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Drain In Vain

By Mahons On February 16th, 2017

Andrew Puzder, President Trump’s nominee for Labor Secretary, should be given credit for already creating a job opening – by withdrawing his name from consideration.  Puzder, a lawyer turned fast food CEO had donated hundreds of thousands to Trump (pay to play) and crashed and burned due to bipartisan opposition.

While raking in millions himself, Puzder’s company had to shell out millions for underpaying low income workers.  The workers usually had to take him to Court to get paid their fair share.  Puzder was an ardent attacker of minimum wage increases while an ardent supporter of his own maximum wage grasping.  Dante has a circle for him.  He also had a servant whom he never paid taxes on for years which is not comforting in a man expected to enforce fair wage laws.

Since his life history of unfair labor practices, corporate greed and breaking employment rules would make him a natural fit for Labor Secretary in the Trump Administration one can only wonder why the Administration didn’t fight harder for him.  Perhaps he didn’t have Russian Dressing on the salad menu at his restaurants?

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  1. Ball waaaayyy of the park.
    Great posture
    Great swing
    Great timing
    Home Run.

    Why is it the Left are blessed with humour
    Whilst with the Right
    it’s holler and horror
    That gets em excited?

  2. Great Clash reference Mahons.

  3. It is nice to see you actually doing political posts again the comedy of your glaring hypocrisy has been missed for many years.

    Just as for the past 8yrs there were no Presidential Jokes, no hard questions for Hillary, no real hard analysis of anything. It is nice to see that the group who has been so quiet for 8yrs actually are able to string together some real questions and statements… now mind you they will still only be asked of one side, it is however nice to know that you are capable of thinking of them even if not applying them evenly.

  4. A chap named Acosta has been nominated. Maybe his Hispanic name will be protective.

  5. The Republican Senators were probably fine with him cheating workers and generally treating them horribly – this is consistent with Republican doctrine.

    But when ( since recanted ) reports of his domestic abuse against an ex wife came to light, the Republicans couldn’t support their guy any more.

  6. Who’s this Mahons chappy?

    I remember someone with that name. Lost interest in politics eight years ago. Stoppped posting. Something must have happened then. This new one is right into the nitty gritty, even posting about Labor (sic) Secretary nominations. Talk about an eye for detail.

    Anyway, President Trump is holding a great press conference, roasting the Fake News media, rightly describing the lies being “out of control”, the Russia stuff is Fake News. Superb stuff, and they still haven’t noticed that the president isn’t a politician.

  7. He got elected president of the US, but ” isn’t a politician ”

    In related news, Muhammad Ali was not a boxer.

  8. Pete, you mean President Trump is not afraid to hold a news conference? I was a young man last time that happened!

    Good for the President!

  9. Tearing’em to pieces in there. He’s tearing’em to pieces.

  10. “I’m just telling you, you’re dishonest people.”


  11. Something again tells me that this guy won’t complete his first term.

    Serious impeachment potential, maybe serious psychological meltdown potential.

    Watch this space.

  12. This country is leaderless at the top, a mid air 787 with no pilots at the controls.

  13. I tuned in, and I don’t think the press is being very respectful of the President as he calls them bums.

  14. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 55% of Likely U.S. Voters approve of President Trump’s job performance. Forty-five percent (45%) disapprove.

    “Media narrative still failing.”

  15. It has been said that Rasmussen trends to Republican friendly results.

  16. The BBC creep Jon Sopel just put back in his box.

    I’d have paid good money to watch this press conference.

  17. “Five more minutes” the president says.

    I’m not sure the Fake News crews can last that long.

  18. The so-called president has now reassured us that the mess that is DC today is not of his making, but came down to him from the previous administration:

    DT “As you know our administration inherited many problems across government and across the economy. To be honest: I INHERITED A MESS (his emphasis). It’s a mess. At home and abroad. A mess. Jobs are pouring out of the country….. North Korea. We’re going to take care of it, folks. We’re going to take care of it all. I just wanted to let you know. I inherited a mess. “

  19. Yes, the man-baby inherited a worse economy than Obama did.

    Sure he did.

