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They do not even know how to spell ‘unbiased’,…

By Mike Cunningham On September 13th, 2017

…..never mind to understand or define what it means.


Readers are asked to recall or remember four things which all these countries have in common:-

  • They are all a combination of States lead by autocrats, dictators or royalty backed by massive military forces
  • They are all Muslim-religion dominated States
  • They are all members of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
  • Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (An organisation which seems to have exceeded the bounds of satire)

All these characters have strongly condemned the Burmese actions towards the Rohingya people, all of whom are peaceful Muslims (or so they say). The leaders of Turkey, Pakistan and Iran, (Strong outposts of Democracy all, naturally) were among the signatories.

The same bunch released their Tenth Report on Islamophobia. Listing in great detail the huge rise in ‘Islamophobia’, as well as ‘hate Crimes’ against muslims: but, strangely enough, do not list the thousands of the victims of Muslim terror attacks listed as such by the authorities, reluctant as they are to state, categorically, what every ordinary person has known about for decades. They just cannot accept that the protesters might; just might: have a point. Page after page details instances of Hate crimes against Muslims, and of almost institutionalised Islamophobia in both America and in Europe. Of the actual terror attacks by Muslims against both their own, as well as the rest of the world………ZERO!

My own response to the Report? Aw Diddums!

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