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“..sup with a very long spoon…”

By ATWadmin On January 12th, 2007

As any member of my own family, both close and not-so- will testify, my knowledge of, and competency in, the sporting field is very close to abysmal. I have no interest in the juvenile antics of highly-overpaid so-called ‘stars’ in just about every arena of the sporting firmament, from football to darts, and my proficiency in archery was gained so I might compete on level terms with my sons and daughter.

So when I hear all the rubbish being poured out of the radio about David Beckham and his move from Real Madrid to an American team in Los Angeles, I mentally turned over and prepared to go back to sleep, but then I heard the magic name of Philip Anschutz, who happens to be the owner of the conglomerate which owns the Los Angeles Galaxy team, and who is now going to be paying Mr. Beckham some $100 million dollars over a five year period. Anschutz; now where have you heard that name before? Catchy, isn’t it? Especially when it lands up alongside Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s name, printed amongst some very-thinly veiled allegations regarding presents given and retained by Prescott whilst discussing the new casino site at the Dome, at a ranch owned by Anschutz. Now Anschutz, a true billionaire in real money terms, is well-known for many things, including gambling, construction and major sporting events, but is not well-known as a philanthropist, so we should look just a little deeper at the largesse bestowed upon a British football player whose own lights are perhaps beginning to fade!

Will we be seeing David Beckham fronting the assault upon the Government’s location plans for the super casino, to push for that place to be the Dome? Will we see Victoria batting both eyes simultaneously at Gordon Brown, in an attempt to hypnotise that dour Scot into allowing Brits to give their hard-earned cash to Anschutz the easy way; over the craps and slot lines at the monstrous money machine which is proposed for Greenwich?

New Labour has always held ‘celebrities’ close, is this perceived to be the ‘Achille’s Heel’ of the Blair-Brown administration?

12 Responses to ““..sup with a very long spoon…””

  1. PR cards the Beckhams may be but Mr.A. has a slightly more immediate reason for paying a sum David Beckham in his prime could not have warranted, T – shirt sales and other Magic Beckham Merchandise.

    It Gordons best stealth tax yet, the stupidity penalty, the ruin that will be brought to families and communities is of course incidental. (as regards the latter read the American reports about the symbiosis of organized crime and legal gambling, even honest shumcks like us could see a thousand criminal advantages to a big, legal, petty cash ‘cement mixer’)

  2. Juan,

    Unfortunately, you’re dead right in your view of the release of the casinos from the straight-jacket placed upon their existence by a Conservative government who understood the dangers implicit in large-scale gambling, into the free-for-all allowed by New Labour which naturally will bring ever-more cash into the Treasury’s greedy claws!

    The old-time Labour Party, who apart from having a conscience also had a shrewd viewpoint on human nature must be turning in their collective graves!

  3. Fasciating connection, Mike. Thanks for spelling it out, I’d missed it.

  4. " who apart from having a conscience also had a shrewd viewpoint on human nature must be turning in their collective graves!"
    – I always thought the malignity of socialism was that its fairness of conscience was but a facade to subdue people into a peon like dispensary dependant existence, in other words they say fairness will only come when they dictate it, unfortunately the right to dictate precedes this implementation of this fairness, and as the history of socialism teaches us, the actual result of giving all authority onto an tiny elite (I would hold the primary motivation of socialism from Lennon onwards) was a fairly bog standard aristocratic chauvinism, with the suffering that that entails, nothing is so good for getting men submit to you than by pretending you are their defender, a good natured defender does not , however, require submission from those they would protect.

    The monetary desperation of the treasury is no different to the desperation of the modern ghetto, and the desperation to pursue it’s ambition is the same mechanism and will produce the same criminality, a criminality that, regrettably, can largely dictate the nature of legality to our placid big belly nation.

  5. We should let Phillip Anschutz open a super casino on condition that we get to see the photographs of John Prescott dressed up as a cowboy.

  6. Juan

    I presume you menat Lenin above. John Lennon may have been an influential man in his field, but I don’t think he had much of an input into the development of International Socialism.

  7. As if we didn’t have enough useless celebrities, now we have to import Beckham and his wife. God protect the nation.

  8. I can’t stand Victoria Beckham. She has the most fake smile and simpering facial expressions I have ever seen on a celebrity.

  9. damn it ! i knew i would do that ! thank you colm, yes i meant lenin.

    did you write meant incorrectly to make me feel better ?

    i always seem to get the real stinkers dont i ? :<

  10. ‘She has the most fake smile and simpering facial expressions I have ever seen on a celebrity’

    LOL. Hardly a crime. I can think of a politician or two with the same problem

  11. Juan,

    Was that what is called a Freudian Slip?…:-)

  12. Isn’t Becks getting a $million a week over 5 years? At least that is what is being reported this side of the ocean. A-list certainty, LA will love him.