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Take Me Home To Mayo

By Mahons On May 17th, 2017

The luck of the Irish…their leader is stepping down.

Enda Kenny will step down from his post at Midnight tonight.  A TD since 1975 he has been on the Irish political scene for a long time.  I personally thought he did a good job in trying conditions.  Smart, dignified and decent.  Course in Ireland where there are sometimes more opinions than people he may not have been everyone’s cup of tea.  But I ask you, when looking around the World, surely your man was among the better elected leaders.

The end of Enda leaves questions about successful succession, and I leave that analysis to others with a better grasp on Irish politics.

12 Responses to “Take Me Home To Mayo”

  1. How do you keep up with Irish news?

    Must be on the web or ( the very good )streaming radio, since I know of very little Irish news that is on US television?

  2. I like Enda. He is a decent guy who steered the Republic out of very difficult waters.

    He has his detractors, not without reason. He is dull (in a public setting), of mediocre talent, not a great public speaker so was often hidden from scrutiny.

    On the other hand he is engaging (in private), decent, genuine, vastly experienced in private negotiations/diplomacy and could place talented guys in the right areas.

    Give me the dull but genuine guy over charismatic charlatans any day.

    But who will be his replacement? The dyed-in-the-wool Fine Gael, over-ambitious country boy or the openly gay of Indian descent, over-ambitious city slicker?

  3. Phantom – I have a significant network of spies.

  4. Enda was OK as a political head. Then again if you use Bertie Ahern as a “bench mark” in leadership even Kim Jong-un would shine.

  5. How would either compare with Donald Kardashian?

  6. Enda certainly pleasantly surprised me a few times in his tenure as An Taoiseach. I don’t know that much about him tbh but he didn’t come across as your stereotypical culchie FGer.

    I wish him well and have no idea who his replacement could be.

    Phantom, the Irish News, the Irish Times, RTE, politics.ie, Joe.ie, Irish Central etc etc . The internet is full of Irish News if you look for it.

  7. BTW Mahons, I suspect that the man that the song which is the strapline here was written about would be spinning in his grave at being associated with Enda.

  8. Sad to see him go. He was a good negotiator and a person who put country and people before his own career and his own ego, of which he had very little. There may not be many like that around now, but there are still some in Ireland, and although I come from a family where supporting FineGael is only slightly less reprehensible than supporting the DUP, I think I would have given him my vote for his integrity alone.

    Because when you read words like “Smart, dignified and decent”, and “engaging and genuine” written about Enda above and all very true, does it not make you almost scared to look at what’s on offer in the US and Britain?

  9. I’ll second that Noel.

  10. why is he going? when is the next election ? is it upon us already ?

  11. Britain France Usa now Ireland. Too many elections. I can’t take no more. I,m moving to North Korea 😊

  12. “Up the Gobshites!”

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