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By David Vance On June 17th, 2017

I don’t often cover NI affairs as they have little interest beyond its shores but this story caught my eye insofar as the protagonist, David Campbell, speaking is someone I used to vehemently disagree with but at least he has called this one correctly. He has just resigned from the UUP and this is what he said;

Mr Campbell said there had been a drift away from traditional Ulster Unionist values, with former leader Mike Nesbitt and others declaring themselves liberal unionists.

“The typical Ulster Unionist voter is a church-goer who would be largely traditional conservative in their outlook and they were being presented with, in some cases, candidates espousing a very different view on serious moral issues,” he said.

“The comfort I take in the electoral decline of the Ulster Unionist Party is that the DUP has moved largely exclusively onto Ulster Unionist policy through their acceptance of the agreement and the subsequent power-sharing arrangements and the drift of Ulster Unionism into the DUP. “I think in the eyes of the average unionist elector the DUP is largely what the Ulster Unionist Party once was.”

When asked if he thought the DUP was now the only viable party of unionism he said: “Undoubtedly, and that’s clearly [a view] shared by the electorate.”

And that is BEFORE the deal with Theresa May is closed. The UUP – that party that liked to refer to itself as “the natural party of Government” is akin to Monty Python’s Norwegian Blue parrot – it has ceased to be.


  1. at least they didn’t nail it to the perch…..

  2. // the DUP is largely what the Ulster Unionist Party once was//

    I wonder what is what the DUP once was.

  3. Snarling Arlene calls for ‘sensible Brexit’:

    “We want to see a Brexit that works for everybody, not just in Northern Ireland from my perspective but in the Republic of Ireland as well, so it is about a sensible Brexit,” she said.
    “I know people want to talk about soft Brexit, hard Brexit, all of these things but what we want to see is a sensible Brexit and one that works for everybody.”


  4. A merger of the two unionist parties is now inevitable. The liberals like Mike Nesbitt will need to make their minds up between the DUP and Alliance.

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