  20. 549 Posts since March 2011. Thousands of comments (must get better hobby). Feel free to read them as I put up my own thoughts instead of some article or some awful music video.

    I know Trump lovers like Alternative facts, but please.

  21. You should put images next to your ( good ) posts.

    Put a little sizzle with the steak.

  22. In a way, it’s good that mahons scorns photos and links and all those silly smiley things etc. The result is straightforward readable and entertaining text.

    549 posts in a few years is also an impressive total.

  23. That won’t be very many images then. Ba Boom!

    No, actually I agree.

  24. By the way, mahons, the murder of that Kim Jong fellow in Kuala Lumpur airport is a story just begging for your pen.

  25. Sadly for us Trump cannot tell the difference between conspiracy theories and News:
    He actually thinks News is conspiracy theories and Conspiracy theories is News.

    With Bannon at trumps elbow and Alex Jones in Bannon’s head
    I do not see Trump turning round the titanic , its not possible.

    so that leaves us in uncharted waters
    where Phoney is Real and Real in Phoney — welcome to Donalds Fantasy Playground

    Watch out if you cling to the Real, they’ll be coming after you !!!
    Fantastists ONLY – that’s how you get a ticket into the Magick Show
    many here are too far gone – you chose the lie.

  26. Trump = Allan from Aberdeen = Alex Jones

    Oh yes, three peas from the same pod.

  27. You can only feel the joy and optimism in the ether when President Trump speaks.

    No wonder his approval ratings are always rising.

  28. its the way of it phantom , equations ! my strong suit .
    however hard you go down the colourful but ultimately fruitless road of fantasy
    you won’t end up in a better place of Reality, believe me I’ve tried
    But I is a minion , this guy is President of America

    this one is apt:
    Romans 3:8
    “We Must not Do Evil that Good May Come”
    all despots and those that think they’re above the law. like Putin, engage in this practice

  29. Trump = Allan from Aberdeen = Alex Jones

    Under Phantom’s urgings, I have started to visit Infowars, the Alex Jones website which Phantom frequents. Some interesting and disturbing stuff:


    The college student who took video of a human sexuality instructor telling a class that Republican President Donald Trump’s election was an “act of terrorism” got suspended from the California school for one semester.

    Right – a lecturer in human sexuality (it’s California – they take such shit seriously) says exactly as described above. Here’s the footage:


    The drain of the swamp is blocked with such shit. Trump must clear the drain before the swamp and it’s a big job.

  30. Trump is the malarial swamp.

  31. Alex Jones is actually brilliant and funny. Everyone should listen to him.

    Too bad that he lies all the time, even more than Trump does. but no one’s perfect.

  32. Also on Phantom’s Infowars:


    After President Trump won the election, Obama quietly expanded the NSA’s ability to spy on innocent Americans just days before leaving office.

    Seeing as how the deep state, which includes the NSA and FBI, appear to be leaking all of Trump’s private phone calls with foreign leaders and took down General Michael Flynn by spying on his calls and leaking them to their friends in The Washington Post and The New York Times, the story is being looked at in a completely new light.

    As the The New York Times reported on January 12th:

    In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

    The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.

    OK – so before Obama leaves, he expels Russian diplomatic staff, orders NATO to Russia’s borders, and gives the NSA expanded powers to do what it’s now doing to the Trump administration. That is political scorched earth.

    Here’s the link to the NYT:


    The new rules significantly relax longstanding limits on what the N.S.A. may do with the information gathered by its most powerful surveillance operations, which are largely unregulated by American wiretapping laws. These include collecting satellite transmissions, phone calls and emails that cross network switches abroad, and messages between people abroad that cross domestic network switches.

    Of course, Obama hadn’t a clue what he was doing: he was just a teleprompt-reading front for others, but the term ‘Obama’ will suffice.

