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I really appreciate a good read, …..

By Mike Cunningham On September 11th, 2017

….Especially when the writer has researched, and knows she has identified the enemy!

As Ruth Dudley Edwards so markedly observes:-

“Sinn Fein/IRA is a cancer, a malignant growth on the island of Ireland.”

33 Responses to “I really appreciate a good read, …..”

  1. Anyone who was, up til now, questioning Cunningham’s grasp of politics in NI, will hopefully now be satisfied that he knows nothing, if he uses the awful Dudley-Edwards as his yardstick.

  2. Why is Ruth Dudley wrong when she says SF/IRA is a malignant growth on the island of Ireland. What good have they done? How many have they murdered and maimed. What goals have they achieved? They are for the exclusive benefit of wealthy godfathers who get the dirty work done for them by local punks. They have never had any good ideas except those stolen from the Americans and French. The sooner they are totally expunged from Ireland the better the country and people will be. They will be excoriated by historians. And, bad luck to them for what they did to a wonderful country.

  3. I think he put the story up to see if we all would fight…..

    I don’t see the need, none of us have changed our views. It is a topic I’ll reserve for another day, when the spirit is more combative.

  4. I always enjoy when NYr makes a point.

    Very good fine sir, well said.

  5. Troll

    Thanks. He put the story up because he is ignorant of true Irish history. He has a barroom simplistic view of Irish history totally devoid of morality and could not argue his way out of a wet paper bag. Ruth Dudley Edwards is an eminent historian with both character and principles and a fine writer. Jealousy is an ugly characteristic often found in the profoundly ignorant.

    I just spent the summer in Ireland and you meet these idiots from time to time but thankfully there are less and less of them as they whittle away their miserable lives.

  6. Calling Ruth Dudley Edward’s an eminent historian with character and principles is like call Adolf Hitler one of the finest impressionist painters of the 20th Century with a fine grasp of colour and brush control

  7. I presume NYs second comment is aimed at Seimi not Mike who actually put the story up ?

    Anyway, I read RDEs “The Faithful Tribe ” and as a more simplistic cartoonish narrow minded biased observation it would be hard to beat. The Protestants she visited across the province , yes even the paramilitaries were portrayed almost exclusively as wholesome decent, generous upright moral loyal honest good people who were only ever goaded reluctantly into defensive violence , yet the catholics she met were manipulative, sentimental deceitful and untrustworthy largely portrayed by her as MOPEs or Republican dupes with no legitimate greviances and the instigators of violent conflict and disputes . Whenever she visited a Protestant/unionist household the hospitality she was offered was always indicated as being an act of inherent kindliness and generosity , yet any hospitality offered to her in a Nationalist/ Catholic home always had an agenda behind it and was seen as just an attempt to curry political favour from her. The book was promoted as a journalistic observation of ordinary Protestant people across the province with the inclusion of interviews with Catholic neighbours but its inherent sectarian bias was so clumsily obvious it was impossible to take seriously.

  8. Well said, Colm! Ruth Dudley Edwards has sectarianism oozing out of her.

    Is she actually suggesting in her 2nd paragraph that the modern SF movement is responsible for the Irish people’s respect for the patriots of 1916? If so, she is even more mad than she seems every time she opens her mouth.

    Anything she writes will only help Sinn Fein. And when she puts the men of the Easter Rising on one side of history and herself on the other, then any Irishman worth the name will know what side he’s on.

  9. Ruth Dudley Edwards?


    Eminent historian?

    Character and principles?

    A fine writer?


    The only mitigating factor that RDE has in her favour is that she’s not Eoghan Harris.

  10. I once watched RDE being publicly torn to pieces by George Galloway at Féile an Phobail’s annual ‘West Belfast Talks Back’. Toe curlingly embarrassing to watch.

    Here’s a half decent measure of ’eminent historian’ Ruthie when challenged on her ‘facts’ :


  11. She seems to have staked out a place for herself by flippant and uninformed commentary. I don’t see any real virtues of a historian or journalist in her writings.

