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By David Vance On May 17th, 2017

Seen this?

Two separate National Security Council sources have confirmed that National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster and Deputy National Security Advisor Dina Powell have been leaking negative material about President Donald J. Trump to their allies in the anti-Trump media, GotNews can exclusively report.

Curious and curiouser. If true, dismiss both and charge them for their insuurectionist behaviour.

35 Responses to “SHAMEFUL IF TRUE…”

  1. I would wait and see if this is true. So far the Washington Post alone has reported several stories that they have had to retract.

    MSNBC recently reported that Kellyanne Conway disliked/disrespected Trump – of course it wasn’t true – the point being that there is a focused effort to degrade Trump, Trump’s team and Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp”

    Trump’s inaugural address was the opening salvo and Washington DC establishment are now engaged in a full scale information war against Trump and Trump supporters.

    To understand the full scope of how crazy the Resist Trump movement has become, note that the Opposition actively jeopardizes relations with nuclear capable Russia just to score points.

    POTUS Trump and his supporters knew that taking on the Establishment would not be easy and are in for the long haul.


  2. Do you know who those two people are?

  3. //POTUS Trump and his supporters knew that taking on the Establishment would not be easy and are in for the long haul. //

    Patty, “POTUS Trump” is in for the very short haul. There are enough people in the US who don’t want their country destroyed by the ego and stupidity of this clown.

  4. The Seth Rich murder has changed again:


    Less than 24 hours after Private Investigator Rod Wheeler claimed that “investigation up to this point shows there was some degree of email exchange between Seth Rich and WikiLeaks,” the story has changed. Wheeler is now claiming that he had no additional evidence to suggest that Seth Rich contacted WikiLeaks prior to his murder.

    Dole Pole1 hour ago
    He decided that he would not like to suffer the fate of Seth Rich.

  5. Poor President Trump. Has there ever been a human being in all history so cruelly tormented and tortured so brutally. Not since a certain Jewish man was dragged up Calvary hill to be crucified 2000 years ago has a visionary giant been so maligned. Oh the tragedy 😰😰😰

  6. The fate of Seth Rich is to have been killed and then have his killing utilized by conspiracy nutcases.

  7. What a surprise if McMaster is a leaker. He’s a clear liar. His body language in every interview he gives screams it.

  8. David – the shame here is you utilizing this “source”.

  9. I thought nobody could get their tongue further up you-know-where than Patty but clearly Mr Moore manages to push past Patty’s limits 😜

  10. That is the story of the decade.

    Now, what exactly is GotNews please?

    Where is it based, who owns it, who works there?

  11. McMaster is working for someone who is his inferior, who is anyone’s inferior. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you had to defend the likes of that every day?

  12. GotNews can exclusively report

    Hearty LOL!

    Sounds legit. 😆

  13. http://gotnews.com/disgusting-obama-doj-took-8-years-condemn-sjw-running-slave-labor-camp-illegals-defending-illegal-rapists/


    This must be the best website in the world.

  14. Phantom

    When you referred to their crack journalists on another thread did you mean to say crack addicted ? 😋

  15. Allan

    Is GotNews one of your side jobs?

  16. Phantom – did you read the links that you posted? I just did. Which parts are factually incorrect?

  17. I liked the photo of the angry Hillary.

    Can I get a poster of that?

  18. Phantom, on May 17th, 2017 at 10:37 PM Said:

    I liked the photo of the angry Hillary.

    Can I get a poster of that?

    Sure you can – but from those links that you posted at 10.27pm, which parts are factually incorrect?

  19. They are all factually incorrect. Made up speculation that’s all.

  20. Colm — Stand by for ‘supporting evidence’! 😆

  21. Petr

    You mean evidence that needs viagra to stand up 😱

  22. Stand by for evidence of something. Anything. Stand-by. Or pull up a chair. It’s going to be a while. Maybe forever.

    btw, when did “journalism” turn into “fantasy fiction?”

  23. when did “journalism” turn into “fantasy fiction?”


  24. Petr – this is your lot. Absolute vermin, and the supporting evidence is quite conclusive


    Colm – within each of those links posted by Phantom are embedded links which provide supoort to each claim made. I did a random check on some points, an example being….


