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God Bless England

By Mahons On March 18th, 2017

Who is more polite than Mother England?  Such thoughtfulness to lose the Rugby to Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend.  Six Nations Once Again.  Irish Passport Holders Rejoice!

11 Responses to “God Bless England”

  1. 1) Yes yes, well done Ireland. Very well deserved. The better team throughout. And Peter O’Mahoney was the standout player, whom someone described in these here parts last night as Ireland’s best flanker, because he just is. Heaslip pulling out in the warm up, which allowed POM to start, was a blessing, and not in disguise. It was a clear and obvious blessing.

    2) Congratulations also to England, who are still the champions.

    3) Rugby’s crap.

    4) Bah.

    (Are France and Wales done yet?)

  2. Pete

    I have to put my hand up. I thought England were nailed on for a second slam today, but Ireland totally deserved to win.

    Fair play to Eddie Jones. His post-match interview was a model of being gracious in (his first) defeat.

  3. Oh what joy sport can bring! What a great Paddy’s weekend this will be! Maith sibh, Ireland!

    And if I may humbly remind everyone, I believe I may have predicted that Ireland weren’t done yet and might just spoil England’s party.

  4. Not for the first time, an England coach hoping to clinch the Grand Slam in Dublin just has to take it on the chin. I bet he was less gracious in the dressing room though. I thought England had shaken off the habit committing dopey penalties for 80 minutes.

  5. Reg, I do remember you saying that the boys in white might lose. Well done Ireland! That lock o’the Irish we hear about.

  6. Great sport

    Unfortunately I don’t think that the match was on US TV so hardly anyone knows that the game was on

  7. That luck o’the Irish we hear about.




  8. Good one Paul!

  9. Phantom –

    I think ESPN is the main US rugby broadcaster. It’s definitely available. This search is for NY alone and comes up with plenty of returns:


  10. Pete

    I know that important rugby matches like this are shown live in Irish and other bars in New York it is also available on the web for a pretty substantial charge but the biggest rugby matches as far as I know are never shown live on normal over the air or cable television

    It maybe shown as a rerun a day or two later but not live

    I think that this is deeply shortsighted on the part of the European and world rugby organizers to offer this on live television because it is only by showing it on live television to a general audience that you can grow the sport here

    ESPN does show rugby but sadly not this one. A few Irish and Brits watched it in the pubs but no one else got to see it

  11. I just came across this completely unrepresentative Ulsterman…..


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