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By Pete Moore On April 18th, 2017

The Prime Minister has seen sense, from the government’s point of view. An hour ago she called for am 8th June General Election. We have fixed-term parliaments now, so the House of Commons will have to approve it by a two-thirds vote before the Prime Minister can ask Her Majesty to dissolve Parliament.

The PM is looking ultimately at approval in Parliament for the Brexit deal she delivers. The government has a small majority and a coalition of (clean) Brexiteers and (extreme) Remainers could scupper that deal. Look at the aggro the one-line Brexit Bill has in getting through Parliament recently. Any Brexit deal will be subject to the full array of delaying tactics. So she’s looking at a new mandate for herself and whatever deal she delivers. This will also go a long way to overriding Lords opposition.

The Tories will win an 8th June poll, if it’s held. It will win it big. Current polling points at something like a 150-seat majority. Corbyn will be thinking deeply today. If he tells Labour MPs to vote down the motion tomorrow he will be accused of running scared and undermining the Brexit negotiations and the will of the people. If he tells them to vote for it he will be crushed in June.


  1. Looks like Corbyn is going for seppuku in June.


  2. New New Labour, and the pointless Liberals are heading towards political annihilation.

    It’s a joy to be alive.

  3. On the face of it, this is a clever move.

    It looks like she’ll get a bigger majority with a clear parliamentary mandate for Brexit.

    Labour are in disarray and have been taken by surprise.

    She might even get a reduced SNP vote in Scotland which, she could argue, means there is no appetite for another referendum there.

    On the other hand, it would be very funny if it all went wrong for her…i.e. hung parliament with all the other parties (bar a handful of DUP and UKIP) anti-Brexit. Alas, I can’t see it happening.

  4. Ladbrokes has it on a knife edge:


    Most Seats Odds:

    1/10 Conservatives
    7/1 Labour
    33/1 Liberal Democrats
    100/1 UKIP

    The Tories are 1/10. That’s before Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell have to give daily interviews.

  5. June 8th 2017 is going to be even more entertaining than 24th June 2016.

    Guido Fawkes.

  6. The Tories are 1/10. That’s before Corbyn, Abbott and McDonnell have to give daily interviews.

    The only way is down.

  7. i predict a very low turn-out which will disappoint PM May
    this Breexit process has barely begun and we already have Brexit fatigue
    She’ll use the reshuffle after to get rid of the idiots problem people like Boris.
    She’s a plotter is our May. But there will be more women and black faces
    in the new Parliament , which may disappoint some ..just a hunch .

  8. I’d have a laugh if May failed to get the two-thirds majority she needs to call an election.

    Labour is useless. It should try to block the election and, if it fails, campaign in the general election against the Brexit chaos.

  9. Noel

    I thought that the PM / governing party could call an election pretty much whenever they chose to.

    How could they block an election?

  10. Oh, I see you are saying that they need 2/3?

    But on what grounds would it be blocked?

    No election, since Labour is leaderless and rudderless?

  11. Phantom –

    Traditionally, parliamentary terms were for a maximum of five years, but a PM could ask the monarch to dissolve Parliament and call a General Election at any time in that five years.

    The 2010 GE resulted in a Tory/LibDem coalition government. Cameron and Clegg (LD leader) got a fixed-term parliament law on the books. This was to prevent Tory and LibDem MPs falling out, precipitating another General Election (i.e. it was done for myopic, short-term reasons).

    It allows for the PM to ask the monarch to call a GE, if a majority of two-thirds in the Commons votes for it.

  12. Thank you.

  13. The calling of this election represents a complete failure by Theresa May to bring the country together behind a bold and confident future for Britain outside the EU. ( My local MP _

  14. Jude.

    Who is your local MP?

  15. Ah, Keir Starmer.

  16. If any colonials still wonder just how bonkers the Labour Party is …


    Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister has just ruined the day of my poor mum’s funeral. She was poor working class so not important.

    … the shadow foreign minister thinks that the PM has called for a General Election just to ruin her mum’s funeral.

  17. harri, been at work :Peter Kyle
    on the sea of blue we are the only Red, and Green Party Next Door
    the rebels in the South ..
    key: for USA readers its the opposite of your colours
    here red= commmie-pinkos , whereas red in USA = basket of deplorables 🙂

  18. I believe a great many people will be pissed off at yet more political bollox dominating the next few weeks.
    I see why she’s done this and it might be a smart move. But I think a great many peeps just want HMG to get the fluck on with Brexit. Just do it now and let us get on with the end game. Stop dragging it out.

    This GE is just adding to the delays.

  19. And I still don’t like Sharia May. Too much calculation opportunism and bugger all beliefs. Maggie knew what she believed in and so did we. She only slipped up when influenced by wonks like Heseltine imo.

  20. So at present I won’t be wagering any cash on the election..i just am not feeling it. Maybe inspiration will happen but I doubt it.

  21. I do not want another GE. Why ? because if, Chairman May negotiates a bad deal, which I think she will, then there is nothing we can do. In less than 2 years we will be out of the Stupid Club. If it proves to be a so called, ‘Hard BREXIT’ and the economy suffers, then the government will have to face the nation then. In my view that will force the PM to negotiate hard for her own, and her parties survival. Without that, Sword of Damocles hanging over them I’d doubt they will be sufficiently motivated. Such is my opinion of the toe-rags at Westminster.

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