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On This Day…11.01

By ATWadmin On January 11th, 2007

1569 – The first national lottery is held in England. 40,000 lots, at 10 shillings each, go on sale at St Paul’s Cathedral in London.

1864 – Opening of London’s Charing Cross station.

1922 – The first successful use of insulin to treat diabetes. The patient was Leonard Thompson, who was treated at Toronto General Hospital in Canada.

1963 – Death of Labour Party leader, Hugh Gaitskell, from lupus.

1989 – After eight years as President of the United States, Ronald Reagan gives his farewell address to the American people. In particular, Reagan emphasises the foreign policy achievements of his administration.

1993 – British Airways is forced into an embarrassing climb-down in relation to a campaign of ‘dirty tricks’ it launched against rival airline Virgin Atlantic. BA is forced to pay damages to both Virgin Atlantic and its boss Richard Branson.


3 Responses to “On This Day…11.01”

  1. "Foreign policy achievements"

    Such as successfully funding and arming both sides in the Iran-Iraq conflict.

  2. And supporting death squads in Nicaragua and Guatemala that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths in those countries, breaking US law and disrupting its Middle-East "policy" in the process.

  3. Ah. The usual suspects. Forgetting the final straw in bringing down the Soviet Union?