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Let’s see where it goes…..

By Patrick Van Roy On May 18th, 2017

Now we shall see…. Is there a Red in Every Closet….? Behind every Business Transaction…

This is unprecedented The appointment of a Special Counsel without a Crime even being Identified….. The SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE…. The Cover All Crime.

Robert Mueller appointed special counsel

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel to oversee the previously confirmed FBI investigation of Russian efforts to influence the 2016 presidential election and related matters.

“I have determined that a Special Counsel is necessary in order for the American people to have full confidence in the outcome,” Rosenstein said in a statement.

The letter announcing the appointment reads that Mueller is authorized to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; and…any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation.”

The appointment comes as numerous Democratic lawmakers have called for a special counsel, colloquially known as a special prosecutor. Such calls increased in recent days after Mr. Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. On Tuesday, it was revealed the Comey had written a memo alleging that Mr. Trump had asked him to back off from investigation former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The memo allegedly says that the president said, in a private conversation with Comey at the White House, “I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go. He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go.”

Rosenstein’s letter announcing the appointment of Mueller says, “If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the special counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters.”

CBS News’ Paula Reid reports that the FBI investigators who are currently on this case may stay on the case. Mueller will have discretion on who he uses in his probe.

Democrats on Capitol hill are embracing this as a victory, and many of them, along with a small number of Republicans have been calling for a special prosecutor. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California, said in a statement that Mueller’s appointment is “a good first step” and said that “there’s no better person who could be asked to perform this function. He is respected, he is talented and he has the knowledge and ability to do the right thing.”

Mueller was appointed FBI director in 2001 and served in the position until 2013. FBI directors are appointed to ten-year terms, but President Barack Obama added two years to his tenure.

A career prosecutor and veteran of the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War, Mueller is a widely respected figure in Washington. He had been in private practice since 2014 at Wilmer-Hale, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm known for securities enforcement and white collar work.

CBS News’ Paula Reid contributed to this report. 

Ok Now a Special Prosecutor has been Assigned good luck to him. May full Prosecution be brought to any and ALL that Broke The LAW.

Now that’s sorted it’s Time to get back to business, I believe Healthcare and Tax Cuts are on the Table….. Well Lets Go get to it. Chop chop

61 Responses to “Let’s see where it goes…..”

  1. Saturday night massacre can’t be far ahead.

  2. This is a circus…..

    but always remember Rule #1…. There is always Profit in Chaos.

    The question is who will profit…. someone will.

  3. The first Special Prosecutor since the Clinton Administration. Not a good omen for Trump. Maybe.

    But we can be sure that Breitbart-Fox-Limbaa will fight in the last bunker with the Dear Leader, as will a few hereabouts.

  4. Why would they do that Peter?

    You make a mistake if you think Republicans and Conservatives will circle the wagons…. It’s not how the Right works.

    The Republicans despise Trump he stole their victory or so they believe, and he certainly isn’t a conservative… The Republicans are NOT Democrats…. anyone they find evidence of a crime on… we will gladly provide the rope and fire the shot that causes the horse to run out from beneath him.

  5. like scooty libby , troll? when he identified the and outed USA covert spies
    what did happen , he was a republican yes?

    on topic – this is turmoil for the states and no-one needs it
    esp those in hardship, looking for work , caring for families
    but the country must get to the bottom of it ..
    The Russians did influence the election
    For patty ( she has a short fuse )
    I’m not saying Trump would not have still won ..
    I’m not saying Trump was involved .. there’s no evidence of that ..

    But the democratic process WAS seriously undermined
    any USA citizen regardless of colour,creed should be outraged at what took place.
    we owe it to ourselves and future generations to hold our cherished electoral process
    and the way its conducted to the highest possible standards ..
    rise above the politics, its a matter of Right and Wrong , not Left and Right.

  6. Libby was railroded Armitage leaked Plames name at the bequest of Powel. That’s the danger of these things… but look at that even millions of dollars 1000s of hours of testimony and what did they get…. one person that misspoke under oath.

