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By Pete Moore On September 11th, 2017

TOUGH times bring out the best in some people. Some others don’t have a best.

That’s Miami, but following Irma, the Caribbean island of Saint Maarten has descended into a lawless hole. It’s a reminder that urban primitives are people best avoided. This is barbarism held in check only by stronger, more civilised forces. Remove those forces and it’s back to the Stone Age at light speed.

12 Responses to ““LOOTER LIVES MATTER””

  1. When the tsunami hit Japan, there was very little looting. It’s an advanced civilization.
    with strong families.

    Japanese speak of their culture of shame, haji, which frowns on committing an act that would disgrace one’s family.


  2. This is barbarism held in check only by stronger, more civilised forces. Remove those forces and it’s back to the Stone Age at light speed.

    Fair enough Pete. What’s your explanation for football hooliganism?

  3. Phantom – those looters look like brothers of those looters that I showed you doing the rounds in Houston. Are they related? Is there a link?

  4. It’s too bad the looter couldn’t steal a belt to hold his pants up!

  5. Charles, that’s a black ting innit.

  6. The ” St Maarten culture ” it’s not as good as the Japanese culture

    Widespread loading happens any time there is a major storm like this in the US Virgin Islands/Caribbean. Then they wonder why people are hesitant to invest there,

  7. Widespread loading happens any time…..that blacks are around and there’s a power failure

  8. That ‘New York culture’ isn’t very good either. Check the images……


    Gangs of looters raced through the streets yesterday, plundering stores and setting fires in four boroughs before the city’s worst recorded outbreak of lawlessness subsided as darkness fell and the lights came on again.

    By late last night more than 3,400 persons had been arrested, 558 policemen had been injured and property damage and losses had soared into the millions.

    The marauders moved almost as if on signal at 9:30 p.m. power blackout and they continued into the daylight hours, even as New York City police were on a full summer mobilization.

  9. The 1977 looting was bad, in that pre-Giuliani era. It caused lasting damage to the neighborhoods such as Bushwick, Brooklyn

    There was none of that when there was a citywide power outage in 2002. That stuff was simply not going to be tolerated

  10. A lot of states have looting laws, Looters can be shot by the home or business owner. In Pennsylvania they only have to be on your property and you can shoot them, and that’s without emergency conditions.

    “Thank God for Guns”

  11. And don’t give them money – the ‘charities’ are as infested with marxism as all other institutions:


    British Red Cross chief Mike Adamson has claimed the charity struggled to deal with the Grenfell disaster because staff and volunteers are too white.

    “There is a risk that in a very diverse community like Grenfell, an organisation with the words ‘British’ and ‘Cross’ in its title is confused with a Christian establishment organisation,” he wrote, in a blog for the New Philanthropy Capital think tank.

    He was slammed by commenters at the Times website — which reported Adamson a having “admitted the charity struggled with the Grenfell disaster because its workforce is too white” — for “apologising for [the British Red Cross’] very existence, its name and not being ‘diverse’ enough.”

    In the post, author Hayley Gullen — a senior trusts fundraising manager — reported a number of different “barriers” to ethnic minorities in pursuing fundraising careers , which include charity having “negative connotations”, the field being perceived as low prestige in migrant communities, and other cultures lacking the concept of charity.

    In other words, only whitey is stupid enough to fund these ridiculous corporate ‘charities’. For those of us who have a bit spare at any time, give to local groups and you’ll see something done.

  12. And we seem to have forgotten Hurricane Katrina……


    That’s right, large numbers of police had fled the city and abandoned it to the population.

    Well, that’s not quite correct. The police got their hand in first with some well-organised looting. Think I’m joking? When Debbie Durso, a tourist from Washington, Michigan, asked a policeman for help he told her “Go to hell—it’s every man for himself.”

    An NBC correspondent filmed black, uniformed police strolling through the aisles, filling shopping carts. At one store, a police officer broke the glass on the DVD case so civilians would not cut themselves trying to break it, but one man was ungrateful. “The police got all the best stuff,” he claimed indignantly, “They’re crookeder than us.” One woman stocking up on makeup was glad to see the officers. “It must be legal,” she said. “The police are here taking stuff, too.”

    New Orleans has had only black mayors since 1978, and the intervening time has been spent making the police force as black as possible. It established a city-residency requirement for officers to keep suburban whites from applying for jobs, and lowered recruitment standards so blacks could pass them. The same is happening all over the US, by the way, as tests are dumbed down so that the requisite levels of ‘diversity’ can be achieved. As a result, quality and professionalism in the army, police and fire services are plummeting.

    As the US Navy has recently confirmed……

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