  33. Maybe serious psychological meltdown potential

    I was actually speaking with a few colleagues about that very thing today Phantom.

    An interesting proposal was that Trump has realised that he is way in over his head here which has exacerbated his existing erratic instability.

  34. Anyway, President Trump is holding a great press conference, roasting the Fake News media

    He attacked Breitbart? Co-President Bannon won’t be pleased.

  35. Pete Moore, on February 16th, 2017 at 8:22 PM Said:
    You can only feel the joy and optimism in the ether when President Trump speaks.

    Its called being seduced, that’s how deception works buster
    wickedness comes dressed as the truth , with a smile on its face
    ( but its a falsehood ) — you’ve lost your discernment .. sad.

    yup can read Trump like a book
    before he fails, he’ll blame everyone :the media the previous admin, judges,other states
    No shit sherlock he’s already doing that .. that’s the substance of his press conference.
    peteM can’t see that , hard to believe ..

  36. An interesting proposal was that Trump has realised that he is way in over his head here which has exacerbated his existing erratic instability.

    Your colleague is a bona fide idiot.

  37. Today Trump took credit for the stock market boom. When the crash comes it will be someone else’s fault.

  38. Surprised nobody asked Trump whether firing Flynn because of media pressure even though Flynn was doing his job makes Trump a total cuck.

  39. On Phantom’s Infowars, news that the Republicans are now taking on board concerns about record-and-leak to trusted recipients……


    Republicans in Congress are lining up behind President Trump by demanding investigations into the illegal leaks that have been coming out of the federal government since Trump took office, seeing Mike Flynn’s ouster as the last straw.

    House Intelligence Committee Chairman David Nunes (R-Calif.) is drafting a letter to the FBI formally asking the bureau to investigate the leaks, including an examination of those who leaked the phone call between former National Security Advisor Flynn and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak that led to Flynn’s ousting on Monday.

    “I expect the FBI to tell me what’s going on and hopefully they have a good answer,” Nunes said Tuesday. “The big problem I see here is you have an American citizen who has had his phone call recorded and leaked.”

    The government has very strict rules regarding the monitoring of American calls to foreigners, and that “very few people” in government would be able to procure these leaks because call details are erased unless there’s a court order, Nunes said.

    “So somebody had to decide to keep recording those calls and then to unmask that and leak it to the press,” he added. “We don’t even know who recorded this.”

    So the FBI shall investigate the NSA or CIA – excellent news

  40. Your colleague is a bona fide idiot

    Sure he is Pete.

    Please continue with your unswerving admiration of the personality cult.

  41. This was my favorite part of the Trump presser…

    We had Hillary Clinton give Russia 20 percent of the uranium in our country. You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons and other things and like lots of things are done with uranium including some bad things.

    Nobody talks about that. I didn’t do anything for Russia. I’ve done nothing for Russia. Hillary Clinton gave them 20 percent of our uranium. Hillary Clinton did a reset, remember? With the stupid plastic button that made us all look like a bunch of jerks. Here, take a look. He looked at her like, what the hell is she doing with that cheap plastic button?

    Hillary Clinton – that was the reset, remember it said reset? Now if I do that, oh, I’m a bad guy. If we could get along with Russia, that’s a positive thing. We have a very talented man, Rex Tillerson, who’s going to be meeting with them shortly and I told him. I said “I know politically it’s probably not good for me.” The greatest thing I could do is shoot that ship that’s 30 miles off shore right out of the water.

    Everyone in this country’s going to say “oh, it’s so great.” That’s not great. That’s not great. I would love to be able to get along with Russia. Now, you’ve had a lot of presidents that haven’t taken that tack. Look where we are now. Look where we are now. So, if I can – now, I love to negotiate things, I do it really well, and all that stuff. But – but it’s possible I won’t be able to get along with Putin.