    Lets see if they can even find a crime and if they do fry the bastard.

  7. Troll

    If you believe the cute fairy tale nonsense that Republicans are pure and only seek to prosecute wrongdoing wherever it comes from then you need to wake up from that Snow White silly dream. Politicians on both sides of the house will put party loyalty before lawful justice.

  8. Robert Mueller is a good cop. If there is guilt he will find it. He has no political ambition and he served both sides well.

    I’ll gladly live with and support whatever he finds I’ll state that here and now…

    Will the denizens of the Left….? Pelosi’s first words were that he isn’t independent enough.

  9. Politicians on both sides of the house will put party loyalty before lawful justice.

    American history begs to differ Colm.

    It is standard procedure if you are a republican and you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar you are treated like a radioactive plague.

    No one will accept your calls.

    The Democrats on the other hand do the opposite they circle the wagons there are hundreds of examples from the court clerk caught stealing to bill clinton raping interns

  10. Troll

    I am not talking about Mr Mueller, I am referring to your view that Republicans in general are more neutral and moral in seeking to punish wrongdoers even in their own party. I think that is bullshit and party defending loyalty and hypocrisy applies equally to both parties.

  11. Bill Clinton raped nobody. Stating a lie repeatedly does not make it a truth.

  12. Troll pretends to distance himself a bit from Trump, but I think that all can see that there is a very deep emotional attachment to Trump from the Pennsylvanian.

    We will see screaming and agony on these pages as Trump steadily lowers into the quicksand.

    He is not fit for this job. At all. And everyone in America by now knows it. And it has nothing to do with anyone’s fuse on any subject at hand

  13. My candidate was Cruz but you live in that Phantasy Phantom.

    No sorry Colm it’s not bullshit, and it’s not because they are pure, it’s standard policy and always has been you get nailed you’re gone and your a pariah as Demint.

  14. As I have already said if Mueller finds GUILT I’ll provide the rope. You don’t see Phantom saying if he finds nothing he’ll be satisfied…. look at what he writes he’s a child on xmas morning…. Oh they’ll be screaming like scorched cats….

    He’ll be screaming along with every other loon with TDS that if Mueller finds nothing it’s rigged… It hasn’t even started and Pelosi already said it… watch and observe who looses it.

  15. You protest too much

    Your candidate in the primaries was Lyin Ted Cruz.

    But there aren’t any primaries anymore.

    In the situation we are in now, you have a ferocious emotional attachment to Donald J Trump that goes way beyond anyone’s position on any issue.

    If you were a true conservative, you would want trump to resign, so that you might have as president Pence, someone with dignity and someone who is a real conservative.

    instead you will go down with the ship, out of a deep emotional attachment for someone who may be the most corrupt and unqualified person that has ever held the office.

  16. Pelosi wants independent commission on Russia despite special counsel appointment

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) maintained Wednesday that an independent commission is the best way to investigate Russia’s role in the 2016 election after the Justice Department announced a special counsel to oversee the FBI’s probe.

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Mueller to oversee the agency’s investigation of how Russia tried to influence the election and any links with President Trump’s campaign.

    Pelosi and other Democrats praised the move as a sign the investigation would be led by an independent actor.

    But Pelosi said in a statement that a bipartisan commission would offer more assurance to the public of a truly independent investigation free from influence from the Trump administration.

    While calling Mueller a “respected public servant of the highest integrity,” Pelosi said that “a special prosecutor is the first step, but it cannot be the last.”

    “Director Mueller will still be in the chain of command under the Trump-appointed leadership of the Justice Department,” Pelosi said. “He cannot take the place of a truly independent, outside commission that is completely free from the Trump Administration’s meddling.”

  17. If you were a true conservative, you would want trump to resign,

    If you can find a crime he is Guilty of I’ll lead the Charge.

    I’m not like you Phantom, I believe in the Supremacy of the Law. I don’t play party loyalty on that. If anything if your on the same side as me supposedly and you BREAK the Law. I want you to get DOUBLE the punishment.

