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By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007

It is quite obvious the ubercop PSNI Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde has little interest in the concept of justice.

I see he has been moaning (rightly) about the cost of prolonged farces such as the Bloody Sunday Enquiry (Currently costing £180m and rising all the time, folks). He suggest that these Public Enquiries are a poor way at getting at historical facts. I agree. But he then goes on to lavish praise on the  PSNI’s Historical Enquiries Team, which was set up to investigate killings carried out during the Troubles, was another way to deal with the past.

“What we are finding is where people are engaging with us we are getting positive feedback from families who are learning a lot more now than they ever did,” he said. “Again it shows the families of the victims are ahead of the politicians. They are not playing games with this.  They want to know what happened and many are not interested in prosecution. They just want to know the story.”

Let me just repeat that last sentence for you…”They just want to know the story”

The concept of justice has been erased from Sir Hugh’s mentality. Apparently the next of kin of those thousands slaughtered by the IRA are only interested in “the story.”

RUBBISH. I know many such people, who have tragically lost loved ones to the sort of terrorists that Sir Hugh longs to see sit on his Policing Board, and I know that the thing they most hunger for is JUSTICE.

They want to see the murderers pay for their crimes.

The Chief Constable gives the game away in this most recent statement – he is wishing away the very concept of prosecuting the guilty. And we all know why.

2 Responses to “NO INTEREST IN JUSTICE…..”

  1. The Pillock has also been grovelling to the Shinners over the Plastic Bullets issue. What a waste of space that man is. He should be sacked now.


  2. this is just another such piece of drivel. "they don’t mind their folk being shot at and murdered sure it was just politics, its like a film really…."

    the mans a little *&!£bag

    the lack of justice is laying the seeds of fury that will one day sprout into the vine of the ferocious pursuit of satisfaction

    *(David Irvine RIP)*