    Maybe it is. But I want to just tell you, the false reporting by the media, by you people, the false, horrible, fake reporting makes it much harder to make a deal with Russia. And probably Putin said “you know.” He’s sitting behind his desk and he’s saying “you know, I see what’s going on in the United States, I follow it closely. It’s going to be impossible for President Trump to ever get along with Russia because of all the pressure he’s got with this fake story.” OK?

  42. No one ( other than maybe Eisenhower )in the post WW2 era was completely prepared for the presidency, but Trump would be the most unprepared, and the most temperamentally unsuited for it, by a country mile.

    He is a babbling child who needs to be the center of attention at all times, who needs approval at all times, who is corrupt and depraved, and who has the attention span of a gnat. Apart from that, he is perfect for the job.

  43. YES, YES, YES Phantom.

    By the way, did you know that the reporters sent in their questions in advance to be vetted by Trump before the press conference?

    Was that standard operating procedure for previous presidents?

  44. Dapne,
    that’s unbelievable
    by any standards its just drivel, mindless ramblings, more coherence in a college student.
    where da fuk is the substance, there just isn’t a single thing of substance
    that comes out of his mouth, he really must think we are as stupid as he is.
    Questions, accountability goes with the territory.
    Never heard him say “that’s a good question” instead he gets all hurt feelings
    like a sissy , and starts to whine and whinge like a cry-baby
    he’s gotta lose that like “fake media” – its just not going to last the distance.
    somebody FFS educate this orangutan, where are his advisors? nuanced people
    educated , experienced, people who manage this thing , so at least it looks semi-coherent
    is he surrounded by loony tunes … there’s no grace, or expertise, embarrassing !
    This is a joke right?

  45. From Phantom’s Infowars…….


    According to former NSA analyst John Schindler, elements of the intelligence community have gone “nuclear” against President Donald Trump and are now vowing “he will die in jail”.

    Schindler, a former professor at the Naval War College, is known to be provocative with his tweets, but what he revealed earlier today is still raising eyebrows.

    “….former”? Why “former”?

    This analyst, John Schindler, was sacked for sending images of his penis to a target female.
    Kudos to Schindler – he isn’t gay!!!!


    A woman who says she received explicit photos and messages from a married professor at the U.S. Naval War College in Rhode Island has apologized for making their alleged correspondences public.

    John Schindler, a former NSA intelligence and a very public critic of whistle-blower Edward Snowden, was placed on leave on Monday after his flirtatious emails and a racy photo of his penis were posted on Twitter.

  46. By the way, did you know that the reporters sent in their questions in advance to be vetted by Trump before the press conference?

    That doesn’t sound right, though maybe he thought it was a presidential debate.

    Who said this?

  47. if you are a person who needs a job, or is worried about crime in your neighborhood
    or getting an education – or the replacement for obamacare nothing Trump said would reassure you that he is focused on your concerns ..
    there just isn’t any detail, anything thought through, examined, weighed, measured, indicating a rational mental approach to the job .. if that doesn’t alarm you nothing will.

    Its substance 5%, rhetoric 25%, bluster/bluff/bullshit 70%
    if you don’t agree, show me where I’m wrong, in details please !

  48. Pete, read through the excerpt Daphne provided at 9:00 pm and please tell us you also think that guy is insane.

    You’re too smart to support an imbecile like that. And you know it.

  49. jude –

    You’ve been watching the failing media instead of paying attention.

    Trump has said alot about the inner cities and crime. He’s going to go very hard at them. Mark my word on that.

    Some more perceptive Dems are worried about Trump. It’s none of this Russia and other Fake News BS. They’re worried that he’ll succeed. If he pulls it off and helps blacks escape plantation politics, the Dems are gone for good.

  50. When is the Donald going to reveal his ” great ” health care plan that will replace Obamacare?

    The criticism of Obamacare has gone on for years with this lot, and we still haven’t the slightest idea of what their desired replacement might be.

    I think that the Republican voters bought a pig in a poke and that the Republican politicians have no idea of what to do.

    This is a harder problem than they thought.

