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By Pete Moore On August 19th, 2017

IT looks like an evening of football, cricket, cycling and booze for me. I love it when a plan comes together. Have yourselves an Open Thread then. This one is enhanced with a view of my old local market in the Campo dei Fiori, Rome.

Tell us what you know –

23 Responses to “ATW OPEN THREAD”

  1. Relaxing after completion of the polishing (floors, wood, engineered), listening to my wide selection of true music via an iMac and a Denon Home cinema system, plus a decent set of speakers. My wife is settled for the night. Saturday evening, at home: nice and quiet! Thinking about a piece I am busy writing for the blogs, this one is a tad long, so it needs crafting and possibly pruning.

    Hope all well with you and yours, even the ones who disagree with me.

  2. Caught Davids latest video on the YouTube which featured, natch: Barcelona.

    He has it about right, with the European Governments collectively wringing their hands and, wait for it, switching out the lights.

    The response from our own bunch of soft-centred weepies is but typical, ‘we’ll stand together in solitude’ and all the rest of the bullshit. But let a single right-winger stand up: and the very roads will drop on him like a hurricane!

  3. As many at ATW know, I have no knowledge of, or interest in, Sports. But flicking through the Telegraph website brought me to a Rugby story where one or two players have been sent home because of extra-marital affairs being brought into the public arena.

    MY question is simple; what has the morality of players off the pitch got to do with their ability to play rugby on the pitch?

  4. MY question is simple; what has the morality of players off the pitch got to do with their ability to play rugby on the pitch?

    Often, little. However rugby is the NZ national obsession and the All Blacks have an exalted status. From this flows the NZ Rugby Football Union’s protection of what it sees as the brand.

    The national team squad itself operates a “no dickheads” policy. If you are a dickhead, or you’ve acted like one, you’re out.

  5. //Tell us what you know //

    One thing I know is that we can see there in the background a statue to one of the great martyrs of free thought and the scientific method, who was (I think) also burned to death on that marketplace.

    Bruno (= Brown) from Nola, as Il Nolano, the Nolan, as he referred to himself, was a natural hero for the young freethinking James Joyce, whose first address abroad was in Rome. As it happens, one of the main book publishers in Dublin is the company Brown & Nolan, and the coincidence was not lost on Joyce. Bruno taught (among very many other things) that everything is looking for its opposite in order to define itself, and for Joyce Dublin and Rome were opposites – in weather, food, sensual life – but at the same time joined by the loquaciousness of their populations and, on the other hand, by the domineering Catholic Church.

    Bruno would be a likely figurehead for ATW: juxtaposing opposites, believing in free speech to the point of death (and coming up with some bizarre theories).

  6. Giordano Bruno was a fascinating man. He was executed on that spot, where his statue is. The history is under every footstep in Rome and it seeps into you. You end up doing things like buying fruit and veg in the Campo then going home, just around the corner, and sitting on the balcony reading biographies about him.

  7. Just spent $100 on a Dallas Cowboy’s football jersey with the name of Zeke Elliott on it. Two days later he was suspended for 6 games for domestic abuse. Dickhead!

    Also bought tix to go to the Statue of Liberty in October during our trip to New York. It’s a 50/50 chance, however, that Lady Liberty will still be standing! This country is going to hell in a hand basket.

  8. Charles

    Will you be visiting nearby Ellis island as well? It is well worth a visit, and the ferry services is provided by the same company

  9. Phantom, If I have the strength after the Statue of Liberty, we plan to go to Ellis Island. BTW, we’re flying into LGA Tuesday 10-17, and have the 18th through 20th to get together if you’re so inclined. We sail Saturday the 21st from the Brooklyn ship yard, boarding at 2. Maybe Saturday morning would be a good time to meet in Brooklyn?

    Do pencil me in. My wife and I would love to meet you and have a drink, dinner, or whatever you have time for. We’re staying at the Ritz in Battery Park.

  10. I expect to be around, and I would love to see you guys, along with other locals

    Your hotel is walking distance from where I work, and a very nice spot in the lower Hudson

    If there are any particular little spots in NYC that you would like to see, that you would like for some information on, let me know

    I will be in touch

  11. Thanks mate. Will do!

  12. I am out at Cape Cod, sporting my NY Yankee hat in the heart of the Red Sox nation (among the original Yankees as if America isn’t confusing enough). Charles I will try to make it in for your visitation. Will you be laying a wreath at Trump Tower in memory of his Administration (it should be over by October)?

  13. Mahons, LOL! That would be great if you could make it to the Manhattan Summit!

  14. BTW Mahons, Cape Cod is nice work when you can get it! Really though, my wife and I would love to see you on our trip to NYC. Let’s make it happen.

  15. Where are you boarding a trip too… Charles are you taking a cruise ? or is this just a NY Trip?

  16. If there is going to big a big summit in NY in Oct depending on health issues would you guys mind if I crashed it?

  17. Please do from here

  18. And The Staten Island ferry method that Monica and the kids used would work very well for a trip to where Charles will be

  19. Troll, we’re taking a cruise to Canada out of Brooklyn sailing Sat. Oct. 21st. as well as 3 days in NYC. And please do join us if health permits!

  20. tell us what you know –

    I know snorting cocaine from a Russian girl’s tits is fantastic! 😀😍

  21. I know snorting cocaine from a Russian girl’s tits is fantastic! 😀😍

    You too eh Dave!!

    Ahh, those were the days. 🙂

  22. Thanks

  23. That can’t have been cheap Dave and Harri?


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