  18. He is mentally, temperamentally unfit for office.

    This is ” in addition to ” any high crimes and misdemeanors

    As someone said on television, in any publicly traded corporation the board would have removed him from office at this point.

    And this again shows the superiority of the British parliamentary system- in Britain, the conduct that we have seen
    would have led to a no-confidence vote. He’d be thrown out of the PM gig by his own party.

    Guys like you are putting us on a road where the Democrats are going to massacre you in the next major election

    You own this Pig– all of it

  19. You ridicule me because I dote on the Constitution. I dote on it because I believe in it. I believe that what makes this country the greatest country in the world is not our military not our genius, but the fact that ALL PEOPLE are EQUAL in the eyes of the Law.

    Our current Politicians on both sides of the Aisle need a swift kick in the ass, and there is no greater shame on America than the Clintons. If Trump has done one onehunfreth of what they have done I would gladly lead the charge.

    No One ESPECIALLY a Politician can be above the Law…. have I ever espoused anything except that?

  20. And this again shows the superiority of the British parliamentary system

    Then immigrate to England.

    If you feel it’s better go….. millions are waiting for the privilege to gladly fill your spot.

  21. I’m not going anywhere- but the truth is the truth

  22. if you feel that way you should leave. I’m not saying throw you out but you are a man of means that works for an international and it’s not like you have a family to drag with you.

    If you honestly feel theirs is the better system why stay?

  23. They have in your opinion better healthcare, better political structure, the people aren’t allowed to carry guns, the list of things that you have said over the years of the vast superior quality of every level of life on that side of the pond what holds you here?

  24. They have freedom from promiscuous gun policy , and have the lower murder/ gun death rate to prove it

    But since New York city/state have sharply lower murder / gun death rates then Pennsylvania, I think I’ll stay

    I’d think about moving to the UK, but they don’t have any sports over there

  25. My Country is Pennsylvania, my Nation is the United States. I would gladly bleed on the Flag to keep the Stripes Red.

    To feel anything but this is a concept totally alien to me.

  26. Didn’t you leave the Republican Party?

  27. Robert Mueller is an outstanding man for Special Counsel. Hopefully he will be able to fully investigate this matter and report to the American people. Whatever his findings I believe I will accept them based on the excellent character and professional proficiency of Mr. Mueller.

  28. I genuinely don’t think there was collusion between the Russians and Trump or his team. I think Trump is not suited for POTUS but I don’t think he is a criminal. He enjoys the rough and tumble battle of campaigning and he loves being in conflict and arguing with rivals and enemies but he seems to have no aptitude willingness or interest in the diplomatic and cooperative detail of governance. His presidency is destined to be a continuous roller coaster ride, whether it comes off the rails or slows to a calm finish we will have to wait and see.

  29. I find it all very odd colm as i recall trump saying he was one for the details .
    he clearly loves playing footloose and fancy free .. which is awfully vain.
    sadly for USA he’s more Julius Caesar than Jesus Christ

  30. Now we shall see…. Is there a Red in Every Closet….? Behind every Business Transaction…

    A red – no. A jew – yes.

  31. Mahons, on May 18th, 2017 at 4:31 AM Said: Edit Comment

    Didn’t you leave the Republican Party?

    yes I did, if however you bothered to read other peoples comments about a month or two ago I discussed the fact that I was asked to come back, and I did so.

  32. I can’t really do much at the moment, I was offered a position to run unopposed I turned that down, but changed my registration back to Republican from independent. And I’m back working the polls and attending Party meetings.

  33. //I genuinely don’t think there was collusion between the Russians and Trump or his team. I think Trump is not suited for POTUS but I don’t think he is a criminal. He enjoys the rough and tumble battle of campaigning and he loves being in conflict and arguing with rivals and enemies //

    Colm, for the past several months both Trump and his team have been doing everything legal to prevent any investigation into the issue of Russian interference. How often have we been hearing things like “OK, that’s settled now. THERE HAS BEEN NO COLLUSION. Now, can’t we finally move on?”. Just this week Trump absurdly announced that “EVERYONE” now admits there was no collusion!