  51. Noel –

    I watched the press conference live, thank you, and what fun it was. The media has no idea how to handle the president, no idea at all.

    They’re used to politicians couching and hedging and talking in coded, diplomatic language. Trump comes at them like Mike Tyson. He doesn’t care for them and doesn’t give a damn what they think of him, so he openly and gloriously insults.

    I happen to love the way he always cites “the failing New York Times”, as if that the title. That always makes me chuckle.

  52. Phantom, Noel, jude, Paul McMahon, Daphne et al –

    I understand your pain.

    After eight years of Obama, President Trump was elected to fix your Left Wing bullshit. And he will. You know it, and that’s why you’re worried.

    I understand.

  53. http://www.cnbc.com/2016/11/29/new-york-times-subscriptions-soar-tenfold-after-donald-trump-wins-presidency.html

    The failing NYT

    The New York Times said paid subscriptions online and in print have soared since Election Day.

    From the election on Nov. 8 through Nov 29, the Times has seen “a net increase of approximately 132,000 paid subscriptions to our news products,” the media giant said in an exclusive statement to CNBC.

    “This represents a dramatic rate of growth, 10 times, the same period one year ago,” according to the statement issued ahead of a CNBC interview Tuesday with New York Times CEO Mark Thompson.

  54. How many paid subscribers does Breitbart have?

  55. Trump has said alot about the inner cities and crime. He’s going to go very hard at them. Mark my word on that.


    states and communities have wresteld with these challenges all over the world, throughout history, there isn’t a magic wand, this is what riles me about Trump. these are nuanced complex issues that don’t work with simplistic knee-jerk reactions.

    I hope he does pull it off, I am moral enough and big enough of a person to admit that.
    If dems would want to play politcs with that , I would denounce them.

    no better plan like: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broken_windows_theory

    thing is that means mobilising all the agencies, with trust and patience
    do you really think Trump inspires that approach .. no way
    its likely to be rioting and army , you’ll see and he’ll blame them not him

    LIEs about Iran , they are not a sponsor like wahabbhism in saudi, yes they provided in the past rockets via syria to hamas, this is old news, the world has changed ..
    Its sickening to see him bully a country that’s just getting back on its feet.
    Best deal that Obama Iran deal .. since Blair in Ulster

  56. Pete, I read it here.

    Have no idea if it’s bullshit or not. I had never heard of such a thing.

  57. No peteM I’m worried his won’t fix anything,
    that he’ll turn america into a rioting burning nation of disorder inequality, hatred
    in effect destroys the country .. implodes it, bankrupts it ..

  58. Oh dear!

  59. Daphne –

    That says that no questions are likely. Trump took an hour of questions, and they were clearly not vetted.

  60. peteM Trump doesn’t understand the Left, his enemy
    we don’t do fake news, we have a slant and opinion that is of the Left
    which he doesn’t agree with , that’s fine , no problem
    but it isn’t fake news the reports that come from flagships like BBC, guardian reporting.
    its not our thing to falsify, its to hold accoutable, to ask pertinent questions.

    its his lot daily mail, infowars, breibart that do DO fake news
    like the pizzagate sickening lies etc etc .

    I hope you get it .. he doesn’t and its a huge failure of judgment ..

    hi charles, hammer and tongs or in some cases ( allan ) .. thongs 🙂

  61. Phantom, on February 16th, 2017 at 9:50 PM Said:

    How many paid subscribers does Breitbart have?


  62. Ok jude.

    Trump’s candidacy was laughable, he had zero chance of winning the nomination, and even less chance of winning the presidency, right up to 3am on 9th November.

    But “Trump doesn’t understand the Left”.

  63. ok PeteM
    on the election wikileaks James Comey sunk it for us. We woz robbed.
    but I ain’t crying about it .. please don’t think that..
    Gen want USA and the World to be a better place when he leaves office.
    so here’s some help for POTUS:
    more light less heat from Trump would be an improvement
    deal with the issues raised, the details, weigh the matter , show wisdom not petulance
    get off the fake news blah blah blah
    it undermines confidence in a free press
    agree/disagree? Tick one box .

