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By David Vance On May 18th, 2017

Well here we are, just four months into the Trump Presidency and the hysteria in the fake news media is approaching peak  screaming IMPEACH -IMPEACH- PROSECUTE- PROSECUTE- RUSSIANS RUSSIANS.

Let’s contrast this with the basking euphoria that was a feature of the Obama years. Do you remember that time? Yes, the Fake News Media had their Fake President installed and my goodness why he had won a Nobel Peace Prize within a few weeks of being sworn in office. What halycon days.

But but – when Americans failed to do as instructed last November and voted for Trump – the media based Democrat approved insurgency against him has been relentless.

Trump is a Putin stooge.

The Russians helped win the election for Trump.

He’s a tyrant

Repeat and repeat and amplify.

Sorry – this is all a sad contrived distraction from the simple truth that in Hillary Clinton, the Democrats chose a candidate that was so unlikable – so removed from what ordinary people wanted – that Trump easily won. All this butt hurt weeping and hysteria won’t change that truth.

What worries me rather more is the sheer poison coming from within the GOP camp towards Trump. I’m thinking McCain, of course, but he’s not alone. It strikes me that they want Trump out and Pence in. They think that this US coup can happen and then they control Pence better than they can Trump.

Sorry – won’t work either. The Deep State can seeth and plot, the foaming at the mouth Dems can fantasise about Impeachment for all they want, it won’t happen. Trump is here to stay, yes he has his issues but the liberal media is not going to subvert the democratically expressed will of the American people.

Mind you – for all those intrepid liberal journalists out there DESPERATE to get their next Watergate – allow me to point them in the direction of a REAL scandal. Two Words.

Seth Rich

Cue — silence.




  1. David the Republican party establishment ie McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the Leadership despise Trump and would love to see him fail and they will help the dems against him every chance they get.

    In the meantime a third of their own party is NOT focused on Trump, but instead focused on unseating the rino class.

  2. Fake News, Deep State and continued allusion to conspiracy nonsense about the unfortunate Mr. Rich. You are tangling up A Tangled Web.


    “Lock her up! Lock her up! LOCK HER UP!”

    “Seth Rich”

    Yep, let’s go full conspiracy loon.

  4. Seth Rich? Is he the fat lad out of Knocked Up?

    David, surely as a conservative you would prefer an ACTUAL conservative in the White House (i.e. Pence) rather than a populist, anti-free trade former Democrat of loose morals?

    Also, as a conservative, would you not favour stability and measured leadership over chaotic bluster and late night twittering?

  5. The simple truth that in Hillary Clinton, the Democrats chose a candidate that was so unlikable – so removed from what ordinary people wanted – that Trump easily won.

    Err, did a comfortable majority of the ‘ordinary people’ not vote for the female candidate?

    To quote another blogger on another thread:

    The childlike views of outsiders are always amusing

    Does this also apply here?

  6. Have you guys are Alex Jones now


  7. Half

  8. Roger Ailes is dead. Time for some more conspiracy loon nonsense.

  9. Maybe Seth Rich faked his own death to kill Roger Ailes…with a candlestick in the basement (of a pizza parlour).

    Cui bono, sheeple?

  10. Just asking questions of course Reg.

  11. !!!

  12. David you can no longer get away with shouting “Fake News” as if you know anything about it. Your credibility is shot.

    Last night you posted a story from GotNews, a risible one-man outfit run by a twentysomething with a long track record of making stuff up. He’s a fantasist. So is Mike Cernovich, whose deranged conspiracy theories you have unquestioningly repeated on this site. These are not news sources. They are unhinged propagandists. That you cannot distinguish between the two is a damning indictment of your own judgment.

    You have also happily appeared on Putin’s despicable propaganda channel, parroting fictitious statistics about the unemployment rate of black Americans. That is the very definition of fake news. You are fatally compromised when it comes to discussions of media integrity.

