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BUT BUT — The New York Times

By David Vance On March 20th, 2017

I see James Comey has said his agency had seen no evidence to back up President Trump’s claim that his phones had been tapped by the Obama administration.

Just a few points.

For starters, it was’t Trump who first alleged surveillance was in place. Look at the date and the headline. Gosh.


Next up, Comey was careful to say that there was “no wiretapping”. So what OTHER forms of surveillance might the FBI and the other agencies of the Deep State have put in place? He was cute enough not to elaborate on that. There seems to be a semantic evasion going on here. All Comey has to say that Trump was not under any form of surveillance from any State agency.

However, He DID go on to say that the FBI is investigating alleged Russian interference in the 2016 election. How interesting. Given that Saudi Arabia funded around 20% of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, can we assume his investigation will move on to include the head choppers interfering in the US 2016 election?

Comey is a busted flush who needs sacked. He lost ALL credibility last year when he concluded that Hillary Clinton had been “extremely careless” but NOT “grossly negligent” how she had handed her emails. Clinton lied and Clinton misled but Comey bent the knee to her. He is now operating AGAINST the President.

31 Responses to “BUT BUT — The New York Times”

  1. Comey said there was no evidence to back up Trump’s tweets about Obama having him wiretapped. Trump made it up. He accused a former President of a serious crime without any evidence and that is now publicly affirmed by the FBI. This has nothing to do with any other state agency, to say so is an attempt to distract. This is about a specific charge Trump made and it is now officially an outrageous lie.

  2. The NYT article doesn’t back up any part of your/Trump’s argument.

    The NYT never said that ” Trump Tower ” was wiretapped, or anything close to it, which is what Lyin’ Trump said.

  3. There has always been surveillance of the Russians, under all presidents.

    This is not a revelation.

  4. Wiretapping is just a another word for surveillance.
    This can be physical or electronic. Even a planted operative on your team.

    Frankly it would be utterly astounding if he wasn’t being surveiled by someone practically 24/7 365 days a year.

    Proving it is another job. Very few sneaky Pete’s obtain a notarised video confession before during and after their activities. Freely posting the statements for all to see. Well certainly the sneaky Pete’s who wish to continue in that line of work.

  5. Try to absorb the fact that the FBI told the house committee that there is an ongoing espionage investigation involving the White House.

    Might also be worth considering that the FBI opened this espionage investigation into the Trump campaign in July 2016.

    Would have been nice if Comey had mentioned that pertinent tidbit when he told us he was investigating Hillary after the Weiner fiasco.

  6. Phantom –

    Comey said that there is no evidence to support Trump’s “specific wording” in his wiretap tweet.” That is not a denial of surveillance.

    We know anyway that Trump Tower was targeted, because we know that the NSA intercepts all comms anyway.

  7. Another question is was any of this surveiled intelligence shared by the state with the Democrats?
    My guess is yes. Absolutely…but you will never be able to prove it.

    The state agents don’t leave traces.

  8. The issue now is that now that we officially know Trump falsely accused a former President of a serious crime, what will be the consequences.

  9. The only difference that Trump’s supporters have for him at this point is that the words of the president of the United States should not be taken seriously by anyone

    What a great situation we are in

  10. The only – defense!!–

  11. Look, you padants, when Trump said that Obama was wiretapping him (Trump) in Trump Tower, by Obama he didn’t really mean Obama, by wiretapping he didn’t really mean wiretapping, by Trump he didn’t really mean Trump and by Trump Tower he didn’t really mean Trump Tower.

  12. Yes Noel, he obviously wasn’t talking about some other President Obama who didn’t tapp someone else’s phones.

    (the double p obviously has some alternate significance which doesn’t mean ‘tap my phones’ )

  13. David -at some point you can’t repeat Trump’s untruths without being untruthful. That suggestion about the source being the NYT has now long been debunked and only repeated by those who know it to be untrue or are incapable of understanding it is untrue.

  14. it’s not been debunked in two articles one on jan 19th and one in march both said wiretapped.

