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By David Vance On April 21st, 2017

My views on what happened in Paris last night.

PS – there is no secret to embedding HTML code – it’s simple.

6 Responses to “PARIS IN THE SPRING…”

  1. David your views as usual are spot on.

    As for the video, yes it was simple but the SITE is only allowing YOU to post any.

  2. Troll

    Let me check with my tech guy. I have not changed anything.

  3. please

    That’s why I asked everyone to try.

    The only one the site is letting post vids is you.

    Thank You

  4. Well argued David. I have severe reservations about Le Pen, but she is clearly a French nationalist, unlike any of the other candidates. Although the Corbinista Melenchon is just as anti-EU as she is, and many of their policies coincide. Such as leaving the Euro and probably the EU, after referendums.

    It may be that France needs a a nationalist as president in 2017. Echoes of De Gaulle?

  5. Was the assailant actually arrested previously? I heard snippets on the radio about that. Totally crazy.

  6. PS – there is no secret to embedding HTML code – it’s simple.

    It’s so simple I’ve actually done it in my sleep. But then, I am of superior intelligence. 😁

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