  64. it undermines confidence in a free press

    “But giving Hillary the debate questions is fine.”

  65. “But giving Hillary the debate questions is fine.”

    strawman: I never said it , but to help you out, it isn’t fine

    care to offer a view if Trumps often impressive combat mode with the press is wise
    in the long term, will it do him any favours? why not just answer the questions?
    rather than this ridiculous diatribe ..

  66. Pete

    You’ve never said what press it is that you like.

    Or should we all just listen to the Fuhrer President and never question him at any time?

  67. Jude, I would agree with all of that except that Trump is not undermining the free press, they’re doing it to themselves. However, Trump must learn to use the press to his advantage and not treat them like a punching bag.

    more light less heat from Trump would be an improvement


  68. We have one calm Trump supporter that isn’t afraid to say that he is wrong at times

    Why are the rest so completely obsequious?

  69. My left wing bullshit Pete?

    Who told you that????

  70. Trump: we’re building the wall so there will be less Mexicans

    Pence: Fewer

    Trump: Don’t call me that yet.

    Hail Trump 🙂


  71. Paul McMahon, on February 16th, 2017 at 10:54 PM Said:

    My left wing bullshit Pete?

    Who told you that????

    I did – and Pete agrees

  72. charles, very gracious sir ..

    the press have been given notice, I expect them to up their game
    trouble is even after accepting a question from the MSM he doesn’t like
    90% of the reply is a diatribe — it is a rant , we know about rants here

    he rails against the whole corporation, this is not a great strategy ..
    gets dull very quickly ( people will be screaming inside their heads
    just answer the question for crying out load – leave out the flannel )
    not showing much respect is he ?

    keep an eye, can’t wait fore the next one, see if he’s taken any advice 🙂

  73. We have one calm Trump supporter that isn’t afraid to say that he is wrong at times

    Why are the rest so completely obsequious?

    I assume you mean me Phantom, and if so thank you. I think we should all strive for intellectual honesty over partisanship. I always try to question my beliefs, to see if they pass the smell test. Sometimes I get it wrong, but I strive to readjust.

  74. The first principle is that you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.

    Richard Feynman

    Charles knows this, the other Trump folk should take note of it

  75. Jude, to be completely honest, I tuned in to the press conference, but I had to turn it off. I couldn’t stand Trump’s long-winded non-answers.

    Kudos to the President for putting himself out in front of a hostile press, but he has to tighten up those lug nuts of his!

  76. JFK had his way with the press, by charming them.


    This is how it’s done, Mr. Trump

  77. Here’s why the intelligence ‘community’ opposes Trump, and why Trump must prevail:


    In 2016, two senior U.S. intelligence officials admitted that an “unbelievable” amount of child pornography has been found on the NSA work computers and devices. Even though there is evidence in the past that military and intelligence personnel have sexually abused minors online for years, the NSA does not want to investigate and prosecute its highly disciplined child pornographers

    However, in 2015, the OIG was forced to reveal several heavily redacted documents about high-profile investigations into serious allegations of misconduct by the CIA employees including child pornography, torture and war crimes under a Freedom of Information Act request from VICE News. But, reports VICE News:

    “About 80 pages of internal CIA documents pertaining to more than a dozen OIG investigations show that CIA employees escaped charges after the cases were referred to the Department of Justice (DOJ), which declined to prosecute the alleged offenses.”

    It is evident that there are some extremely disturbing and depraved things taking place at the highest levels of the NSA as well as the CIA; and it is also evident that there is more to their ‘official activities’ online and offline that they don’t want discussed

  78. JFK had the knack of having self-depreciating humor, as well as class and style. But he also had a very compliant press to fawn over him. Trump has none of this.

  79. But Trump is an absolute liar and you could never compare him to the likes of a JFK.

    JFK took complete responsibility for the Bay of Pigs debacle, and you cannot imagine Trump ever doing that. It is always someone else’s fault.