    If he were really innocent, he’d be the one most eager to get these suspicions out of the way. But he isn’t.

    I also can’t imagine why you think “he loves being in conflict and arguing with rivals and enemies”. Is this the guy who – as President of the United States – is awake in the middle of the night tweeting his paranoia about supposed enemies in Hollywood and the press etc?

    He simply loves to be loved, has a weird narcissistic disorder, even rushes to change any “policies” he may have as soon as he encounters a friendly word or some flattery from an opponent – thus Merkel, Nato, the Chinese etc. etc. were suddenly transformed from evil disasters to respected friends.

  34. the childlike views of outsiders are always amusing.

  35. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/donald-trump-campaign-contacted-russians-18-times-2016-report-article-1.3175736

    You protest too much, Noel as usual has been a sober observer

  36. sorry wrongo….. you kiss the IRAs ass to much.

  37. You have passed up on multiple opportunities to think about the Trump meltdowns.

    You chose not to reflect but rather to shoot off your mouth, endlessly.

    Badly done, your comments will be here as a monument to blind partisan loyalty.

  38. Lifelong Trump friend and supporter Don Imus called him a ” fat stupid pussy ” today for Mr. Trump’s self-pitying comments at the Coast Guard Academy commencement

  39. I don’t see where you get this notion of blind partisan loyalty to Trump or even to the party for that matter.

    I left the party in 2009 right after the McCain run, yes I recently rejoined but I have attacked the Republican Party non-stop. Not for the reasons that you do, but I’ve expressed my feelings about their failure to get anything done for six years of the Obama Administration and their total failure since this election.

  40. You are supporting Trump to the death

    There are cracks in his foundation and in all his supporting columns, and the ceiling is shaking, and you’re the only one in America that does not see it

  41. And again I’m not talking about any of the issues – he is a screwball, he is mentally unfit, everybody knows it

    He is utterly exposed, this country can’t survive another 3 1/2 years of this imbecile

  42. lol gotta love the lines from Trump supporters on the media
    in a nut shell its this:
    “all the democrats, meeja, are trying to harm the president”
    What !!
    smacks of zero accountability, zero integrity, zero intelligence
    just hunker down and give blind support, that’s not smart in any sense !
    Troll are they what we’d call morons, or just dumbasses ?
    ( not spelt Dumas – as he’s a writer 😉

  43. If you insist Phantom…..

    once again you try speaking for all of America, and you also now want to speak for me…. I am supporting Trump to the Death…. Ok All Hail the All Knowing NYr Laddies and Gentleman once again Bubble Boy knows ALL…..

    Oh thank you, we wouldn’t know what WE THINK if you hadn’t told us……

  44. Phantom
    There are cracks in his foundation and in all his supporting columns, and the ceiling is shaking

    can back this up with links, or posts , its not easy to follow this rapid story and get real news .. thanks

  45. you’ll know its for real when top people desert Trump
    evidence for that ? briefings ? leaks? Trump will be the last person to go
    as he looks in the mirror and says “you’re fired”.

  46. Jude there are those that are totally loyal to Trump he brought millions out to vote Republican that hadn’t voted in years, they want to watch the system burn…. me and the people that I conspire with want something different.

  47. It’s interesting that being unable to argue against a point is nonchantly dismissed as the views of an ‘outsider’ as if being an ‘insider’ automatically confers some kind of special knowledge or wisdom on any given subject.

    If that were the case ATW would be an exceptionally parochial place as we would only have the authority to speak about where we live.

  48. Trump and his trollops are utterly obsessed by public opinion polls. But we have not heard them speak of polls for quite a while now, wonder why?

    It will be exceptionally interesting to see the Gallup and other polls that come out over the next few days polls

    When the self-destruction process is completed, The goons will blame it all on “the media “,

    The attacks on the media were always a clumsy preemptive strike aimed at shutting off investigative journalism. That was never going to happen.

