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Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher

By ATWadmin On November 13th, 2007

110907thatcher.jpgThis post was originally all about Hillary Clinton but I’d rather write about Margaret Thatcher. Margaret Thatcher is much more interesting.

First, though, a brief update on Hillary’s campaign:

Hillary’s poll numbers have slipped after the recent Democrat debate and  the inevitability of her nomination is not quite as certain as it once was.  So, Hillary, in an attempt to boost her popularity, has pulled out the gender card, accusing the other male presidential contenders of the “politics of pile on”  and referring in a speech to “the all-boys club of presidential politics." And now, Bill Clinton, campaigning for her, is quoted: "Those boys have been getting tough on her lately.”

Is this how a real leader acts when under pressure? Peggy Noonan answers this question by comparing Hillary Clinton to Margaret Thatcher:

“Margaret Thatcher would no more have identified herself as a woman, or claimed special pleading that she was a mere frail girl, or asked you to sympathize with her because of her sex, than she would have called up the Kremlin and asked how quickly she could surrender.

She represented a movement. She was its head. She was great figure, a person in history, and she was a woman. She was in it for serious reasons, not to advance the claims of a gender but to reclaim for England its economic freedom, and return its political culture to common sense. Her rise wasn’t symbolic but actual.

In fact, she wasn’t so much a woman as a lady. I remember a gentleman who worked with her speaking of her allure, how she’d relax after a late-night meeting and you’d walk by and catch just the faintest whiff of perfume, smoke and scotch. She worked hard and was tough. One always imagined her lightly smacking some incompetent on the head with her purse, for she carried a purse, as a lady would. She is still tough. A Reagan aide told me that after she was incapacitated by a stroke she flew to Reagan’s funeral in Washington, went through the ceremony, flew with Mrs. Reagan to California for the burial, and never once on the plane removed her heels. That is tough.

The point is the big ones, the real ones, the Thatchers and Indira Gandhis and Golda Meirs and Angela Merkels, never play the boo-hoo game. They are what they are, but they don’t use what they are. They don’t hold up their sex as a feint: Why, he’s not criticizing me, he’s criticizing all women! Let us rise and fight the sexist cur.”

You won’t regret reading the rest.

37 Responses to “Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher”

  1. Absolutely Patty. Lady Thatcher towers over the lilliputian Clinton.

  2. Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic nomination and the Presidency, then you can decide how she compares to your former PM.

  3. Alan: "then you can decide "

    It’s not as if we are lacking in information, Alan. We’ve had 8 years of Bill and Hillary already. She is no Margaret Thatcher.

    For that matter, neither is Bill.

  4. She is no Margaret Thatcher.
    That’s one of the reasons why I will be voting for her.

  5. Both potential frontrunners Hillary and Rudy have stumbled in the last week or so. I suspect each will actually not be as hurt by their recent stumblings in the primaries (Hillary on the poor answer to the illegal alien driver’s license question and Rudy on the far more damning Bernie Kerick revelations). But each incident will be enlarged greatly in a national contest.
    Hillary is not in fact a Maggie Thatcher, but neither are any of the Republican candidates. The choices we have for election this year, the best we might hope for is a Dennis Thatcher.

  6. Mahons,

    Actually, Dennis seemed a decent cove and unlike most politicians, he kept his mouth shut. I think Lady Thatcher misses him badly. There is always the human side beneath the political front.

  7. David -no doubt he was a decent guy. There is actually a men’s club in Washington DC named the Denis Thatcher soceity for men married to political wives.

  8. Alan F.M,

    So, as with Heath, Heseltine and Major, you find your masculinity challenged by the thought of a Lady Leader!

    While being no great fan of Thatcher, I do not find her a figure of hate, as so many ‘girly-men’ of the Left do.

    She was the last truly great Leader of the Western world, whether male or female!

    She did much to admire, unfortunately she was a tad soft in dealing with the ‘little creeps’ in her own Party, she allowed them too much leeway, and they responded like the lightweights they really were, she certainly overestimated their ability to ‘do the job’, and underestimated their ability for treason and deception…

    I can see why you would support anyone but her…

  9. Ernest,

    You have it all bassackwards. Thatcher was a Conservative, I am a Liberal. Simple as (as you folk say).

    To paraphrase John Cleese from the Dead Parrot sketch:
    "The gender don’t enter into it."

  10. And when the Hildebeast loses – she will cry it’s because she’s a woman and the American people won’t vote for a woman.

    Great article on Thatcher. She is a great person.

  11. Alan,

    So your opposition is based purely along Party lines? Not on what is best for the nation. Little wonder, that with thinking like that, that politics is so diminished these days.

    Ever heard of thinking for yourself, rather than being led by the nose, or does animosity really overide every consideration?

  12. Ernest,

    Would you vote Liberal for the best of the nation? I have no qualms about being a partisan and proclaiming that I will vote for a liberal Democrat over a conservative Republican. I’ve already voted for Hillary Clinton in two elections, and I will be voting for her twice next year again. If you voted for Mrs. Thatcher and liked what you got, more power to you.

  13. You’re no commie, Alan! lol. Why would you vote for the Hildebeast?

  14. Alan,

    No politician is going to be perfect. I was bought up to believe in the person, not the dogma.

    I guess you are looking forward to all the goodies that she has promised on the welfare front. Just goes to show, ‘you can take the man out of Scotland, but you can’t take Scotland out of the man!’…:-)

  15. Monica and Ernest,

    Here are the reasons I’m voting for Hillary, in case you care.

