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By David Vance On May 19th, 2017

As readers will recall, at the 2016 EU Referendum here in the UK, whilst the MAJORITY of those who voted chose to LEAVE – (hence Brexit) – a significant minority – 48%  -said they wanted to Remain. Of course that was back then…and latest polls suggest that this number has fallen dramatically with more and more Brits concluding the issue is over and we now need to move on and ensure we get the BEST possible Brexit.

Enter tiny Tim Farron, “leader” of the Liberal Democrats. Tim has decided on what is called the “48%” strategy which comes down to seeking to subvert last years Referendum and appeal to the 48% of Remainers who Tim is convinced will rally to the assertively pro-EU cause espoused by his Party.

Got that?

And now, following his manifesto launch, I bring you the latest opinion poll.

Kantar has topline figures of CON 47%(+3),LAB 29%(+1), LDEM 8%(-3), UKIP 6%(-2).

What? LibDems BACK 3%!!!

Hahaha! The recent local Council results saw the Libdems LOSE seats and the General Election will be DIRE for them as well. The fact is people are pragmatic and the EU zealotry of Farron and his little gang is irrelevant in 2017.


  1. This election is being fought in a perfect storm for the Tories:

    1. Brexit. The Tory campaign is centred on Theresa May, who is being projected as a modern Boudicca who will sort out Johnny Foreigner. Most of the 48% who voted Remain are onside with Brexit now.

    2. Labour has lost Scotland, completely.

    3. Jeremy Corbyn. Labour have 229 MPs now and on 9 June it could be as low as 150.

    4. The first past the post voting system. This will hinder the Tories in Scotland but greatly help them in England, unless there is anti-Tory tactical voting on a large scale.

    5. The economy has held up well, but in six months time it could be a different story. This was a major factor in May deciding to cut and run now.

    Given the above, it will be surprising if the Tory majority does not increase to well over 100, and 150 is a possibility.

  2. Mad as a box of frogs…


  3. A significant minority – 48% -said they wanted to Remain. Of course that was back then…and latest polls suggest that this number has fallen dramatically

    That’s fake news, latest polls suggest no such thing:

    The YouGov/Times survey found 43 per cent of voters believe Britain was right to vote to leave the EU.

    However, 45 per cent of the 1,590 surveyed said they thought it was the wrong decision


    Don’t believe the Indo? Maybe you’ll believe your bosses then?

    The YouGov/Times poll, taken ten days after UK Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election, found a minority of voters (43 percent) now think Brexit is the best solution for Britain.

    For the first time since the EU referendum last June, a majority (45 percent) now oppose the decision to withdraw from the bloc.

    The findings come a matter of days after a separate poll revealed 44 percent of Britons were opposed to Brexit, while the percentage of those supporting it remained steady at 45 percent.


  4. Wow!

    1,590 people.

    Impressive 😉

    Ah, we’ll stay in the stupid club then 😉

  5. I am pretty certain Labour, and the Lib Dems, would be doing rather much better…if they weren’t so loathsome.

  6. ““Today, I launch my manifesto for Britain’s future,” Kim Jong-may began. Not the Conservative’s manifesto. Her manifesto. Hers and hers alone. In truth, she couldn’t quite work out why she had been even asked to produce a manifesto, but as some of the other parties had already done so she had felt rather obliged to write one herself. Not that it was really a manifesto. She wasn’t about to tell people what she would like to happen. She was going to tell them what was going to happen.

    The country was facing its gravest crisis since the Battle of Britain and what it needed was a strong and stable leader with a strong and stable plan. She was rather hazy about what that plan might be, because that was on a need-to-know basis. And the country didn’t need to know. It just needed to close its eyes and puts its trust in the strong and stable leadership of the Supreme Leader. She alone could get the best Brexit deal, even if that deal turned out not to be to have a deal. Because no deal was better than no deal…”

    There were one or two things she was prepared to put right. Right here, right now. There were far too many immigrants and she was going to reduce their numbers to the tens of thousands. Whatever the cost to the economy. Yes, she knew that the Conservative party had promised and failed to deliver that before, but that had been when she had only been Theresa May, the home secretary. Now that she was Kim Jong-may anything was possible…”


  7. Ah, Manifesto’s, who takes any notice.?

    As Gordon Brown said “They are not legally binding anyway”


  8. Harri

    The interesting point is that the Tories are playing as a presidential election. Their “battle bus” has Theresa May in huge letters and Conservatives in tiny letters. It’s all about her, not them:


  9. Peter.

    They are all loathsome.

    Every single one of them

    (Since he left the slime infested political front) I might be able to just grit my teeth, and give Michael Portillo a pass.

  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/general-election-2015/politics-blog/11541708/The-court-case-that-proves-you-cant-sue-politicians-for-breaking-their-election-promises.html

    Can politicians ever be forced to keep their promises?

    Whether it’s Nick Clegg’s pledge on tuition fees, Gordon Brown’s “vow” of extra powers for Scotland, or David Cameron’s “cast-iron” oath to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, political promises often cause more problems than they solve.

    This week we’ve seen dozens of them all at once as each party releases its general election manifesto.

    But a legal case from 2008 shows why none of them have any legal obligation to fulfil these pledges – and why judges will never force them to do so.

    This is why nobody should vote. Politicians are under no obligation to tell truth at all. Democracy is a joke for other reasons:

    Democracy is a joke, because the average person is an imbecile… And with the Jew led endeavor of flooding all Western countries with low IQ browns & Muslims, that hate us, it is just going to get worse! And the average White dummy, though much smarter than the average brown dummy, is still not smart enough to figure out what is going on!