    ( And JFK was cool and disciplined during the Missile Crisis. Imagine Trump in that situation? )

  80. And Harward is out.

    Guess he saw the press conference.

  81. Phantom, on February 16th, 2017 at 11:46 PM Said:

    But Trump is an absolute liar and you could never compare him to the likes of a JFK.

    Nobody did – yet you raised JFK.

    Phantom, on February 16th, 2017 at 11:26 PM Said:

    JFK had his way with the press, by charming them.

    So I call Strawman Alert!

    Anyway, I watched Trump and I though that he was good. Here he is dealing with CNN:


    ConservativeCitizen29 minutes ago
    President Trump has nothing to do with “undermining confidence in the press.” They willingly discredited themselves for decades. They used to be more subtle about it. Now, they know the ship is sinking so they’re going all in on lies, distortion, propaganda and FAKE NEWS. It’s like watching suicide bombers with microphones.

    “Suicide bombers with microphones” – SUPERB!!! That really is the MSM 🙂

  82. They say that you should never work for someone that you don’t admire in some way. It is amazing that anyone wants to work for this Man-Baby.

    Harward was a change at a big upgrade from Flynn. Watch they get another conspiracy deadbeat next.

  83. And JFK was cool and disciplined during the Missile Crisis. Imagine Trump in that situation?

    Obama tried to leave that situation for Trump, and Flynn defused it. No retaliatory expulsions of diplomats, no retaliatory sanctions, no provocative response to NATO troops on Russia’s borders – why not?

  84. Maybe Flynn should be replaced by Flynn.

  85. Expect so, Phantom. Harward would have been stellar, reporting says he refused to keep Deputy NSA McFarland, wanted his own people (not comprised Flynn folk), Trump said no.

  86. list the FAKE News stories allan, in a legible way please
    bullet points .. top 10




    thank you

  87. Has anyone rung Troll re: national security adviser
    Troll step forward man your country need you 🙂

  88. WTF? The FBI is not expected to pursue any charges against Flynn per CNN.

    Henry Cisneros was charged for lying to the FBI about payments to his mistress.

    Flynn lied to the FBI about his discussions with the Russian Ambassador (= Russian Intelligence) over easing sanctions, which were issued because their government interfered in our elections and hacked the DNC, once Trump was elected.

    Mattis said today that Russia most certainly interfered with our election.

  89. Phantom, on February 17th, 2017 at 12:01 AM Said:

    Maybe Flynn should be replaced by Flynn.

    Yes – it would be the perfect riposte by Trump

  90. JFK was a womanizing drug addict that screwed up everything he touched. The only thing he gave us other than a communicable disease was the vision of space. He was an idiot and a dog.

    Trump has been President for less than a month so far he hasn’t failed a hairs much as any of the dirtball Kennedy’s. Actually with Trump so far so good, but lets evaluate after the first year… then rather than you wild pipe dream theories of what he’ll fuck up we’ll actually have a record to look at.

  91. jude, on February 17th, 2017 at 12:07 AM Said:

    list the FAKE News stories allan, in a legible way please
    bullet points .. top 10

    Not at this time, but we’ll start with No. 1 – Russian hacking, yeah, right

  92. We have three choices here on the Flynn;

    1. CNN is wrong
    2. WaPo is wrong
    3. Trump DoJ/FBI is totally compromised

    We have a Russian spy ship patrolling our east coast and Russian jets buzzing our ships in the Black Sea and Trump is ignoring all of it.

    Russian Cuck.