  13. Indeed Masterson. A friend of some confusion spreaders here no doubt:

    Charles Carlisle “Chuck” Johnson is the owner of the websites GotNews.com and WeSearchr.com. He has written two books. Johnson is frequently identified as covertly working with the Trump administration.

    Johnson is frequently described as an internet troll. He periodically makes false and unsubstantiated claims.


    The consequences can be tremendous, according to a half-dozen White House officials and others with direct interactions with the president. A news story tucked into Trump’s hands at the right moment can torpedo an appointment or redirect the president’s entire agenda. Current and former Trump officials say Trump can react volcanically to negative press clips, especially those with damaging leaks, becoming engrossed in finding out where they originated.

    That is what happened in late February when someone mischievously gave the president a printed copy of an article from GotNews.com, the website of internet provocateur Charles C. Johnson, which accused deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh of being “the source behind a bunch of leaks” in the White House


    ATW now seems to be little more that one of those fake ‘news agregate sites’ that we read so much about.

  14. //Let’s contrast this with the basking euphoria that was a feature of the Obama years. Do you remember that time?//

    I wouldn’t go contrasting Trump with Obama, David, if I were you.

    Whether in terms of intelligence, morality, negotiating skills, family values, working capacity, education or in fact any other human virtue, Obama is a mountain compared to the guy you support.

    But of course like all “conservatives”, you are more than happy to abandon any conservative values as soon as some eegit turns up who you imagine as the Great White Hope who annoys liberals.

    That’s politics at its most pathetic.

  15. Should be: like so many “conservatives”.

  16. I can see David being the first Alex Jones style shock-jock to throw his hat into the ring in da Nort.
    ATW will be seen as a slow build up to the launch of a new venture …
    capricorns .. ambition , its there .. written in the stars 🙂
    we could all get jobs as intrepid reporters for DV
    names guys;
    Advance with Vance … hmmmm?
    the Advantage of Vance …well?
    Vance Values …. errr??
    Vision hour with Vance …. ooh ?
    Vancing the Boil …
    Music Hour: lets Vance … uuuuh? Belly Dance Vance … song and vance
    what’s yours? 🙂

  17. I hear the great orange mistake is livid with the appointment of some one he can not control to investigate him, he is after all under the greatest witch hunt in the history of the american government.

    Completely ignoring many many which hunts including the most notorious “investigation of un-american activities”

    As for Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, he had absolutely no control over its award and I don’t see how you can hold it against him

  18. Dear Left-Wing Progressives, people are watching and you are appearing unhinged. Get it together, please

    America could use a vibrant opposition and your hysterical whining and witch hunt is not working.

    Even Putin and his men are getting a good laugh out of it.

  19. How’s the reading in GotNews.com Patty?

  20. Completely ignoring many many which hunts including the most notorious “investigation of un-american activities”

    Except McCarthy uncovered one commie after another, now the democrats are running un-american activities hearings except they can’t find any russian connection….

  21. McCarthy was a drunkard who died in disgrace.

    He attacked the innocent and the guilty alike.

    One of targets of his innuendo attacks was George Marshall, one of the greatest Americans of all time, and one of the greatest American friends of Europe.

    McCarthy’s legal counsel at the time of his campaign was no other than Roy Cohn, who
    later went on to be a mob lawyer, as well as the lawyer for one Donald Trump. Cohn was a second father to Trump, and helped shape his bizarre me against the world personality.


  22. Phantom.

    I just heard about a possible terror attack in New York.

    One person killed, many injured.

    What’s the situation there?

  23. harri

    I am seeing the same first reports that you are.

    I am not in that area of Manhattan.

    I’m sure that we will learn more later today….

    Someone is in custody….

  24. local media reporting that the driver was likely driving drunk, that it was not terrorism, that the driver had convictions for drunk driving before.

  25. Cheers Phantom.

    All I heard, was whoever was driving, was driving the wrong way down the road, and then veered into crowds of bystanders.

