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By David Vance On February 16th, 2017

Off to see this chap in concert tonight!

4 Responses to “GILBERT”

  1. great song, actually has made me cry once or twice in my life.

    I did think ole Gilbert was dead though…..

  2. Beautifully sad song.

    The boul Ray must now be in his seventies?

  3. Back in the day, WABC 77 was an immensely powerful AM radio station that played top 40 rock. The signal was so strong it reached much of the population of the US at night.

    One of their top DJs was this guy Cousin Brucie.

    When this song became a mega hit, Bruce, who was normally relentlessly light and positive made a comment that he couldn’t understand why people wanted to hear such a completely negative song. He hated it, didn’t want to play it. Made the one comment, and that was it, went back to playing the damned thing every hour or two.

  4. I remember the early seventies when the world was in low resolution and glorious mono.

    LP’s didn’t last long. Tapes hissed.

    I recall the late sixties when everything was in Black and White..including the Minstrels.

    Yeah in every way today’s better all round….but then again…

    Technically better but life lacks soul I think.

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