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By Pete Moore On April 20th, 2017

I see that POTUS had a few friends round for dinner last night – Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock. Ok, while anyone would have Palin and Nugent to their soiree, Kid Rock? Anyone worried that Speaker Ryan’s absence (he’s in London, no idea why) would leave a policy vacuum can rest easy. Before dinner was served, the guests busied themselves by reviewing some White House policies. That’s public service ..

What a beautiful image. I know what you’re thinking: don’t these colonials take their hats off indoors? Apparently not, but hey it’s the Chief’s gaff. He makes the rules. It’s still a big upgrade on the drug-dealing rappers and crooked reverends the last one had round. No need to check the cutlery at the end of the night with this lot.

UPDATE: They even had time for a tour, where they came across an old friend on the way ..


  1. Rub the Clinton cheerleader faces into it. Just rub it in.

    After all of the sore loser “Russians are Coming” nonsense, the loser Democrat Hip-Hop Hollywood crowd deserves a visual that illustrates what losers they are.

    Although Pete, I would have chosen the photo of Palin, Kid Rock and Nugget posing in front of the enormous Hillary Clinton portrait that hangs in the former first lady gallery.

  2. Patty –

    Added, though I didn’t know that one was out there when I posted. They’re both beautiful, uplifting scenes.

  3. CWTT

  4. Scariest thing is….. in that group Palin is the smart one

  5. Scariest thing is….. in that group Palin is the smart one

  6. And Trump the best musician

  7. My gorgeous niece dated Kid Rock for quite awhile many years ago when they lived in Arizona. She said he was a nice guy in private.

    Totally off topic, but I love this quote…

    Trump forces his staff and Republicans in Congress to spend energy trying to construct in the real world the alternate reality that exists in his head, even when their energies would be best directed elsewhere — for example, toward trying to reach an agreement on a bill to prevent the government shutdown that will occur, absent legislation, on April 29.

  8. a very fun post.

    I was never a fan of Nugents music, but he does great work with his Kamp for Kids, it’s a wilderness camp on his property he also does a ton of work with disabled vets.

  9. all 3 are heavy second amendment supporters and Palin would have been a better President than Hillary.

  10. Nugent is a frenetic producer of the most busy, soulless music. I can’t imagine anyone paying to listen to that

    Palin isn’t qualified for any executive position, including night manager at an Upper Darby Burger King

  11. Only liberal East Coast bubble boy Clinton fans don’t like the Nuge. No-one can hear this –


    – and think that he didn’t write great stuff. In fact that’s the ringtone on my phone. I found out you can set any track from the library. So if you call it might take some time for me to answer.

  12. No one likes his music which is a complete waste of time

    You like his politics!

  13. So if you call it might take some time for me to answer.

    So there is some benefit to his music then 😉

  14. lol

  15. !!!

  16. Not exactly the 3 wise men, though a gratifying reminder that Palin is essentially a circus act whose presence in the White House is thankfully by invitation and not election.

  17. Sarah Palin said she could see the Armada heading to North Korea from the White house lawn 🙂

  18. The only really gratifying thing about Palin never being elected to that level of government is that if she had it would have meant that the traitor would have been President.

  19. There are no traitors in the current elected levels of US politics Troll, only politicians with differing views.

  20. Hillary Clinton has essentially the same foreign policy views as Troll

    They are both big fans of constant military interventions in foreign countries

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