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A running terrorist: slice AND dice!

By Mike Cunningham On August 13th, 2017

He’s moaning on about false imprisonment, no apologies; and all that.

The Met. fuzz didn’t even check if he was in the country, or even look at the websites where his running patterns and routes are displayed (Why would anyone post details of their own running habits? Just asking.)

He ought to be thanking his creator that he wasn’t born Brazilian; he wouldn’t have been arrested, handcuffs and everything: he would have been shot seven times in the head, and once in the shoulder, just to make sure, of course. Howyadoin; Cressida?

4 Responses to “A running terrorist: slice AND dice!”

  1. Howyadoin; Cressida?

    Very well indeed thankyou.

    She is Common Purpose, how else do you think she would be doing?.

  2. Hello from Bratislava old Town by the way, obviously the signal is a whole lot better here, than it is in the Czech mountain range. 😉

  3. This post is completely stupid post

    The man who was arrested didn’t even look like the guy in the video- I thought as much and said as much the minute his image was shown

    He ticked all the boxes for the brain deads over there – a white American ” banker “. Oh, what a tickle you will head down your leg when he was arrested

    I imagine that if you were arrested in connection with a heinous crime such as this, you would’ve been moaning and complaining for the rest of time

  4. This post is completely stupid

    ( can’t edit )

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