  11. Please advise when your president will fulfill these ten promises


    which include

    health insurance for everyone that will be better and cheaper

  12. Allan.

    Apart from voting to leave the stupid club, I have never voted.

    It’s pointless.

  13. Wow!
    1,590 people

    You are aware how polls work aren’t you?

  14. Harri – I used to be stupid enough to vote, then I wised up so that means I’m not as stupid as I thought that I was. More seriously, the fact that nothing of what a British politician says is any way binding means that voting really is pointless, a charade. If this were to change then voting would be worthwhile because the politicos would be accountable to the public.

  15. Peter.
    They are all loathsome.
    Every single one of them

    What would you suggest as an alternative Harri?, and I mean concrete realistic proposals.

  16. An honest politician, leading another group of honest and honourable politicians, that really gives a fuck about anyone but themselves.

    But to date, that has never happened in my lifetime.

    So no, no realistic proposals that I can think off.

    Or, we could make manifesto’s legally binding?

  17. You are aware how polls work aren’t you?

    Yep, if they show what you like..

    Then you agree with them.

  18. Phantom

    Health insurance..


  19. Or, we could make manifesto’s legally binding?

    That’s a fair comment.

  20. How would that work? Jail for the PM who puts up taxes after saying he wouldn’t?

  21. I’d prefer hanging but life banning from holding any political office would suffice.

  22. And the judges would decide?

  23. The opposition could prosecute it.

  24. Paul

    This may help your delusions.


    You’re welcome.

    Oh and can you explain WHY with the “48%” still there as you assert, the libDems are going BACK in the polls?

  25. The Lib Dems only have to offer, more Brussels.

    No thanks.


  26. David, stop spinning. This is what your bosses say:

    For the first time since the EU referendum last June, a majority (45 percent) now oppose the decision to withdraw from the bloc

    While this is what Rueters say:

    The Times also said its YouGov poll showed that for the first time since June’s Brexit vote more voters believed that the referendum decision to leave the European Union was a mistake than those who thought it was the right decision.

    Forty-five percent of respondents thought it was the wrong decision compared with 43 percent who said it was correct while 12 percent said they did not know


    Your Russian paymasters better not find out that you’re contradicting their line with Torygraph propaganda disingenuousness.

    You’re welcome.

    Meanwhile, for those in power it would seem that ATW reports of the demise of Labour are a bit premature. From ATW’s favourite sewage pit:

    And make no mistake, it could happen. The cold hard fact is that if I lose just six seats I will lose this election, and Jeremy Corbyn will be sitting down to negotiate with the presidents, prime ministers and chancellors of Europe


  27. Labour are toast.

    Its quite simple.

  28. But why are the Lib Dems doing so bad?

    They are full on for reversing Brexit.

    So why are they actually losing support, not gaining it?

  29. I don’t know Harri. How could I?

    If you’re tying the Lib Dems support into the YouGov poll I suggest you ask that question to YouGov?

    Is Theresa May panicking, is it scare tactics or is she just lying by saying if she loses six seats Corbyn could win?

  30. Paul.

    But millions upon millions want to stay in the stupid club, the Lib Dems whole basis for political existence is now based on doing just that very thing.

    Wouldn’t you have thought that at least a few of them Europhiles might support the Lib Dems.

    Or, are the polls total bollocks?

    I mean, just about every poll in the last 20 years could not possibly have been more incorrect if their lives depended on it.

  31. Theresa May panicking, is it scare tactics or is she just lying by saying if she loses six seats Corbyn could win?

    Maybe, project fear MK II, because the last one worked so well. 😉

  32. I really don’t know Harri.

    What you seem to be doing is conflating the support of the Lib Dems with a poll on Brexit and saying that both factors should be concurrent.

    I don’t come from a scientific / engineering background like you and even I can see that that equation is flawed and the conclusion illogical.

  33. Is Theresa May panicking, is it scare tactics or is she just lying by saying if she loses six seats Corbyn could win?

    She’s trying to appear humble. The Tories don’t have to do anything to win the election easily, but Britons don’t like the appearance of arrogance. So she’s looking like she’s getting stuck in.

  34. but Britons don’t like the appearance of arrogance

    One would have thought, and hoped even, that those insufferable pig ignorant oafs at Brussels would have cottoned onto that by now.

  35. Paul.

    Again, I believe this is quite simple, Tim Farron, the man of the people, just like his masters at Brussels, has somehow managed to read the mood of the public spectacularly wrong.

    They are not our peers, they basically have not got a clue.

  36. Britons not liking arrogance would probably explain the electoral faiulure of the Nige and UKIP in general then Pete.

  37. Perhaps Harri but that doesn’t explain the YouGov poll.

  38. UKIP were finished, the day Sir Nigel stepped down.

  39. The Nige that couldn’t get elected to his own country’s Parliament you mean?

  40. Yep.

    That Sir Nigel

    A true national hero.

  41. The Brit electorate wouldn’t seem to agree.

    Ah well, it would seem like beauty ‘heroism’ is in the eye of the beholder.

  42. Hey Paul

    Can’t waste too much time responding to you as I am expecting a call from Putin any moment BUT – the entire point of my post was that the LibDems “Remain” strategy is crashing in front of our eyes and YOU can show me nothing to say to the contrary.


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