  12. Good old Ruth Dudley Edwards. The truth hurts, and she could always smoke out the shinners.

  13. She’s smoking something alright 🙂

  14. Pete Moore,

    Well said. The obtuse commentators above hate the truth. She knows exactly what such lackeys are. Now they have morphed into the fudge packer party dying to suck up every dulcet fart of Arlene Foster. No strategy just keep the fudge packers happy so they come out to your rallies. Nice way to grow a nation by recruiting those incapable of reproduction.

  15. New Yorker

    Your knowledge of human biology is as accurate as your analysis of RDE’s “journalism “

  16. Uh oh, someone doesn’t like facts and is trolling because of them.

    Is this kind of thing a trait that runs through the American right?

  17. “Your knowledge of human biology is as accurate as your analysis of RDE’s “journalism “”

    “Uh oh, someone doesn’t like facts and is trolling because of them.”

    LOL. I am willing to read and discuss/dispute most of the commentators on NI as long as they are objective. RDE is Unionist to the core.

    but not

  18. SF is actively attracting this ‘community’ because they show up at their pride rallies. The fudge packers are perverts and so are the murderers of SF. The two go together. There is a long history of queer republicans. Not to acknowledge it is pure ignorance. If you think it is good biology to practice homosexuality and accompanying sadism you need to learn more about what it means to be human.

    SF has no new constituency and as it dies on the vine along comes ‘equality’ for the perverts. What a brilliant strategy! I wonder if Danny Morrison dreamt it up?

    BTW, have any of you RDE haters read her book on Patrick Pearse. It is a fine work of scholarship even if you disagree with some depictions of him, it is good history. Most of you probably read her columns and have not the wit to argue intelligently with her. You are shamefully ignorant if you just have a knee-jerk hatred of her and do not see her point of view.

  19. I don’t hate RDE in the slightest and her point of view is as easy to see as a large pink elephant in a sea of mice. She is hardly subtle in her display of bias. Your nonsense about ” fudge packers ” however really does display the knee jerk hatred you condemn in others. Equality for “perverts” is hardly the bizarre strategy of a dying party but one that was strongly endorsed by the majority of the Irish electorate as you well know. RDEs book on Pearse may well be the scholarstic masterpiece you claim it to be but I can only comment on the one book of hers I have read , mentioned earlier which was to me a ludicrously unbalanced portrayal of both communities in N.I.

  20. Never mind ‘Londoner’ RDE’s shitty, misinformed and flippant writing SF are a bunch of ‘fudgepackers’.

    Trolling trolling trolling, rawhide, (ooher missus)

    NY’er shows the basis of his ‘argument’

  21. Sounds to me like NYer spends a lot of his time dreaming about “Queer Republicans” I bet he has pictures of Casement and Pearse on his bedroom wall 😉

  22. Colm

    You don’t think equality for perverts is a bizarre strategy? What would society become if there was equality for pedophiles, mass murderers,devil worshipers, sadists and other assorted perverts. Healthy societies do not include equality for perverts for good reasons. Not only is it wrong but the preservation of society demands it.

    As you know the ROI did not endorse equality for perverts but merely permitted ‘gay’ marriage. That is a big difference. And does not bother me in the slightest and I admire how Leo Varadakar has handled the issue.

    When a waning party like SF who have become a laughable lapdog to the DUP and outfoxed at every turn they desperately seek out marginal groups to shore up their numbers. If you observed politics in NI this summer that would be obvious. They have no new ideas other than attracting fudge packers. Can you cite any other new strategy that they have not been peddling for many a year?

    Of course RDE is a unionist, but why should she not express her opinion if she believes it. At least she expands the debate and challenges the closed minds of many incapable of thinking outside their own prejudices.

  23. When a waning party like SF who have become a laughable lapdog to the DUP and outfoxed at every turn they desperately seek out marginal groups to shore up their numbers. If you observed politics in NI this summer that would be obvious. They have no new ideas other than attracting fudge packers. Can you cite any other new strategy that they have not been peddling for many a year?

    There is of course one glaring miscalculation in NYer’s uncovering of the Sinners dastardly plan to appeal to the pervert fudge packers:





    I can almost hear NYer’s Scooby Doo villanesque mutterings ‘and I’d almost have gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for those pesky SDLP and Alliancers’

  24. Paul McMahon

    You neglected to cite any new ideas SF have had other than the fudge packer ruse. Can you name anything other than hungering after a few crumbs the DUP might throw to them?

