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Faith of Our Fathers

By Mahons On June 18th, 2017

Adam, Abraham, St. Joseph, Charlemagne, King Lear, George Washington, Atticus Finch, Homer Simpson – fathers one and all.

The most important job you can have, and the most defining measure of your character.  A Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.  A little pang for those whose fathers are no longer with us -an old photo, a turn in the road, or the snippet of a song can bring a memory back.

Whether you are thinking of the Old Man or you are the Old Man yourself, may you have a grand day.

6 Responses to “Faith of Our Fathers”

  1. A big tip of the hat to all the dads here, and to all that have come before us.

  2. George had no biological children but he played a big role in raising other people’s children, including 2 of Martha’s surviving children who were mere babes when they married and a few of her grandchildren who were left fatherless during the Revolutionary War.

  3. Raise a glass here to all those who deserve the honour of being called Dad.

    Including those who are no longer with their children’s mother but take their parental responsibilities and the love and well being of their children seriously.

    Including those fathers that are raising children that they didn’t help to make themselves but have assumed the responsibility that others have neglected.

    Including those mothers who have been abandoned by the fathers of their children and have to assume both roles.

    The wasters and deadbeats can piss off.

  4. Washington also know as father of his country…

  5. In remembrance of my old dad, gone 32 years now. He would have been a hundred y/o this year!

  6. //Adam, Abraham, St. Joseph, Charlemagne, King Lear, George Washington, Atticus Finch, Homer Simpson //

    You left out Alois Hitler and J R Oppenheimer, father of the atom bomb.

    It’s very difficult to define fatherhood, IMO. If it’s a challenge, it’s very different from all other challenges, in that you may have been a good father even if the result turns out all wrong. Your performance as a father can’t be judged on your success, unlike other performances.
    Some fathers who are loved and respected by the decent men and women their children become were in fact disgusting wretches and totally neglected their parental responsibilities. Similarly, fathers who are hated and rejected by their children, are often good men and great fathers.

    You simply never know what you’re going to get. It’s a sacrifice, a venture full of pits and traps that is all part of the priviledge of knowing how to love, but, as Loudon Wainwright wisely crooned in “Be Careful, There’s a Baby in the House”:

    If your ‘I love you’
    is an IOU
    Don’t expect to get a good deal

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