  26. Last night you posted a story from GotNews, a risible one-man outfit run by a twentysomething with a long track record of making stuff up.

    I asked about that last night, specifically about two links to reports on GotNews which Phantom threw up for mockery, in the belief that the reports were made up or incorrect. Strangely enough 😉 there were no falsehoods or errors cited and indeed, material of which I was unaware was presented:



    Federal prosecutors said yesterday that no criminal wrongdoing was committed when President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of four swindlers from a Hasidic enclave in New York State that voted overwhelmingly for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    James B. Comey, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, said in a two-sentence statement that he had closed his investigation of clemency granted to the four men from New Square, N.Y.

    And now, with Deputy A-G (((Rosenstein))) appointing Robert Mueller to lead the inquisition, things don’t look very impartial…..


  27. A president has the power to issue pardons/clemency.

    Clinton absolutely abused that power, more than once, including in the Mark Rich case. It stains his legacy permanently.

    But it was legal for him to do it.

  28. The Venona Papers proved McCarthy correct.

    McCarthy’s closest political ties were to the Kennedy’s he was one of the family god father to their children.

    He died in disgrace but was vindicated.

  29. a sad tragic figure

  30. Phantom, on May 18th, 2017 at 5:19 PM Said:

    McCarthy was a drunkard who died in disgrace.

    He attacked the innocent and the guilty alike.

    McCarthy accurately revealed the extent to which the US government was infiltrated by traitors as confirmed by the Venona records:


    So what do we know 67 years later? For one thing, that McCarthy actually underestimated the number of American Soviet spies working for the USSR in the FDR administration. It took a while, but in 1994 NSA and CIA released 190,000 formerly classified cablegrams they, and their predecessor agencies, intercepted from 1943 to 1980. The number of American Soviet agents identified from Venona has reached 500, more than double the 205 McCarthy predicted — as researchers have decrypted only ten percent of the documents thus far.

    Most of the spies named so far are well known: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg and Alger Hiss, whom the left maintained were victims of American imperialism, are now proved guilty. Assistant U.S. Treasurer Harry Dexter White, now deceased, who became head of the World Bank; and Lauchlan Currie, highly placed in the President’s office; and hundreds more placed in every Cabinet level organization in the U.S. government.

    Due to the left-leaning U.S. media, Venona has been ignored. Fortunately, journalist Stanton Evans wrote “Blacklisted By History,” relying on newly declassified FBI and CIA documents that reveal a sinister plot, but not by McCarthy. The person harmed by the so-called witch hunt was McCarthy himself.

    It is speculated President Truman could have saved the nation a bitter and destructive internal conflict, caused by McCarthy’s accusations, by making Venona public. This has allowed McCarthy’s enemies to dine out on their role to ruin him. Conservatives have been stained as perpetually guilty, demonstrated by any mention of McCarthy anywhere.

    As we see, McCarthy was wrong. Instead of the 205 traitors in US government, there were over 500 so far. What a drunkard…

  31. McCarthy accurately revealed under-estimated the extent to which the US government was infiltrated by traitors as confirmed by the Venona records:

  32. Phantom, on May 18th, 2017 at 6:16 PM Said:

    A president has the power to issue pardons/clemency.

    Clinton absolutely abused that power, more than once, including in the Mark Rich case. It stains his legacy permanently.

    But it was legal for him to do it.

    It wasn’t legal for Bill to commutate the sentences of Hasidics who has funded his wife’s political career, and then have a ‘friend’ close the investigation:


    In 1999, federal courts convicted four men from the Hasidic New Square community, of Ramapo, New York, of using a school whose existence they fabricated to steal $40 million in grant money from the government. Hillary hit the Senate campaign trail the following year in New Square, where the stolen money was funneled not only into enriching the fraudsters but distributed to various New Square community institutions.

