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A letter from a qualified expert!

By Mike Cunningham On July 16th, 2017

There is a comment, appearing in the Times, regarding the qualifications and procedures proposed by the American doctor supposed to be examining the terminally-ill Charlie Gard. This dismissive comment was simply stating that the American’s proposals amounted to little more than Lily the Pink’s Medicinal Compound’ potion. Whilst obviously no medical specialist, I would tend to agree, as the young boy who is pictured on other sites as being ‘treated’ is alive; but at what mental cost to both child and parent, and with what ‘quality of life’?

I firmly believe that both parents, the combined medical team from Great Ormond Street, joined with all the legal specialists and the High Court Judge; should read the small letter printed in that same Times this morning.

Scanning impossible, so I present it verbatim:-


“I have great sympathy for these agonised parents. We had to let our baby go. We searched the world, before the Internet-by post-to find a “cure’. There was none, so we resolved to make this adored little baby as happy as possible-if he woke in the night and wanted fun, so be it.

Later, we sat with him, and held him, until he left us. I was 35, desolate beyond measure, but sometimes death is the best healing.


Name and address supplied.

2 Responses to “A letter from a qualified expert!”

  1. So the crowd gathers to weigh in on something of which they care little about. Media sells papers and everyone can state their wise opinions and then go about their day.

    In my opinion, the mother and father should decide.

  2. In my opinion, the mother and father should decide.


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