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I say ‘potato’……..

By Mike Cunningham On July 16th, 2017

Remember when the Ethnic Islamics were all over the front pages with this sort of thing?


So when the Bent Mob (Gay Pride Ex-Islamic Branch) puts out this sort of thing:-


The Ethnic Islamics get all hot under whatever they use for collars!

2 Responses to “I say ‘potato’……..”

  1. The left and their ilk present the unwoken with two alternatives: either a homo-first state or a muslim state. That should be enough to push the sane towards white nationalism.


    Due to constant abuse at the hands of colonialists and crusaders, non-White people have a deep-rooted fear of White people that makes life in European countries difficult and unpleasant.

    Going to work, visiting the dentist, ordering drinks, attending college… these everyday experiences are nerve-wracking affairs for colored immigrants because of the ongoing risk of encountering people whose descendants whipped Blacks, decapitated Moslems and gassed Jews.

    This fear of White people is so deep, in fact, that even artistic representations of Whites can trigger a mild panic.

    Acknowledging this dilemma, students and staff at King’s College London – one of the city’s most prestigious universities – have started to purge the institution of White faces to make it more welcoming to students of color.

  2. Homophobia versus Islamophobia Round One!

    Round 2 next weekend?

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