  93. troll with Harward out the message is clear
    Its not that people don’t want to serve their country, its the people around Trumps are so far off the scale that folks know its gonna be impossible to work as a professional team. unless you’re a lackey .. careers are ruined easily .. ppl don’t want to be part of a clusterfuk .. so what’ll happen is alex jones will get the job

  94. allan the world of spies/hacking/podesta/wikileaks is too complex/murky as a starter
    its a pity you can’t come up some straight forward clear examples
    I’d hazard a guess its because you got nothing
    and it is TRUE what we say , that he calls news he doesn’t like FAKE
    that’s weakness .. on the part of the POTUS

  95. JFK provided strong leadership during the dangerous missile crisis – the worst crisis in the second half of that century

  96. We have a Russian spy ship patrolling our east coast and Russian jets buzzing our ships in the Black Sea and Trump is ignoring all of it.


    The Pentagon downplayed its presence, saying that the spy ship remains in international waters.

    “We are aware of the vessel’s presence. It has not entered U.S. territorial waters,” said spokeswoman Lt. Col. Valerie Henderson. “We respect freedom of navigation exercised by all nations beyond the territorial sea of a coastal state consistent with international law.”

    I’m sure that US jets will be paying attention to the Russian ship in international waters near the US just as the Russians are paying attention to a US vessel in the Black Sea.

  97. A friend of Harward’s says he was reluctant to take NSA job bc the WH seems so chaotic; says Harward called the offer a “shit sandwich.”

  98. Allan is another Russian cuck.

  99. Phantom, on February 17th, 2017 at 12:36 AM Said:

    JFK provided strong leadership during the dangerous missile crisis – the worst crisis in the second half of that century

    He looked good in the press roles… and that was a very dramatic event, if you like however I could gladly show you several mistakes that he made during the event.

    Jack and Bobby had the swagger and the tone, they new how to play the camera and the press. The Whole Kennedy Clan however are scum trying buy their family name clear through politics…. but the leopards can’t change their spots. Once mafia scum, always mafia scum. Nothing shows it better than how they treated their woman. All the Kennedy’s were bums, period.

  100. The missile crisis was was not just an event- it was a real crisis and he handled it very well.

    Not as well as you or Trumpnof course

  101. When Trump said they were going to find the leakers and make them pay, did he mean he’d be firing the vice-president?

  102. dammit troll enough of the kennedys
    you need to give the order to blow that russian ship outa the water ..
    c’mon man you still packing right? ..

    really daphne a shit sarni ..lol
    sandwiched between alex jones and bannon is enough
    to drive anyone crazy – or become like allan 😉

  103. ulster radio did a great series ( still do it )
    called “Give my head some peace”
    an anti-dote to CNR and PUL in the North
    that’s what putting off the brightest and best of USA
    it just aint worth it working for the Donald
    Trump really is a one-man-show ….. he will only attract Yes-men
    not people of high calibre, integrity and the country will suffer bigly

  104. “We will follow two simple rules: Buy American, Hire American.”

    A Virginia winery owned by President Donald Trump’s son, Eric, is seeking permission to import almost two dozen additional foreign workers, according to a petition posted by the Department of Labor on Thursday.

    The Trump Winery, also known as Trump Vineyard Estates, LLC, is asking to bring in 23 workers this spring to plant and harvest grapes. The workers are being sought under the federal H-2 visa program, which permits American employers to hire foreign laborers under temporary work visas as long as no qualified U.S. workers want the jobs.

  105. Yes and the Trump Hotel in Las Vegas was built with Chinese steel when American steel was widely available and used by other builders

    He is a liar and fraud for the ages and still the sheep worship him

  106. sheet Daphne that’s a pump action you got there, how much you pay for it?
    ans: many years of questioning things deeply 🙂 nite USA what a day

  107. nite Jude

  108. Jude, I love my country and Trump deeply alarms me.

  109. Hey Jude what I want to know is what are the Russians trying to see?

    That Spy ship is right off Croton. That’s where we invent the best submersibles the world, what are they trying to get a glimpse of…..

  110. best submersibles IN the world

  111. Groton. Croton is on the Hudson.

  112. “We will follow two simple rules: Buy American, Hire American.”

    How very North Korean.

  113. We will follow two simple rules: Buy American, Hire American

    The personality cultists sure do love a state planned economy.

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