  38. Top that. I was kissed by Richard Shelton, (the murdering doctor from emmerdale, – he sings sinatra songs and he is great) and kissed and had my photo taken with Daniel O’Donnell!! Beat that….

  39. Tom

    That would have been Bet Lynch.


    Tea with Kevin Webster eh ?. You namedropper !

  40. Just had a depressing thought, being a bit Aspy,.I’d probably have to be Roy.


    You tart!! 😉

    Micheal le Vell’s friend wasn’t his neice who won a few million on the lottery. I hope he bought the tea!!

  41. Ah, I was young back then and Kevin didn’t even run his own garage!


    Was it Daniel or was it Jeffrey D??? 😉

  42. lol hard to tell.

  43. Typhoo

    just what kind of photograph are we talking about??

  44. Aileen

    If Sally Webster was making the tea it would have been Beans on toast.