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What A Life!

By ATWadmin On January 11th, 2007

Interest rates have just risen another 1/4 of a percent.  This figure, added to the other increases we have seen in recent years, adds more woe for the average Brit.  Let me explain.

Mr Average has just been informed by his bank that his mortgage repayments have increased another £200 per year.  He sits down with Mrs Average in front of the lounge fire to discuss how they are going to make ends meet.  As it is a cold January day, Mr Average turns the fire up.  He then realises he will be faced with a mounting fuel bill as well as shortening the life expectancy of the Earth by years through carbon emissions. 

Faced with a choice of sitting in a freezing cold and increasingly expensive house, or going out, Mr Average decides to take the wife our for a ride in the car.  When he stops to fill-up with petrol, he remembers he is paying £7 out of every £10 purely in tax to the Treasury, thus beginning to wonder how long he will be able to actually afford a car.  Bumping along potholed roads awash with speed cameras ready to fleece him of a further £60 should he accidentally go 2mph over the limit, Mr Average is also on the lookout for police mobile speed units.  He is already well aware he lives in a society where capturing unsuspecting motorists is far better game than catching criminals.

Upon arrival in the town centre he is faced with double yellow lines, prohibitive parking charges, cramped conditions and wardens ready to slap a ticket on his windscreen if his front tyre is more than 3 inches over the designated white parking zone.  There are few shops in the town worth browsing in so he takes the wife to the train station to catch an express to the nearest big city.  Once again he has to dig into his pocket to meet the dearest rail fares in Europe.  So our of pocket is he by the time he reaches the city, he can only afford one small hamburger in a fast food restaurant; fully flushed with the guilt engendered by ceaseless adverts concerning healthy eating.

That’s modern life in Britain.  Not much to sing about, is there?


14 Responses to “What A Life!”

  1. Andrew,
    You forgot being served your hamburger by someone who has but rudimentary English.

    If you aren’t careful you’ll be a socialist by the time you are 50, so great appears your current disillusionment with the ongoing destruction of British society.

    Or where do you see the answers in the philosophy of the right?

  2. Indeed, it often feels like there is little to sing about here, as the poisonous snakes of New Labour and the EU continue to wring themselves round our necks.

    However, one must search for the cracks of sunshine, wherever they can be found. I can spot two rays of light in Mr Average’s scenario:
    1. He need not be worried about shortening the life of the planet with his carbon emissions, that is just hysterical BS propagated by the "global warmists".
    2. He can always obtain money by mugging, burglary or bank robbery. The prisons are all full, even if they find him a place he’ll soon be out again. He might even get to walk out of his own accord.

    See, every cloud…..

  3. Yes its all very annoying. Maddening even. but then again we live in a gorgeous country, full of opportunity, jobs, heaps to do and see and the people have a great sense of humour which will see them through the remainder of nu labour and continue fighting their insanity.

  4. Very true. I suppose we Brits do have a tendency to moan and groan at our lot. But it’s all a question of perspective. I shall never forget visiting parts of Eastern Europe shortly after the fall of the iron curtain. It certainly opened my eyes, gave me a glimpse of what real state oppression looked like, and put my gripes into perspective.

  5. Tom Tyler

    Agreed. I found myself in Magdeburg for a couple of days in the old East Germany in the 1980s. Stone the crows, socialists are welcome to it.

    That Garfield at the top, is he serious?

  6. Tom Tyler,
    Have you ever visited a newly liberated colony to find out what imperialist oppression was like?

  7. Newly liberated from whom, Adrian?
    Such as?

  8. Such as India in the late 40s and Africa in the 60s. Good deal worse off than the poorest communist country.

    In 1750 India produced 22% of the world’s GDP and had around 14% of its population. In 1950 India had 16% of the world’s population and produced 1.5% of its GDP.

  9. Yes I agree Andrew

    It’s great to be Irish 😉

  10. God i wouldnt be if you paid me Daithio! 😉

  11. yeah, you have to pronounce your t’s and not just be a pug faced ignoramus, no Anglo Saxon could stick it.
    neighbourliness and sticking up for yourself would also be challenging, I suspect.
    (quick ! a black man! jump in the bin !)

  12. Adrian,
    yes the decent for the construction of railways hospitals and real estate in Somalia by the Italians was maddening, thank goodness they have got it all sorted out now, and Zimbabwe, I mean what a joy it must be.

    anyone read "white mans burden" ? -its a fascinating look at the negative effect of left wing moral aggression on the deconstruction of colonies (and the charities that keep the goons in business and the people in bondage)

  13. oops ! descent laddie descent……

  14. we have black people living here? i hadnt noticed