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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

By Mahons On March 17th, 2017

Wishing the ATW community a Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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  1. Happy St. Patrick’s Day from the West Texas Branch of ATW! We’ve got the corned beef cooked and the party starts in a few hours. My sister in law forgot to make the soda bread, so it’s a rush to the bakery to see if they still have some!

  2. Agus tu fein, Mahons.

    Just back from a wet, cold parade but still worth it!

  3. A Happy St Paddy’s Day to and to all

    From the only real Paddy here….. 😉

  4. Thank you, from the only real (check the passport) Paddy on ATW.

  5. I almost miss David’s rantings about it being a sectarian celebration, unlike the 12th, which is, of course, a celebration of culture.

    Beannachtaí Lá ‘le Phádraig daoibh uilig, even Plastic Paddys like Pete.

  6. Meanwhile the Trump “administration” continues to flounder in its endless lies:

    “Donald Trump has said he did not “make an opinion” over claims the UK’s GCHQ spy agency carried out wiretapping on him during the US election campaign. Speaking at a press conference in Washington, Mr Trump said the White House had quoted a legal commentator who appeared on US TV channel Fox News.

    GCHQ rejected allegations made by White House press secretary Sean Spicer, that it spied on Mr Trump, as “nonsense”. Downing Street says it has been assured the US will not repeat the claims.”


  7. Didn’t the trump administration apologize to the British government over this lie?

  8. Not so far Phantom. Trump’s claims that “Obama spied on me” have been absolutely rubbished. But be sure that it was a calculated lie, as are they all. The purpose is to smear political opponents, sow confusion and doubt, and distract attention from other issues and previous lies which have been exposed.

    We won’t have long to wait for the next one.

  9. Judge Napalitano made the claim on Fox and Spicer repeated it.

  10. Oh and, Erin go bragh!

  11. ” Fox News host Shepard Smith said on Friday afternoon that the network’s news division was unable to confirm a report from an analyst who said earlier this week President Barack Obama sought help from British intelligence to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump.

    “Fox News cannot confirm Judge [Andrew] Napolitano’s commentary,” Smith said. “Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now-president of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way. Full stop.”


  12. What does trump have in common with the usual suspects have at ATW?

    They both get all their opinions from talk radio!

    All hail President Alex Jones!

  13. I have long thought of Napolitano is an empty suit poser

    Then he has to go and prove it

  14. Trump repeated the lie at the press conference with Merkel today:

    “Mr Trump went on to joke that he and Mrs Merkel “had something in common” as the German chancellor’s phone was reportedly put under surveillance by US intelligence agencies under the Obama administration.”

    And of course it was someone else’s fault, in this case Fox. It always is.


  15. Napolitano has really gone and stepped in it this time. To have your story repudiated by the news division of the network. Ug!

  16. Always always he has been a liar

    Since the 1980s, probably way before that

  17. Here’s a fascinating email sent to John Podesta, he of the DNC who was not involved in any paedophile goings-on linked to pizzas:


    “Our multicultural society is a colossal failure.” That came out of the
    mouth of Angela Merkel in 2004. And now she is hailing the next tidal wave
    of Muslim no-hopers as the best thing since sliced bread…….. It’s difficult
    NOT to picture Merkel in the padded-cell section of a funny farm under heavy
    sedation and in an industrial-strength straitjacket. Time was when it took a
    goodly number of nukes to wipe out Europe. All you need now is one Blöde Kuh
    with a Wiedergutmachung complex.

    Note – Date: 2016-02-21 00:51, and now read below….

    The Eastern Europeans can count on the support of the British people. Most
    Brits are aghast that Angela the Hun has introduced an open-floodgate
    policy. In fact, the largely German-generated catastrophe may just be what
    will push the heavily Eurosceptic British electorate toward an exit from the

    On the latest Trump stuff, great fodder for the chattering classes whilst the working and middle-classes get that which matters most – work and hope

  18. On the latest Trump stuff, great fodder for the chattering classes

    You mean yet more Trump lies have been exposed. Two weeks ago he Tweeted:

    “Obama wire-tapped me”

    And the usual suspects were only too happy to run with it. It has now been so totally discredited that even you as the arch-conspiracy nut hereabouts can’t attempt to defend it, and I’m sure you have done the usual searches to try.

  19. Napolitano Levin and Trump exposed as lying frauds

  20. Troll hi
    You know how some weeks back we went over this business of the difference between lying and simply getting something factually wrong?
    Can we in your opinion make the same case here on Trumps double down ?

  21. Jude

    Monday a definite yes

    I will reach out tomorrow

  22. Okidoki sounds great .. planning to walk accros brooklyn bridge in the morning . Ground zero.. freedom tower .. statue of
    donald liberty + bits n bobs … won’t be all day .. gotta free evening then .
    .. we doing spam and big mud tyres.. watch sum wrestlin..?
    Oops wrong state.. and I’m thinking of an evening with patty 😉
    where is colm?
    Look forward to it Tom..

  23. Phantom and jude – enjoy the meet-up, and post a photo! 😊

  24. Look DV I am not one to complain. But can we have a bit of modern country music for the weekend spot. Maybe some Dwight Yoakam or Gord Bamford Alan Jackson…it’s a big genre.
    I’m sure some of our US readers will have suggestions too.

    William Michael Morgan


  25. Jude you can make your case on anything you want it’s called Free Speech

    as for the other rebuttal…. I am still the only real Paddy here.

    Unless of course another of you is named Patrick…..

  26. we won’t even get into the fact that St Patrick was a whop….

  27. has anyone heard from Colm is he alive?

  28. yes Percy Phantom and a Pub the Perfect Photo

  29. There is a Brazillian samba band playing inside my head. Get out!!

    Trump / Merkel:


  30. The holiday and occasion is without borders.
    We’re in a time where the word “borders” has come back to haunt us.
    Many of us can still remember the dream of a world without borders. We’d hoped that progress and enlightenment might deliver a world of free movement and human rights. Now it’s easy to blame Radical Islam and you’d have to ask whether the rise of nationalism is a response to this, or was on the cards anyway. Economic factors make a contribution.
    The book of the week on radio 4 tells a tale of the UK border with Ireland in 5 x 15mins episodes. Borders is very much the issue of the day. Will Trump be able to settle the hundreds of lawsuits and claims that will come about as a result of the land grab he will need in order to build his wall.
    If you have an interest in spiritual matters I invite to you put aside the temporal for today and contemplate these fine words taken from a hymn called “oceans ”
    Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the waters
    Wherever You would call me
    Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
    And my faith will be made stronger
    In the presence of my Savior—

  31. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08hqf5p

  32. Where is Colm?

    9 comments out of 20 are Phantom comments (counting from the recent comment list).

    Give someone else a chance to voice an opinion or have a conversation, Phantom.

  33. Shush, Edith.

  34. Soon it will only be you here, Phantom. and maybe Troll.

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