    What a complete disaster, what is shameful episode in our history

  49. I see Troll, thank you
    now c’mon guys lets get along today ..the story is bigger than our squabbles.

    Troll I know you speak for the gator community in the USA
    and Paul you to me are more a terrierist as u love lil dogs

    Peace ..

  50. Phantom wouldn’t know real news if it bit him on the ass.

    Trump won because people were pissed and he was running against Hillary. Where he was the only one who could beat her at the sametime she was the only one he could beat on the left.

    If Sanders wasn’t robbed by the Clintons it would be President Bernie right now.

    Trump is the perfect tool contrary to Phantoms Phantasy’s he’s clean they won’t ever legally lay a glove on him. If they could it would have happened already. Someone around him may get nailed for something stupid but there is no there there.

    The Democrat Party is keeping the blood of their rabid dogs pumped up but it’s just rhetoric. The Russians didn’t kill the dems at the voting booth Obama and Clinton did. The democrats have achieved nothing except to damage their brand among the general populace.

    And as Trump and the Dems keep everyone focused on the circus the real political war rages on the right. The Republicans have split into three camps. Establishment, Middle of the Road, and the fanatics.

    The establishment wing of the party is in the fight of their lives, the middle don’t know which way to run and we the fanatics will burn the party to the ground if we don’t get what we want….. That’s where the game is truly being played.

  51. Yesterday, from delivering a speech before graduating US Coast Guard Academy cadets

    And he turned it into self-pitying speech about himself !


  52. we did that routine yesterday….. what can’t find some new outrage?

  53. wow so Tump is gonna ask for and expect a big cheque from Israel
    that’ll be interesting, to see how much money he comes back with on the “pay us what you owe us trip” .. one to watch ..

  54. One man’s terrierist is another man’s freedom biter Jude.

  55. there you go the spin for the day….. Trump is going to screw the Jews… lol

  56. troll . you know it’ll be the other way round,the Jews will screw Trump
    c’mon get with the programme, trump folds easy , not a poker player like Nixon
    more a sissy-boy wearing adult diapers that go splatt when he meets real people !

  57. Neither the Jews or the Americans are out to screw each other, Obama is no longer President. It is time to start cleaning up the mess he made in the Middle East.

  58. you’ll find there isn’t a magic wand
    presidents from USA have been trying for 50 years, have u noticed ?

  59. As the Democrats do their best to undermine and dismantle the rule of law and the ethical standards of our political system life goes on.

    They lost the House, they Lost the Senate, they Lost the Presidency and they lost the majority of their political seats all up and down the political line.

    They have tried for decades to force Socialism down the throats of an American Public that rejected it on every level, the euroweenies and the wannabees may think government controlled healthcare is the cats meow, but the People have rejected it and those pushing it over and over…. As the coronation of Swindler Queen was denied them by a Carney Barker they have lost their minds.

    The Russians did it…. the Russians that gave the Clintons 10s of Millions of Dollars we are to believe sabotaged her campaign in favor of a man that in spite of 5 investigations they haven’t found a dime from the Russians to Trump.

    Republican Leadership is both stupid and complicit in the Chaos taking place. They have a complete majority yet can’t turn a light on without groveling to people who lost and continue to lose.

    So as the Democrats burn the country to the ground because they lost and the republicans walk around with cone shaped hats on their heads all we can do is watch and see how bad it gets.

  60. Don’t need a magic wand. A rail gun will do just fine.

  61. Donald Trump has said he does not think brokering peace in the Middle East will be as difficult as people think.

    The US president also said he believes the Israelis and Palestinians are both willing “to make a deal”.

    Mr Trump’s optimistic comments, made at his first face-to-face talks with the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas in the White House, are likely to raise eyebrows in diplomatic circles given the intractable nature of one of the world’s longest-running conflicts


    Not only will it get done but it’ll be great and stuff.

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