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By David Vance On May 17th, 2017

This is the calibre of MY outgoing local MP.

A DUP election candidate’s false claim in promotional literature that he visited soldiers in Afghanistan has been blamed on a printing error.

An election leaflet for David Simpson claims that he “visited British troops on the frontline of Afghanistan”. The former Upper Bann MP was due to visit in 2010 but was prevented from going to the war-torn country because he was too big to fit a flak jacket. As a result, the Army prevented him from travelling. A DUP spokesman said Mr Simpson had “witnessed the bravery of our soldiers in Iraq”, rather than Afghanistan.

Makes me sick to see such blatant self promotion!

3 Responses to “SHAMELESS….”

  1. Yes David. Simpson got as close to the front line in Afghanistan as Trump did in Vietnam.

  2. Peter

    Or Clinton to “sniper fire” in Bosnia 🙂

  3. True that!

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