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From Rowntrees Yorkie to Bournville Dark

By ATWadmin On January 11th, 2007

It’s a story that guarantees to have every pro-mass immigration Lefty wetting their knickers with delight.  Today’s Yorkshire Post carries a story which says that the ethnic minority percentage of York is set to be 1/10 of the city’s total population within four years.  Having been a respectable 2% in the days when governments didn’t believe in just opening up this country to anyone and everyone who wanted to come here, the total rose to 4.9% by the last Census in 2001.  On this projection it will have increased another 5.1% by the time I am 39.

Thanks New Labour.  You’ve really done this country proud.  So porous are our borders and so diabolically lax are our immigration criteria that we now see not only metropolitan conurbations becoming less and less British, but also quintessential examples of our ancient settlements.  Sixteen years ago, York was a city with a small and easily accommodated ethnic minority contingent.  At this rate it will be a cross between Lahore and Luanda with rain within a similar timeframe from the present.

As with most insipid examples of MSM liberalism, the article seeks to paint mass immigration in a positive light.  So entrenched are the uber-liberals in this metrosexual and multicultural ideological orgy that they are incapable of seeing the real picture: namely that Britain is ceasing to become a country bound together by the prevailing values and culture of the indigenous population, and is transforming into a bland territory stuffed with competing ethnic groups who not only can’t stand each other, but bring a multitude of sins and bad practices we seldom heard of before they landed on our shores (widespread knife crime is a classic example).

My organisation is currently facing an internal audit problem with African workers who falsify CVs, or pretend to be somebody else at an interview, so that the successful applicant is often not the person who ends up working within the care environment.  They have used others to impersonate them who are more proficient at understanding the advertised role.  You have eastern European workers who can’t speak English; Muslims – say no more!!; Africans who flood the care sector and are, I have to say, some of the most useless specimens of labour I’ve ever had the misfortune to work with.  So c’mon, liberals, where are all these ‘massive benefits’ accrued from saturation immigration; where is all the cultural harmony and adoption of British values between these multitudes?  How come few people in the real world concur with this paradisical viewpoint you espouse?  Our country is being culturally suffocated by the changes that inevitably accompany mass immigration, and you treacherous swines – in conjunction with a compliant media – are at the vanguard of assistance!!!!!

I repeat: I have nothing against a small ethnic minority population in any country and strictly controlled immigration can bring benefits.  However, what we are seeing here in nothing short of the slow demographic death of our nation.

16 Responses to “From Rowntrees Yorkie to Bournville Dark”

  1. >>the ethnic minority percentage of York is set to be 1/10 of the city’s total population <<

    Does anyone know which English towns/cities have the highest minority population and what the percentages are (approx.)?

  2. Leicester and Birmingham. Both set to be ethnic MAJORITY by 2011 Census.

  3. Don’t discount the numbers of Germans in Windsor!

  4. Britain must be really going the tubes, even the Irish are leaving with 16% of the entire Irish community shipping out in the last 10 years.

    All that are left are broken pensioners and stockbrokers.

  5. Garfield: Andrew would probably see that exodus as the silver lining.

  6. Mahons

    How true!

  7. Not completely Mahons,
    he’s complaining about the state of the roads in the other thread.

    Who do you think used to keep them in order 🙂

  8. Thanks Andrew.

    I’ve just checked the figures for Leicester. The city has a total pop. of 270,000, of which just under 30% are "non-white" and a further approx. 6% are from other European countries – i.e. 36% in all.

    This seems very high. However, another website shows that Britain as a whole has one of the lowest percentages of foreigners in Europe. After Luxembourg, the highest share of foreigners are in Switzl (19%), followed by Austria and Germany (both 9%), Belgium (8.3%), Ireland (6.8%), France (5.6%). The UK is way down at 12th place, with only 3.9% of foreigners. This may, however, be due to the fact that many "foreigners" in the UK have British passports and don’t appear in the statistics.

    Another interesting thing perhaps is that the Leicester website (Leicestershire County Council) lists all nationalities living in the county except … the Irish. They obviously aren’t considered foreign for British officialdom!

  9. Cunningham –

    "However, another website shows that Britain as a whole has one of the lowest percentages of foreigners in Europe."

    Interesting, but so what? Screw Europe, we must decide for ourselves who is allowed to live here and who is to be disappointed. France and Holland have probably gone beyond the demographic tipping point and are destined to become islamic countries within a century. We are not yet at that point, but unless we stop immigration this country will die.

    I know the girly men and lesbians of the left will be wetting their panties at that, just like they wet their panties in delight at the thought of our Judeo-Christian, capitalistic society dying, but screw the left.

    The next sane government of Great Britain must stop all immigration to this country. Go away, stop somewhere else. We must apply a filter which allows only a few select, rich individuals who are not islamic. We’ve taken more than our fair share of genuine asylum seekers, so any more can find asylum somewhere else.

    For each poor immigrant, eastern European and asylum seeker who we do allow in, we must kick out a liberal. Our filter must be able to identify those who will be hard working, grateful and who will be willing to change their stupid, unpronouncible foreign name. In return, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown gets her bus fare home to Uganda.

    It’s sensible, long overdue and even the environment will benefit from all those foreigners not coming here.

  10. >>The next sane government of Great Britain must stop all immigration to this country.<<

    Are there any figures for the numbers of UK citizens emigrating each year to france, spain, ROI, the US ?

  11. Andrew,
    I live down in the south and have noticed a startling disproportion of Africans in care work, in fact (and this is the honest truth) I cannot recall the last time I seen a special needs night out or the sunshine bus going past wherein All the staff weren’t black, do you know what the attraction is ? I theorised in the positive that the Christian enthusiasm in these communities may make such work attractive, and in the negative (coloured by my daily observation of rampant black criminality) that this is a cushty wee number where you can do sod all and have opportunity for all sorts of heinous self advancement, In reality I think there will be a mixture of both, (with much much more of the latter than good natured folks would suspect) but as an industry insider, can you explain this phenomenon ? One that you and I and no doubt lots of peeps at either end of the country have noticed ? Such things do not happen by accident, you can see non-ethnic groups establish themselves in a company and get jobs for families and in laws, not being so scrutinized by equality laws as the demonic white employer, but an entire sector ?

    (as an aside we had the same problem the other day, we had rang for a temp, interviewed a guy and said alright come back tomorrow and then this other dude turns up with his papers, it was a blatant case of "silly white man won’t know the difference"…..it really was very odd, and to my mind goes to show that dangerous racist attitudes are much more prevalent in our guest communities than you would think.)

  12. >>I live down in the south<<

    South of england is it Juan?

  13. indeed. For work, part time schooling and a bit of a laugh (im the last of the tarmacers.) :>

  14. although i wouldnt mind spending some time in Armagh.

  15. Armed Forces is 33. I’m 34

    LOL AndyPandy, so you are chicken shite then, when did that war start and what age were you then. Count it on your fingers, the ones you use for your living LOL

  16. ‘LOL AndyPandy, so you are chicken shite then, when did that war start and what age were you then.’

    A hell of a lot older than your mental age as revealed by your pathetic responses.