  16. Let’s see, so far in the primary season Hillary has laundered campaign money through poor, non-existant, and illegal Chinese, and let’s not forget old runaway Hsu’s money, she’s planting questions at public meetings, she’s playing the victim card when she performs poorly, she can’t answer a straight question for either fear of revealing herself or because she doesn’t have a position, and today her staff is threatening Wolf Blitzer (the next debate questioner) that he had better not be tough on Hillary and pull a "Russert".

    This woman is not honorable.

  17. I guess she won’t get your vote then, Daphne?

  18. Alan, the fact she gives Bill so much grief means I’ll give her a tip o’ the hat!

  19. Alan,

    Ah! – Hillary’s Ten Commandments.

    Something there to pull every heartstring, I did like #10, – and she says it with a straight face. – She certainly has a perverted sense of humour.

    Seriously, every one a worthwhile cause, but – can she, will she, do any of it – very doubtful!

    I strongly expect that once, and if, she should win that #10 will be the first to go, – why? – because politics aren’t about democracy, and she well knows that, they are about leadership, not good intentions, and she just has nothing going in that department.

    I doubt that she is intellectualy capable of doing the job, cunning is not the same as intelligence… still, good luck to you, and, to think, I thought you were a cynic!…

  20. The point is that Hillary isn’t running against someone with the qualities (good and bad) of Maggie. She is running against a limited field in her party. If she prevails there (which I think she will still do) she then faces one of an equally limited field of Republicans.

  21. Those there are some purty words, Alan. I started to dissect every plank of her platform but I’m too exhausted right now. It would be good exercise, though. I think I might tackle it after the girlies go to bed.

    Alan – you really do believe her? Do you think that she’s honest?

  22. Yes.

  23. Oh dear. All right, then. Vote away!

  24. Cheers Alan, I’ve had a rotten stomachache all day (must have been the Liberal puppy I ate last night) and I really needed a good long laugh.

    Please tell me you aren’t actually serious. I totally get why you would vote for her, but voting for her on the basis you think she of all the field is honest is…bizarre.

  25. AF-M –

    Thatcher was a Conservative, I am a Liberal.

    Well she led the Conservative Party, but she was much more a radical than a conservative.

    But with you being a liberal, I expect you applauded what you saw as her achievements: an expanded state, greatly increased state spending, the unfeterred growth of the NHS, a vast expansion of the welfare state, more grammar schools closed than under any other minister and a concurrent expansion in comprehensive education.

  26. unfeterred growth of the NHS, welfare state.

    LOL. Nonsense. It was the total opposite!!

  27. Magz –

    Don’t be lazy and unthinking. Look at what actually happened.

  28. Hillary is staunch marxist who should be reviled never embraced, she is the unclean promoter of all that the world has shown to be vile and catastrophicly disasterous for every society that has ever embraced the policies that spew from her lips.

  29. I think that’s why Alan likes her, Troll. He thinks those policies are all great for society.

  30. I want to personally thank Troll and DSD for confirming the rectitude of my decision to vote for Hillary Clinton and to manifest the earliest symptoms of Hillary Derangement Syndrome. I fully expect they will suffer from this disease for at least the next nine years.

    Ernest, on the other hand, has outed me as a non-cynic, which is a lurid fact I tried to keep well closeted. In the spirit of full disclosure, it can now be revealed that I am a fan of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s "Cockeyed Optimist," preferably sung by the great Mary Martin.

  31. LOL Alan – good for you

  32. Alan: LOL. Classic.

  33. It’s a great day in America (to steal a line from Craig Ferguson who is not as funny as Billy Connelly, but he does have a regular TV program here in the US).

    BTW, to Ernest, thanks for calling me a Scotsman; my mother would have appreciated that (error). Which also reminds me to go to my home page and write down the anecdote about Mom that I just remembered.

  34. Pete

    Thats not correct really. "she believed fundamentally that people behave logically".

    Grammar Schools: Margaret Thatcher opened the door for local councils to decide themselves whether their schools should retain their grammar status when she was the education secretary. She believed that grammar schools were safe and popular with parents and councils, who would want to retain them. But it proved to be a political misjudgment as many councils took the opportunity to rid their towns and cities of selective state education. She took a political gamble and it didnt pay off

    NHS: underfunded under Thatcher deliberately to close it down

    Welfare state: There was a huge amount of curtailing and large-scale dismantling of elements of the welfare state – privatisation, sale of council homes, welfare spending cuts

    It was by no means phenomenal but you have to be careful about how you present it.

    You should read "Dismantling the Welfare State?: Reagan, Thatcher and the Politics of Retrenchment"

  35. Alan,

    Wasn’t there some music hall song about the McDonalds and Camerons and other assorted Scots clans?

    Besides – as with the Boy Scouts – ‘once a Scot always a Scot’, or are you using the name in vain? I bet you even wear shorts under the kilt…

  36. Ernest,

    Provoke me, will ya?

    McDonald is my mother’s surname. She was born in Belfast as I’m sure her father was before her and so on and so on for generations. We moved to the USA in 1950, and all was well until the Troubles. My mother got tired of answering the question, "What’s all this fighting about in Northern Ireland?" So, from the early 1970’s until her death in 1998, when asked where she was from, my mother would say, "Scotland." End of.

  37. Ernest – you may be referring to The Haughs of Cromdale, which as I understand it is a (fictional) account of the Scots clans taking on a Cromwellian army.