    After Hillary won the otherwise reliably Republican Hasidic community 1,400 votes to 12, its rabbi met with both Clintons at the White House, begging for leniency for the convicts: Kalmen Stern, Jacob Elbaum, Benjamin Berger and David Goldstein. President Bill Clinton’s decision while leaving office to cut years from their sentences generated outrage nationwide and sparked an investigation then U.S. Attorney Comey would lead.

    Comey first became a sweetheart of Democrats by closing his investigation into the corrupt Clinton commutations.

    That’s from GotNews – tell me that the report is false/fake/wrong.

  33. The stench emanates from the Clintons. Let’s look at what we KNOW to be true:

    Billary –> Comey –> Mueller, and there is to be an ‘independent’ inquiry into the non-existant ‘Russian influence’?? I don’t think so. Fortunately, this isn’t the time of Watergate: an independent medium exists which shall show the shower of shit in the Deep State that the show trials in the 1930’s Soviet Union shall fail in the US even with complicit media.

  34. McCarthy said of the great General Marshall that he was part of “a conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man.”

    He was a liar, and it is fitting that the conspiracy tribe of this site remember him fondly.

  35. From Guido Fawkes.

    The US mainstream media, have released the first image of the Times Square driver…


  36. http://www.ihr.org/jhr/v04/v04p475_Martin.html

    But Gen. Marshall executed one of the most famous disappearing acts in history instead. Testifying before the joint Congressional Committee investigating the Pearl Harbor attack during the second week of December, 1945, Gen. Marshall declared under oath that he could not recall where he was the rest of Dec. 6 four years earlier, surely a day of major importance in his life. His memory was later “refreshed” by his wife, Katharine Tupper Marshall, resulting in the conclusion that he had been with her, through the evening. Her engagement book, indicating they had not been anywhere else, presumably was the evidence, though, strangely enough, in her book Together (Atlanta: Tupper and Love, 1946), published the following year, she did not say that. She spoke of returning to their quarters at Fort Myer, Va., the evening of the 6th, but she did not say the General was with her, or was already there when she got home, or that he came in later in the evening. Nothing was said about his presence until she commented on him having breakfast with her the morning of the 7th, about which more later. Though Gen. Marshall’s comments were confused, even with the support of his wife’s engagement book, by default, there still is no positive statement on his part as to whether he was home or not.

    There was nothing ‘great’ about General Marshall, who was an ordinary functionary, effectively a civil servant wearing a uniform. But he lent his name to one of the greatest acts of theft in modern history:


    Open the section ‘Marshall Plan’

  37. there you go again…. faulty analysis

    I said he was right and he was tragic.

    I’ve brought him up over the past couple of days for a reason.

    The Left you included are replicating him and his actions in your obsessive fantasy over imaginary russian interference getting him elected.

    There has been NO Crime yet we have a special investigation proceeding to find what ?

    Connections of Americans to Russians…. Have you now or have you ever done business with a Russian… and worst yet… did you make a profit?

    You people are doing a McCarthy on Steroids chasing a red scare that this time really isn’t there. Your acting as Brownshirts on Campuses and anarchists in the streets of our major cities burning and destroying…. Why?

    Because you lost an election…. cut me a break and look at what they are doing in your name as you cheer them on… Trumps a crook, Trumps Illegitimate, Trump and the Russians stole the election….. those cheers are the same ones being yelled by those suppressing speech on our campus… is that who you are? Your standing with them….

    If anyone broke the Law Prosecute them and Persecute them… this is a witchhunt and your part of the rabble.

    They refuse to accept their loss and they are acting like very scary children.

  38. DV –


    This just in: physicists have confirmed that TDS has no known boundaries, is probably infinite.

    In a groundbreaking study, it’s confirmed that TDS is fuelled by the most common substance in the universe, a gloop consisting of butthurt SJW tears, liberal angst and commie self-loathing. The study confirms that this fuel supply is found everywhere and in all dimensions, and is formed by reality colliding with infantile dreams.

  39. Troll

    “There has been NO Crime yet we have a special investigation proceeding to find what ?” How about a crime or crimes?