    In 1999, federal courts convicted four men from the Hasidic New Square community, of Ramapo, New York, of using a school whose existence they fabricated to steal $40 million in grant money from the government. Hillary hit the Senate campaign trail the following year in New Square, where the stolen money was funneled not only into enriching the fraudsters but distributed to various New Square community institutions.

    After Hillary won the otherwise reliably Republican Hasidic community 1,400 votes to 12, its rabbi met with both Clintons at the White House, begging for leniency for the convicts: Kalmen Stern, Jacob Elbaum, Benjamin Berger and David Goldstein. President Bill Clinton’s decision while leaving office to cut years from their sentences generated outrage nationwide and sparked an investigation then U.S. Attorney Comey would lead.

    Comey first became a sweetheart of Democrats by closing his investigation into the corrupt Clinton commutations.

    Did Bill Clinton commutate the sentences of these jewish criminals and did James Comey close the investigation?


    Federal prosecutors said yesterday that no criminal wrongdoing was committed when President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of four swindlers from a Hasidic enclave in New York State that voted overwhelmingly for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    James B. Comey, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a two-sentence statement that he had closed his investigation of clemency granted to the four men from New Square, N.Y.

    Mr. Comey said he would continue the investigation into the more than 170 other pardons and clemencies Mr. Clinton granted on his last day of office, including the one that has drawn the most ire: a pardon for the financier Marc Rich, a commodities trader who fled the country in 1983.

    The four men, convicted of bilking the state and federal government of tens of millions of dollars, were prominent members of New Square, a reclusive Rockland County village. The village leaders’ aggressive courting of the president and Mrs. Clinton before and after the 2000 Senate election raised questions of whether the men’s sentences were reduced in exchange for votes.

    ”The investigation was closed because we thoroughly investigated and determined it wasn’t appropriate to bring charges against anybody in the case,” Mr. Comey said at a news conference on an unrelated case. ”I can’t really go into it because it was an investigation that didn’t result in charges. That may be a frustrating answer, but that’s the one I’m compelled to give.”

    Mrs. Clinton, who had denied any improprieties, would not comment.

    Oh yes – all true, yet until an hour ago, I had no idea that the Clintons and Comey were so friendly.

  25. Trump remarks today:

    “I didn’t get elected to serve the Washington media or special interests,” he said. “I got elected to serve the forgotten men and women of our country, and that’s what I’m doing.”

    God bless Trump and God bless the USA

  26. Patty

    As I am sure you know journalism turned into fantasy fiction when they dared to report on and be critical of the most maligned politician in history !

  27. And Patty’s tongue moves back up past Pete into first place 😜

  28. What a surprise if McMaster is a leaker. He’s a clear liar. His body language in every interview he gives screams it.

    Trump doesn’t need body language to scream liar. Every day he just lies, and his lies are documented. Since inauguration day they are already in the hundreds, and during the campaign they were in the thousands:

    “A lie isn’t just a false statement. It’s a false statement whose speaker knows it’s false. In these instances, the president — or his administration — have clear reason to know otherwise. Reporters are understandably cautious about using the word — some never do, because it requires speculating on what someone is thinking. The cases we call “lies” are ones where we think it’s fair to make that call: Trump is saying something that contradicts clear and widely published information that we have reason to think he’s seen. This list also includes bullshit: speech that is — in its academic definition — “unconnected to a concern with the truth.”

    Many lies exposed here:

  29. lol lmao patty urges caution … we almost begged her the other night to do the same
    or another story …. it was the wrong story .. you so transparent patty .. nauseating !!

    colm you see what I see .. haha
    or maybe I see what you see .. same difference


  30. “I didn’t get elected to serve the Washington media or special interests,”

    Or the constitution.

  31. Jude

    Those who can see what I see have great talent and vision 😇

  32. Those who can see what I see have great talent and vision

    On the supporting evidence of this thread, I doubt it

  33. Bernard — Allan has jumped off the train, as has Ann Coulter who just wrote a book called In Trump We Trust! lol

  34. Petr – this is your lot.

    Yes it is Allan, and I am very proud of it. We have a long history of fighting fascism through direct action on the streets.

  35. Allan

    Your doubts reinforce my convictions !

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