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By Pete Moore On March 20th, 2017

THIS is what we learned today, with FBI Director Comey and NSA Director Rogers testifying in Congress. Reports the LA Times:

In part, the FBI and intelligence agencies came to believe that Putin wanted Trump to win because he very much disliked Clinton, Comey said.

“Putin hated Secretary Clinton so much that the flip side of that coin was that he had a clear preference for the person running against the person he hated so much,” Comey said.

We learned that the FBI and 17 intelligence agencies came to believe that Moscow hacked the presidential election because, “well it stands to reason, eh?”

That’s it. They have nothing. James Clapper said they have nothing. They have no evidence because there is no evidence. They have nothing but baseless, lazy assumption and cod psychology.


  1. You’re a cute one.

  2. The Troll, on March 20th, 2017 at 6:00 PM Said:

    oh and as nice as it is, this is not a travel thread…. start one yourself.

    Troll, you’re an asshole. I’m tired of defending you…We were having a good conversation until you threw the toys out of the pram as usual. Grow up.

  3. Phantom, who else would come to my soiree at the Ritz do you think?

  4. you missed a lot not watching the hearing.

    Both the Admiral and Comey said the same thing there is no collusion between anyone in the Trump campaign and Russia. That makes three intelligence chiefs that have cleared Trump and his people of this fantasy.

    What you also missed was the direct questioning regarding the tampering of votes in all 5 of the key states that Trump was according to the press, the democrats, and people on this site were supposed to lose.

    Not one of The States had a single vote fixed. Both Comey and the head of NSA swore to it under oth.

    You also missed that there is an ongoing investigation into who committed a Felony under the Espionage by LEAKING FISA information on an American Citizen it carries a ten year sentence.

    Until the last 3 weeks of the Obama Administration only 22 people had access to that information. In the last 3 weeks of Obama’s administration He released the information to 16 other agencies and White House Staff.

    Both the NYT and the WAPO have been running stories from the leaked information citing sources from inside the Obama White House.

    The investigation into the leak is an ongoing one.

  5. Show you and Pete and the Nazi are playing the same game- addressing the wrong question altogether-intentionally

    No one here and hardly anyone else is saying that Trump’s Russians fixed votes

    The only one who has made the fraudulent claim of large numbers of illegal volts is your trump

  6. Troll Pete the Nazi and Patty

  7. hey Charles

    Well very simple don’t defend me. I never asked you two and I am more than capable of defending myself.

    You and I share views on many subjects but please don’t do me any favors.

    The Post was about Chuck Berry dying NOT You, Phantom, or Judes Travel Plans and enjoyment of architecture.

    Phantom has publishing rights he could have put up an open thread. I let it go one for 100 Comments. So I threw nothing out of the pram…..

    If you don’t like it, that’s just to damn bad.

    Happy now?

  8. Happy as always! And no more favors,

  9. Charles

    I would think that it would be hopefully mahons and myself and probably that’s it

    Mahons has a busy job and family but hopefully he can make it

    Fewsorange I believe lives in New York City but he has never as far as I know Sean out for any of these things- if he is interested, I’d love to see him ( if it’s a he )

    I invited mairin once and she responded with the stream of personal insults, mocking my invitation. I never quite understood that but there you go

    You and yours are welcome in our city any day of the week

  10. Thank you Phantom. My wife and I would love to treat you and/or Mahons to dinner. My pleasure.

  11. Phantom, that’s not true. That’s not what happened at all. In any event, it was years ago.
    Charles, enjoy NYC whenever you’re here. It’s the best city in the world…but I’m biased.

  12. Speak of the devil! My wife and I are staying a the Ritz-Carlton @ Battery Park in October and would love to have you join us for dinner at the hotel with a couple of others. Think about it!

  13. Nice Charles! I work a few blocks away nearby Vietnam Plaza. You’ll have beautiful views. I’ll be heading to the Caribbean the first week in October but I will think about meeting up with ‘y’all’ if you’re here after then. Have a good night!

  14. charlesintexas, on March 21st, 2017 at 12:36 AM Said:
    Happy as always! And no more favors,

    Yeah happy to be shit on because I closed a thread about Phantoms interests when he can start his own.

    Which I see the lazy man still hasn’t done but has no problem taking over a second thread with HIS and YOU Social agenda….

    He has the ability to start his own, but I guess just to ignorant and Lazy.

    And Please really do me no favors you or anyone here. Good Southern Manners you display there Chuck.

  15. I am posting something today Troll

    In Trump fashion , you are free to claim credit for it!

  16. marin2, It will probably be Friday Oct 20th at “2 West” restaurant at the Ritz probably at 6 or 7 depending when people get off work. The next day we;re leaving on a cruise ourselves to Canada out of Red Hook.

    Troll, I’ve actually had it up to here with the way you treat people. I always try to be the peacemaker betwteen you and people because I feel sorry for your situation, But some men you just can’t reach/ I’m sorry if I’ve been harsh but it’s long time since I said something.

  17. Sounds awesome. I’ve never done the cruise north but I’m thinking about it. There’s one that is specifically for the lighthouses along the way…have to get some edumacation on my vacations, preferably history 🙂
    (should be Vietnam VETERANS Plaza above).
    Again, have a good night (as soon as Psycho is over; it’s on TCM).

  18. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2017/03/21/andrew-napolitano-reportedly-pulled-from-fox-news-over-debunked-wiretapping-claims/?utm_term=.34f8e3b39dca

    The phony “Judge ” Napolitano has reportedly been canned by FOXNews over his ludicrous, embarrassing, baseless, conspiracy theory claim that the British intelligence services took part in a Obama ordered tap of Trump Tower which never took place.

    However at this is the conspiracy theory presidency, and President Alex Jones Trump has not retracted anything.ii

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