  40. New Yorker, we have a thing here call probable cause. The police cannot just go on fishing expeditions looking for a crime.

  41. There is probable cause.

    And the FBI has not probably not disclosed everything that they know

  42. Phantom, well so far I have heard all speculation and innuendo. But you’re right, the FBI may have enough evidence to indite.

    I have read on Fox news that Trump’s advisers have asked him to get a private lawyer.

  43. I would believe that some of the staffers are being given the same advice

    It would be a terrifying experience for anyone

  44. Charles

    Trump said this earlier today (Thur):
    ““And there is no collusion between, certainly, myself and my campaign — but I can always speak for myself — and the Russians,” he said. “Zero.”

    I CAN ONLY SPEAK FOR MYSELF. That is a way of admitting there may have been collusion by other “associates”. And when the Feds grill those “associates” it is possible they might spill the beans.

    The fire is becoming visible through the smoke.

  45. the only fire is the one that has consumed your mind…..

    I’ll bet ya a shit I have nothing to bet….. Well I’ll bet ya anyway that yes there will be one or two people that get prosecuted, but it won’t be for “collusion” or ANYTHING to do with either the campaign or the election.

    but look at the mad dog cry babies we lost… that’s impossible, it was rigged and the russians did it somebody dig up McCarthy we need unamerican hearings right… because by gum if you didn’t vote Hillary you’re just unamerican.

  46. Remember non of us see it…. we are all pundits of a sort politiofiles…. weirdos who actually follow politics and what politicians are doing. Most don’t.

    And all they see the rest of the people who this stuff occupies maybe ten minutes of their day…. oh look the Democrats are still whining they lost and they actually think the beast lost because of “the russians” oh and look that clown trump is being investigated for something…. geeze again… lol What are the Republicans doing Nothing walking in circles like idiots…. well nothing changed there who’s playing tonight what game is on.

  47. The police cannot just go on fishing expeditions looking for a crime.

    This is NOT the police and a special prosecutor can go anywhere without probable cause… it is a fishing expedition. A Political Witch Hunt combined with “The Red Scare”.

  48. New Yorker, it’s pointless quoting Trump on anything, especially when he is – as usual – talking about himself.

    Wednesday, when talking to a class of coast guard graduates, he said, referring to the FBI Russia investigation, that no politician in history “has been treated worse or more unfairly” than himself.*

    But then later he said that he would welcome any investigation.

    Later again, on the other hand, he said that the invesigation is the biggest witch-hunt in US history.

    So his words mean sometimes this and sometimes the other, i.e. they mean nothing.

    * The Byzantine emperor Andronicus I was imprisoned, flailed, stabbed several times, had a sword shoved down his throat, had his buttocks sliced off, then his hands cut off before finally he was drowned in the blood from the stumps of his arms.

    Ah but sure that’s all nothing compared to the horror of a Senate investigation.

  49. Wednesday, when talking to a class of coast guard graduates, he said, referring to the FBI Russia investigation, that no politician in history “has been treated worse or more unfairly” than himself.*

    Apart from…

    Abraham Lincoln (the 16th President), James A. Garfield (the 20th President), William McKinley (the 25th President) and John F. Kennedy (the 35th President).

    Ronald Reagan, Andrew Jackson, and Theodore Roosevelt.


  50. Some time ago, Bill Maher called Trump a ” whiny little bitch “.

    Right then, right now.

    Trump is obsessed by polls and ” ratings ” and he won’t like the latest ones

    President Trump’s approval rating has fallen to a new low as registered voters raise concerns about his leadership, according to a new poll.

    Fifty-three percent disapprove of Trump in the Morning Consult/Politico survey released Friday, while 41 approve.

    Morning Consult said Trump’s approval rating is the third time it has reached a fresh low this month, falling from 44 percent on May 4 and 42 percent on May 12.

    It’s all the fault of ” the fake MSM “, since it could never be his fault. Oh no no no.


