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…and its not how you tell it, but getting the telling out!

By Mike Cunningham On July 15th, 2017

If there was ever the ultimate demonstration of how the Internet has literally changed Politics; of how one man and one fringe Party has altered, literally altered beyond belief, the political map of Europe, it is in two Youtube videos.

The first is a speech by Nigel Farage to an audience comprising mainly Media staff and personalities, where he talks about how this change has been brought about. How a literate, charismatic businessman-turned-politician could make the difference between a tiny fringe Party with not much hope of anything; and then turn into the game-changer which was UKIP. He speaks of opportunities denied, of being ignored by the BBC and all mainstream media: and then, dramatically, the ability to reach a mass audience; of being able to reach anyone with a computer and broadband access: by virtue of  YouTube:-

A sample speech from 2012, where he lambasts the EU Commission for the tragedy which was how Greece, once a sovereign Nation, was treated and transformed into a nation of begging bowls, unemployment approaching 50% for the youth; and being governed by a European/German Gauleiter! And the Parliament, apart from one impotent Kraut who tried to get him censured for his language; sat silent because every bloody word was true!

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  1. Somebody should tell the NYT, WaPo, BBC etc that the internet is here.

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