  25. NYer.

    You were the one claiming that the Sinners had a dastardly plan in exploiting the ‘pervert fudge packer’ vote. I just thought I’d disabuse of yet another of your ridiculous notions.

    You’re welcome.

  26. Paul McMahon

    You cannot cite one new idea other than the fudge packing ruse. As a SF supporter are you disappointed they have no new ideas or strategies other than promoting perversion. I thought they were going to unite Ireland, derail Brexit, reduce inequality, etc. Instead they have nothing to offer other than a dottering old fool trying to hang on to his job by uttering the same nonsense ad nauseum for well over 30 years. Rigor mortis has set in and soon the old fools will be risible history.

  27. You cannot cite one new idea other than the fudge packing ruse

    One new idea for what? Let’s look at the facts:

    The third largest political party in the twenty six counties.

    The unquestionable voice of Nationalists in the northern state and the second largest party there.

    The largest party by a country mile in Belfast City Council, (making the unionist jewel in the crown, Belfast City, now a nationalist city 🙂 ).

    The largest all – Ireland party

    Seven (abstentionist 🙂 ) MPs in Westminster.

    Four MEPs.

    SF never said nor claimed they were going to ‘derail Brexit’

    If you don’t think that inequality has been reduced then you can’t have been in the north much in the last ten years. There’s a confident, strong, proud Republican community everywhere which is very much on the ascent and will never be put back into the bottle.

    The matter of uniting Ireland is very much work in progress and as Ho Chi Min allegedly replied when asked about his thoughts of the influence of the French Revolution: It’s too early to say.

    SF son’t need ‘new ideas’ as the facts above demonstrate whereas you on the other hand, are reduced to making vulgar sexual innuendo about gays as a means of trying to find a stick to beat SF with.

    Prety pathetic stuff really.

  28. Ho Chi Min said nowt of the sort.

    The quote belongs to Chou en Lai, and even he was misquoted, as everyone reckons he was speaking about the Revolution of 1789, when he was most likely talking about 1968.

  29. Ho Chi Min said nowt of the sort

    That’s why I used the adverb ‘allegedly’ Mike.

    Okay with you?

  30. Paul McMahon,

    “The largest all – Ireland party”. Perhaps but it is meaningless unless you do something. United Ireland is a dead idea and they never really had a plan to achieve it. What would it mean anyway? If you want to see new ideas that make positive contributions and improve the lives of a great many people drive down the M1. The ROI has energy and people are prospering whereas in the North it is the same old us versus them. Are the people in the ROI smarter or just had the gumption to pull themselves out of the rut they were in. It is that type of ROI thinking that would greatly benefit the North but sadly there are few indications of it developing as long as the place is befouled by the DUP and SF.

  31. New ideas for what NYer? I have already demonstrated above how despite your fervant desire reports of SF’s demise are greatly exaggerated and how you have been reduced to vulgar sexual slur and innuendo in an attempt to find a whipping boy to use against them.

    With your ‘new ideas’ blab you are just arguing against yourself.

    What would it mean anyway?

  32. Bloody edit button:

    What would it mean anyway?

    For me it would be a united island with an administration based on the ideals enshrined in the 1916 Proclamation and the 1919 Dáil Éireann Democratic Programme however I’m realistic enough to know that everyone won’t feel the same so therefore it would be a negotiaqted process.

    Are the people in the ROI smarter or just had the gumption to pull themselves out of the rut they were in

    They pulled themselves out of the rut they were in in 1922 it’s just a pity that those in the undemocratically established Orange State didn’t do the same.

  33. Paul McMahon

    Same old BS- it is always because of the Brits that the Irish wallowed for over 50 years. Do you think conditions were so good from 1922 until the 1970s/80s. Go down to the quays area of Dublin and see a whole new way of Irish life developing. Growth will probably reach 4.5% with unemployment a distant memory. Then go to WB and compare. You will find nothing comparable with the ancient squabbles based on stupid arguments; it is a condition for personal depression.

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