  51. //Fifty-three percent disapprove of Trump in the Morning Consult/Politico survey released Friday, while 41 approve.//

    Is it really true that, after two weeks of childish tantrums, contradictions, rivers of self-pity and a total inability to come to grips with the role of president, 41 pc of Americans still think he’s doing a good job???

  52. A lot of people – we have them here – will never desert Trump no matter what he does.

    They don’t believe what their own eyes and ears are showing them.

    Some are in love, and facts do not matter.

    These Trumpistas are similar enough to Cubans that supported Castro or Venezuelans that supported Chavez, even as both systematically destroyed the economy.

  53. That what I don’t understand Phantom, the people you speak of above. I have tried to understand them, I really have.

    During the campaign I thought of Trump of a vulgar oaf but once he was elected I was prepared to give him a chance and his utterances over North Korea initially gave me hope but his administration his staggered from crisis to crisis to crisis and it’s all ‘fake news’ and somebody else’s fault.

    Do supposedly intelligent people not see this? Is it that the cult of personality is now so embedded that it has overcome their critical faculties? is it that they are too pig headed to admit they backed the wrong horse? is it, like some here, that they just love the opportunity to troll the ‘libs’ and ‘progressives’ with everything else taking second place?

    Really, do these supposed patriotic Americans not get tired of having to constantly defend
    the latest faux pas and not see the damage this whining, blundering, ignorant beast is doing to their country internationally and domestically?

    Trumpeteers bear no resemblance to the Americans I know.

  54. Paul

    This is an actual quote from Rush Limbaugh, who much of this lot get their opinions from.

    It is a childish support for their guy, right or wrong, the country be damned.

    Hi, friends. This is great. I have been laughing all morning long. I have been laughing starting with last night. Can we agree that Donald Trump is probably enjoying this more than anybody wants to admit or that anybody knows? So he fires Comey yesterday. Who’s he meeting with today? (laughing) He’s meeting with the Soviet, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov! I mean, what an epic troll this is. The Democrat Party is going bananas — completely, totally unhinged — on the road to literal insanity.

  55. gee Trump has negative pole numbers omg I’m shocked it couldn’t be because as a Harvard study just released shows the attack bias of negativity that he is suffering from the Press is an unpresidented onslaught of shear negativity

    CNN/NBC COVERAGE 93% negative 7% positive….

    CBS 91% TO 9%

    nyt 87% NEG TO 13% POS


    THE NUMBERS/FACTS…. Prove Trump right an Unpresidented Attack on him worse than ANY President before.

  56. Harvard Study Reveals Huge Extent of Anti-Trump Media Bias


  57. Did you read the Harvard study?

    I think that it deals with negativity, not bias.

    If the media accurately reports that Trump is acting the buffoon/braggart/drama queen, that’s negative coverage, but it’s also extremely truthful, not necessarily indicative of any bias.

  58. ahhh excuse me but when it shows that the top ten news sources have an average of OVER 90% of their coverage is done as a NEGATIVE story…. that is showing a BIAS.

    Even Fox News the so called Trump station has done 52% NEGATIVE stories to 48% Positive stories (gee fair and balanced) it does show an EXTREME BIAS when over 97% of your stories are done from a NEGATIVE point of view like CNN and NBC…. that doesn’t show BIAS to YOU it shows TRUTH…… roflmao

    You show yourself to be an emotionally driven wackjob that facts laid out right in front of you mean nothing…. Let us know if and when you ever get a grasp on reality please.

  59. Very snowflakingly appropriate:


  60. Trump has had a negative performance in most every way.

    If some imposter is acting the idiot from the White House, should the media ignore it and say that this guy is the new Lincoln?

  61. This is a good interview with ex-CIA operative Michael Scheuer. He questions where Comey retained his ‘memos’ because, if these notes were not retained on-site at the FBI’s premises but were at home, they are absolutely inadmissible:


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