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Murder She Wrote

By Mahons On May 18th, 2017

Hillary Clinton isn’t fooling me.  She clearly dispatched a team of Clinton Foundation assassins to kill Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell to provide cover for her murder of Roger Ailes.  I mean first reports indicated that he was found in a bathtub which is obviously a place the unkempt Grunge rocker did not frequent.

Now they would have us believe he hung himself.  The Detroit police, handpicked by local Democratic Party officials, are all too willing to write it off as a suicide so it isn’t added to their City’s out of control murder rate.

The Fake Media of course uses this celebrity death to cover up the more dastardly killing of the founder of Fox News Roger Ailes.  Sad!  Bill Clinto was furious with him for his political attacks and for harassing women before he could get to them himself.  Ailes, a 77 year old youth, clearly did not die of natural causes!  But the Clintons and their multinational corporate allies will try to cover this up.  People who question how the Clintons are inept at governing but have managed to keep murders secretive over the years may be troubled by the contradiction.  But I tell you this now, it is all part of their plan to rule the World that they developed with Bono, the Rothchilds, and the inventor of the pogo stick.

Oh Lord, who will save us from this vicious cartel?  Only one man stands in their way.  Sometimes he sits in their way, when he’s in a golf cart or limo, but I digress.  That man is of course Donald Trump, God’s other son.  The comparison with Jesus is wrong of course, since Jesus only managed 12 disciples and Donald has far more.  He will lock them up, build a wall around them and make the Clintons and their globalist friends pay for it!

4 Responses to “Murder She Wrote”

  1. The comparison with trump and Jesus is flawed.

    Jesus fed the 5,000 while the Donpster robbed them:


  2. Even if meant seriously, this post would still be less totally bizarre than some of the comments over at the “Understanding the opposition” thread.

  3. Noel – Trump and his minions have deeply wounded satire.

  4. Well done Mahons.

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