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By David Vance On June 17th, 2017

OK, lets all dance…well worth a listen! I love this original almost as much as Elvis C’s cover.

22 Responses to “ATW SATURDAY JUKEBOX…”

  1. It’s been so long since I heard that song, I’d almost forgotten about it.

    Let’s make it a country and western night.


  2. Let’s make it a country and western night.

    Dave, please, please, please……let’s not.

  3. Paul.
    LOL. I know where you’re coming from mate. But even country and western has got to be better than some of the recent posts on here.

  4. 🙂

  5. Legitimate country music – not suburban fake country- is one of the great traditions in our lands

    In honor of paul I may have to make a country post one of these weeks

  6. You’ll be giving others here the excuse to accuse you of driving away a regular if you do Tom 😉

  7. I love many kinds of music, but if I had to only listen to one type of music for the rest of my life I would choose country/folk/roots, which to me are the same thing with endless borrowing and overlapping

    I found this version of an old classic while scrolling around on the Internet about a month ago. It was like I had found a gold coin, I like it so much


  8. bought time you put up a tune David

  9. Emmy Lue is always good you heard this one…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOAT0AocD1c

    I love all music from Mozart to Mott the Hoople, but I’m partial to to Listening to Mowtown or the blues.

  10. Troll

    I very much love that song and that video

    The Band at their peak, along with a young and beautiful Emmylou Harris, its really hard to get better than that

  11. They have in the past few years resume to doing concerts at Forest Hills Queens

    In the location where they once played the US open tennis championships, and where the Beatles once played

    One of the shows this summer will be Emmylou Harris who will be the opening act for John Mellencamp

    You could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that – in my mind, Emmylou Harris is One of the very final performers of our generation, and Mellencamp to me is nothing. But it’s one of those things – she opens for him

    This brings to mind the time when Jimmy Hendrix was the opening act for the Monkees

  12. I would put Harris above Mellencamp but don’t sell him short. Seen him perform once in a large arena and twice at a bar. The bar shows were fantastic but he was playing the blues not the pop stuff from the radio.

  13. Noted

    Superb stream on WFUV of Otis Redding at Monterey Pop


  14. cool

  15. Motown eh?

    Give this a listen, one of the greatest soul songs ever written:


    I love all types of music barring C&W and anything that uses a computerised drum machine.

    My first love is punk but I also love ska and soul. Through soul I started listening to some disco and have adored this gem since infancy:


  16. Brilliant Paul.
    You posted two of my favourite Motown tracks. Allow me to add a third.


  17. Outstanding Dave.

    Aretha Franklin got the name of the Queen of Soul but the Empress was the real great:


  18. all great tunes good choices guys

    here are two more



  19. Great stuff lads.

    Reportedly the most expensive single in the world going for some £30,000:


    An absolute stonker of a song:


  20. Great tracks to listen to while preparing a father’s day dinner. Cheers.

  21. Happy Fathers Day to all

  22. Happy Father’s Day to those who take their responsibilities seriously and deserve the honour of being called daddy.

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