  15. As I said about those incapable…

  16. The NY Times was not the source, the paper did not say what you think it did, and no one reads dead tree media because Troll and his Trump told me so.

    And Noel’s 959 is great.

  17. Comey repeated yesterday that there had been an investigation into Trump and his campaign from back in June before the election… that’s called a fact a truth something the above lawyer knows nothing about.

    Trump said wiretapped, the NYT and WAPO said wiretapped. Now all three are wrong because very little wiretapping ever takes place anymore. It is an out of date practice and an out of date term yet still used in the verbal lexicon.

    Comey said under oath that the Trump campaign was under investigation.

    Question Mr know it all Lawyer how do you investigate a group of people without surveillance ?

    Surveillance is the proper term not wiretapped, but hacks and liars as usual want to twist the truth on a word rather than a fact. The definition of the word “is” comes to mind Bill Clinton Lied under oath and was impeached and disbarred for lying under oath, yet the spin was the word “is” and what it means.

    The word wiretapped is the same thing.

    Look at the facts Comey under Oath admitted the Trump campaign was being investigated which means they were under surveillance. yet wacko hacks like Mahons claim that Trump is a Liar because he called surveillance “wiretapped”.

    Keep spinning counselor.

  18. There is no evidence at all to back up the conspiracy theories as promulgated by the Mark ” lying liar ” Levin, ” Judge ” Napolitano, and Tweety Boy.

  19. so then you believe that the Head of the FBI was investigating the Trump campaign with NO surveillance…… what where they using mama calzones psychics?

  20. I didn’t say that.

    A wiretap is a very specific, targeted, technical, thing.

    Maybe your Trump should not have tweeted in a rage at 6am in the morning. Maybe he should have had someone teach him what a wiretap is.

    And your dispute is not with me.

    It is with the FBI and the British intelligence services.

    You are here allied with talk radio frauds, a fake president, RT, Alex Jones, and Vladimir Putin.

    I would not enjoy being in their company, but you may do what you like.

  21. Linguistic correction

    ‘Surveillance’ is a term applied to visual observation

    ‘Wire – tapping’ is a colloquialism used for audio listening of conversations on various communication machines.

    ‘Investigation’ is the detailed and careful examination of the process for ascertaing facts.

    The three concepts are very different.

    Carry on.

  22. You are here allied with talk radio frauds, a fake president, RT, Alex Jones, and Vladimir Putin.
    I would not enjoy being in their company, but you may do what you like.

    Ok so now your John McCain and because I disagree with YOU I’m with Putin… lol

    How is the President a fraud ?

    and you are the one that watches RT I don’t even have a TV anymore.

    Keep trying Phantom, eventually you’ll find a clue.

  23. This actually sounds scarily plausible:


  24. How is he a fraud?

    Listen to what he says.

    And, his whole fake tough guy persona, which Pete Hamill spoke of a couple of days ago when speaking of the late great Jimmy Breslin, who had Trump’s number a back in the eighties.

    Breslin thought of Trump as the kind of fake tough guy who ” couldn’t fight his way out of an empty parking lot “

  25. Despite the fact that the FBI Director is supposed to be apolitical Comey’s a spineless Democrat, Hillary supporting apologist.

  26. The Hillary supporting apologist did great damage to her campaign with his comments.

    Unless one sings hymns of praise to Tweeter in every waking hour they’re in the tank for the libs, eh?

  27. Welcome to Phantom’s Comment Corner (yet another one). Doesn’t he ever run out of ink? Still, we might as well be thankful there are only eight so far in this thread.

  28. And another appeared even as I was writing the above. So, nine so far!

  29. Make that ten.

    Fake news needs to be responded to, Patty MartinW.

  30. MartinW, what would this site be without Phantom and a few others. As usual 20% of the personnel do 80% of the work!

  31. //Welcome to Phantom’s Comment Corner (yet another one). Doesn’t he ever run out of ink? //

    Yes, especially when there’s also your regular strong contribution, Martin.

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