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By ATWadmin On November 6th, 2006

belfast-telegraph-logo.jpgHey Readers – did you know that A Tangled Web got a mention in the "Insider" column in the "soaraway phew wot a scorcher" Belfast Telegraph?

Yes, we are deeply honoured and indeed humbled to receive attention from this high brow journal and I wanted to share the details with you all, just in case..ahem.. you missed it.

There are some people who will still argue that far too many blog sites on the web are full of irrelevant, self-obsessed twaddle.  But they need to wake up and smell the internet cafe coffee. Take for example this recent entry in A Tangled Web, a blog site run by David Vance, right-wing unionist commentator and former ally of MLA Bob McCartney.

"Let me be the first to admit that there are three TVs in the Vance household," he revealed to the world.

"My wife has her portable set in the kitchen, there is one big TV in our family room, and a third smaller one in the drawing room. No TVs are allowed in bedrooms.

"… I don’t really enjoy TV that much, I much prefer radio – and tend to listen to it when I am driving." It’s only when you read such illuminating and enlightening material that you realise how blessed we are to live in this hi-tech age.


Such praise. Now I note that Insider omitted to mention that the comment above was put out in the context of a debate on the disturbing impacts of TV on family life, and Insider also managed to avoid mentioning that on THAT SAME DAY, ATW covered Alzheimers, reviewed Question Time, tackled age discrimination laws, questioned the role of Archbishop Robin Eames, discussed the re-write of Common Law Statutes, and dealt with the menace of teenage crime.

But back in the Belfast Telegraph-land – the BIG issue is…is ex-Big Brother contestant Orlaith McAllister pregnant? Yeah -trust the MSM to tackle the weighty topics of this era!!  

Yes – "Insider" – you stick to the " big issues" we’ll stick to the irrelevant, self-obsessed twaddle.


  1. I also thought that was a stupid and unfair observation. Insider totally misread you. What he quoted was just part of the light shading that makes ATW so readable and that gives added strength to the serious bits when they come.
    He was being deliberately selective. Don’t let him distract you.

  2. There is a hint of desperation in ‘journalists’ writing condescendingly about weblogs as a means of filling a bit of space in their own dreary rags.

    Sure, some weblogs are awful, but there are plenty worth reading, and thousands of them (including this one) are a far better read than the Telfast Bellylaugh.

  3. It’s a rag – McDowell sometimes hits the spot and Eamonn McCann ( no relation? ) is always worth a read.

  4. I only take the Belfast Telegraph for the centrefold and other pics.

  5. free publicity what more can you ask for David!!!

  6. Wow, I’ve just seen the new ATW banner!

    Very impressive, David. Belfast Telegraph take note….

    Designed on a Mac too. Now how could I possibly know that? 🙂

  7. Totally pathetic opening shot but nicely returned David!


    Does the BT do a centrefold? Is there a Page 3 phenomena? ;o)

  8. <quote>Is there a Page 3 phenomena? ;o)

    Shouldn’t that be a page 3 philomena ?

  9. …are we going to see some rambling men? or are they all on here, rambling? ;o)

  10. Eileen and MR

    It’s a satire on the old excuse of the Playboy reader: "I only take it for the articles." 🙂

  11. Fanny

    I know, I was playing along. Is there any truth in the rumour that you’ve been lobbying for the braille version ;o)

    It’s Aileen BTW :o(

  12. "Is there any truth in the rumour that you’ve been lobbying for the braille version ;o)"

    Aileen (as opposed to Eileen, sorry) as the Liverpudlian lasses say: "I’d want me bumps felt if I were." 🙂

    Apologies to the unsighted. Haven’t we got a "blind" thread here somewhere?

  13. I almost forgot to mention this. The BT is not the worst newspaper. Today the Daily Express proved once again that it wins that title hands down.

    On the day that the world’s media was headlining Saddam’s sentence, what did Dirty Des’s rag do? Why, it chose as its front page story the zillionth idiot conspiracy theory concerning Princess Airhead:

    "Spies cover up Diana ‘murder’"

  14. Fanny,

    I did qualify it as "Northern Ireland’s" worst newspaper!!!

    The Espress is a joke too! Obsessing about Diana is surreal. Who reads it?

  15. Not I, David! Saw it in the supermarket while shopping.