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By Pete Moore On May 13th, 2017

UP to 58K for an assistant director of BS. Imagine what the chief gets. Then you have the department heads, team leaders, admin teams, HR, finance, outreach officers and all the office space and equipment. The total cost of of this BS must be a few million a year, just for one of a couple of hundred NHS trusts in the country.

In this case it’s the Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust, which was hit by the cyber-attack yesterday and forced to go completely offline.

Amid the constant wails of austerity, we see that the NHS is so awash with our money that it breeds decadence. Only decadence prioritises Marxist BS over core functions. So yesterday the equality gauleiters sat twiddling their thumbs because their crappy old PCs wouldn’t work. Which I have to admit, means they’ll have done less damage than usual. But we need to sack them all. Thousands of these parasites suck up billions of our cash every year. A truly decent and patriotic government would sack them all immediately.

18 Responses to “MEANWHILE, IN THE NHS”

  1. In the US, private companies and their ” HR departments ” are increasingly infested with ” diversity officers ” and the like.

    There is an entire industry built around it, with endless meetings, conferences in various cities, etc.

  2. Less of this rubbish and more bed’s and front line doctors and nurses.

  3. My daughter just graduated from college. I’m suggesting she apply to the NHS. Hell, she’s as good a “bull-shit” artist as anyone. She learned well from me.

  4. Seig Heil PeteM
    I agree paul .. here a nice twist on the guy who cured the recent hack from spreading:

    Accidental hero my kinda guy

  5. Jude.

    Who would you want to care for you at the hospital, a doctor, nurse, or an “Equality & Diversity Officer”?

    And just where is the “Equality” in a fully trained nurse earning less than half of an “Equality & Diversity Officer”.?

  6. shame on you Harri being politically correct is much more important than actually caring for People.

    At least when your government runs your medical care it is.

  7. This diversity nonsense has infiltrated itself into all major private US corporations that I know of

    It’s a huge distraction

    I imagine that European corporations are the same thing

    The NHS is throwing money away on this, but so is private industry



  8. but so is private industry due to mandates and regulation dictated by the government

  9. https://www.tescoplc.com/tesco-and-society/reports-policies-and-disclosure/inclusion-policy/

    Hi Pete

    I have a read about what Tesco is spending its time on !

  10. Even in the largest European corporations, its there – with ” diversity officers ” drawing large salaries, writing reports, attending conferences, sending memos


  11. Phantom.

    That is absolutely correct, apparently my German organisation has diversity coordinators, managers, directors, and God only knows who else.

    I can’t delete the emails I get from them quick enough.

    The Health & Safety side of the business, as anal, and crazy it gets, I have no option but to just bite my tongue, grit my teeth, and get on with it.

  12. If any problems exist regarding ‘equality and diversity’ there is sufficient means to address them in human rights and labour law.

    Harri, H&S exists as a shield to protect employers from litigation in negligence cases.

  13. Harri, H&S exists as a shield to protect employers from litigation in negligence cases.

    Oh, I realise that Paul.

    I have the responsibility of a team of people, we have all been on “courses”, ranging from how to enter and exit company cars, how to walk up & down stairs, to even (and I am not joking) how to correctly tie shoelaces on company safety footwear ;-).

  14. H&S is a necessary evil.

  15. Agreed Paul.

  16. Health and safety in England appears to be a learned helplessness, where they teach people to be afraid of their own shadows

  17. Phantom –

    In great part there’s political pressure on corporates, which of course are always happy to give in for an easy life. Government also won’t award contracts to firms without these policies.

    “Diversity” is one of the Left’s core nostrums. It’s as rigid and protected as any religious belief.

  18. We have great diversity-related resource groups where I work. e.g., the veterans-related one sponsors a leadership exchange program with the US military and promotes/recruits veterans as potential candidates for employment. Last weekend I was in DC with one of the minority-related ones/and I’m not a minority nor am I a veteran–but the shared experience will definitely promote teamwork and builds trust IMHO. Interestingly, we team up with our biggest competitor via these diversity groups and do good works in the community–sometimes in friendly competition. This year I put together 5 volunteer projects for about 140 employees to beautify lower Manhattan/Governors Island–our admins will work side by side with upper management and everyone in between on a level playing field doing the same down and dirty sustainability-related jobs to clean up NY Harbor, composting, gardening, even urban farming etc. They may not be for everyone but I’ve benefitting from them.

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