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By Pete Moore On July 15th, 2017

GOSH what a busy day. Having feared I’d have nothing whatsoever to do, it became filled with cricket, F1 qualifying and the Tour de France. Phew, all this sport leaves you puffed out. Have yourselves an Open Thread, one decorated with a vision of beauty and a message of hope.

Tell us what you know –

18 Responses to “ATW OPEN THREAD”

  1. I’m guessing Italy Pete. Is it Rome?

  2. Peter –

    It’s Italianate, but not Italy. Can anyone guess where?

  3. I am not often found scrabbling for words, but the time when my wife and I first walked through those huge doors at St. Peter’s Basilica………………Sheesh!

  4. As to where………Budapest? St. Stephens?

  5. A lot of modernism is good,

    some traditional architecture is bad.

    But either way, modernism is the product of many things, incl. disturbing discoveries in physics, evolution and psychology, the aftermath of the industrial revolution, dislocation and the end of large families, expanding democracy, the draw of the city……

    None of these is about to be undone. And even if you look at, say, the best English novels from around the end of the Victorian era, you’ll see that the status quo couldn’t be maintained.

    But if you can think of some other way of coming to terms with this disorientation, it’s an open market. Go for it.

  6. Poland?

  7. Madrid.

  8. Mike Cunningham has it. That’s St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest.

    St Peter’s is spectacular in so many ways you simply cannot take it in. Everywhere you look is jaw-dropping.

  9. Wow, that is only 2 hours away from Bratislava.

    Now on my bucket list.

    Cheers Pete.

  10. As an unrepentant atheist, I have visited most of the cathedrals in England and also Notre Dame in Paris and St Stephens in Vienna. I’ve never been to Rome so I can’t compare them to St Peters, but many of them are truly magnificent: York Minster, Lincoln and Saint Pauls are my top three and Durham is a close fourth.

    All these buildings have been erected in honour of a non-existent deity, but the world would be a much poorer place without them.

  11. Peter –

    Lincoln, York, Durham and Salisbury are now provincial towns, overtaken economically by the industrial revolution, but their cathedrals are glorious. If you see Durham from the station, Lincoln from the castle or Salisbury from just up the river, you won’t see a better view.

  12. Yes Pete.

    I saw Salisbury and Winchester in February. Even more remarkable is that Wells has a splendid cathedral while still qualifying as a small town.

  13. Strasbourg, Ulm, Salisbury are my favourite cathedrals. St Pauls in London, San Marco in Venice and St Peters are all breathtaking, but it’s almost impossible to find a time when they aren’t too full of tourists.
    I prefer smaller churches. The Aachen cathedral is really only a chapel, it contains the grave of Charlemagne’s tomb and many other treasures. Go there on a dull rainy day.

  14. == it contains Charlemagne’s tomb

  15. St Pauls is easily the most beautiful building in London. Wren planned it as a Protestant answer to St Peters in Rome, which was not what his Church of England paymasters had in mind. So he concealed most of it during the early construction phase, so that when the great dome was revealed there could be no going back. The interior is truly uplifting.

  16. Dom St. Kilian Cathedral, Wurzburg:

    Worth a visit, if anyone is ever off the beaten track in Wurzburg.

  17. Nicely done, Pete.

    Europe is truly remarkable and Budapest is one of its great cities. I was on that that street a couple of years ago. The view lifts the soul.

  18. Harri –

    I’ve never been to Budapest but have read that its townscape has been used many times, in film and TV, for Paris.

    Noel –

    In history the small is often the most significant. That’s just as well since I love the nooks and crannies. For all St Peter’s magnificence I was most intrigued by the crypt with all the dead popes. In the Colosseum I wanted to sit in the gladiators’ preparation room below the arena. The best part of Pompeii and Ostia Antica for me is just walking the ancient flagstones with humdrum ruined taverns and brothels either side.

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