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I’m Smart!

By Mahons On October 10th, 2017

It was sad to recall the tragic Fredo Corleone insisting (against all evidence) that he was smart.  At least he wasn’t elected President.

We now have the President of the United States boasting (against all evidence) that he has a higher IQ than his handpicked Secretary of State, who apparently referred to him as a moron.


63 Responses to “I’m Smart!”

  1. This is really setting new precedents. You can see how bad it’s got in Washington by the fact that nobody is suprised by these antics of the president any more. Every week Trump makes statments that if even the best of them had been made by Obama, Trump supporters would be crowing about it for months.

    His stupidity also undermines the status of the presidency in the long term. If the office has been held by such an imbecile for almost a year, and yet the country, the economy, foreign policy etc. still haven’t fallen apart, you have to ask yourself if the position really has to be occupied at all and if it isn’t better to do away with it altogether.
    At the moment at least it sure looks like the president can by his mere presence do much more harm to his country than good.

  2. The checks and balances will be tested more than they have ever been

    On environmental matters, all leadership now Will be coming from states such as California and cities. There will be no leadership of any kind coming from the White House

  3. Making America Cringe Again.

  4. I said before he seems actually to be trying to wreck the US the way the tea baggers always accused Obama of wanting to do

  5. lol… this is the best the democrats have to offer gossip, no ideas, no solutions, not one thing that offers the american public a choice.

    Maybe they’ll run another Lawyer for President who thinks the President can write Law, or ratify treaties like the last one.

  6. Trump is rude and crude, but comparing the length of his pecker hurts no one, violating constitutional and other american Laws like the last President did does.

    I’ll take a crude pig over one that acts like a dictator anyday.

    The things you find so upsetting have over half the nation laughing at you.

  7. Troll, it’s not a Democrat President. It’s a ‘Republican’ who’s making a laughing stock of the office of POTUS.

    Dwell on some imagined non existent Dem Pres if you wish but it still won’t fix the incompetent man child buffoon in the Oval Office.

  8. The last President, used the IRS, the NSA, and the Justice dept against his political enemies.

    That’s the disgrace.

  9. The last President is history. Let’s deal with the present?

  10. no he didn’t troll. Quit talking non sense as corker said the Whitehouse is now just an adult day care

  11. or ratify treaties like the last one.

    Exactly Troll. The Iran “deal”, never ratified by the Senate, is not worth it’s ink and paper.

    Thank God our current President feels constrained by the Constitution.

  12. And as far as being a dummy, President Trump has got the NorKs going quiet, ISIS hasn’t been heard from, NFL players are standing for the anthem, and the DOW is approaching 23,000. Maybe Trump is crazy, like a fox that is!

    Oh, but let’s listen to some has been Senator, LOL.

  13. Charles, you’re not embarrassed that SoS allegedly called the POTUS a ‘fucking moron’ and that the POTUS has challenged him to an IQ test as a result of it?

    Reading that back sounds even more ridiculous than I initially though.

  14. Paul, slightly embarrassed that our POTUS and SOS are acting so childish, however Tillerson needs to remember who the boss is. If he feels that strongly about it, he (Tillerson) should resign.

  15. Tillerson needs to remember who the boss is. If he feels that strongly about it, he (Tillerson) should resign.

    Again, agreed.

    That’s the response of a mature, confident, secure individual in charge which is precisely the answer Trump should have given. That’s why his metaphorical schoolyard public pissing contest is so toe curlingly cringeworthy.

  16. Comparisons to past Presidents or former political adversaries are irrelevant. We are talking about the sitting President and his Secretary of State.

  17. Paul McMahon sometimes you can’t walk awayand leave a child alone even if he is of an age

  18. The Don may have opened his mouth a little too much to back down here:


  19. Well before you get all excited over that Paul take into account I am a member of Mensa.

    I’m sure that discredits the whole organization.

  20. Mahons you’re talking about the President being an embarrassment.

    So past Presidents do come into play. No President was a bigger embarrassment than Bill Clinton he sexually took advantage of a young girl working in the white house, and Obama violated the Law.

    Trump is a bufoon, but he does not equal the embarrassment of either of those two.

    You are more offended by by Trumps being crasp and low class, there are many in the country that are more offended by a Law breaker and a sexual predator.

    You are offended by words, I am offended by crasp action. Getting head in the Oval office by a 19yr old girl in my opinion is the most offensive action a President has been caught engaging in.

  21. Troll, you may be a member of MENSA but could Trump be?

    As for sexual predators, there are multiple claims of sexual assault against the current POTUS. You don’t seem to be as concerned at this as you do of something twenty years ago?

  22. In the UK, a ‘fag’ is a cigarette: in the US, a ‘fag’ is a homosexual.

    In the UK, MENSA is an organisation for people of high IQ: in the US, it is a charitable organisation for the mentally-impaired

  23. Dear Mahons, aka “I’m Smart!”

    Have you ever noticed how only stupid people run around bragging about how smart they are?

  24. Trump is maybe too smart to not appreciate being underestimated…possible…no?

  25. “there are multiple claims of sexual assault against the current POTUS.”

    actually, this is fake news. But, then, you knew this..didn’t you?

    btw, winning is never embarrassing and President Trump is not an embarrassment.

  26. For starters, Ivana Trump claimed in a sworn deposition that Donald Trump had raped her. There are other accusations.

    They are as valid as the similar accusations against Bill Clinton.

  27. Mahons you got caught in the middle of something.

    I won’t contact you again.

  28. “For starters, Ivana Trump claimed in a sworn deposition that Donald Trump had raped her. There are other accusations.”

    Sorry, Phantom, but she also later that it was in the heat of the divorce battle and that she retracted this.

  29. She lied under oath?

    Or was it Trump ultimately persuaded her to be more ” cooperative ” and make those unsworn, incomplete retractions for the sake of family peace and her financial security?

    It’s one or the other.

  30. never mind the fact that she has nothing but praise for him now.

  31. Patty can I drop you a line, I need some advice?

  32. Have you ever noticed how only stupid people run around bragging about how smart they are?

    Patti dear, I fear you have misinterpreted the nuances of this post.

    I’m sure that an IQ test would resolve the issue.

  33. If I had to guess, I’d say the president has an average or slightly above average IQ. I’ll be surprised if he has a high IQ though.
    To be fair, a high IQ, wisdom and common sense do not go hand in hand.

    I’ve noticed the common theme in conversations about Trump. This meme sums it up perfectly:


  34. The Troll,

    Well before you get all excited over that Paul take into account I am a member of Mensa.

    Isn’t everybody? 😀

  35. ( i’m not referring to anyone here when I say this )

    I’ve known a number of “high IQ ” people who have botched their lives – and careers, in some cases precisely because they thought they were so smarter than all the others

    IQ is what it is, but dependability, empathy, wisdom, stick-to-it-iveness cannot be captured by any IQ test.

    Shkreli might have a high IQ, but he is in jail now, and is probably still wondering why


  36. And Having a high IQ doesn’t mean you’re smart it means you have a high adaptive and cognitive processing ability combined with a good memory.

    It’s all how you apply it, and if you can apply it.

  37. Patty the title I’m Smart come from the scene in the Godfather movies where older brother Fredo Corleone protests that he is smart to his younger brother Michael.
    I would think that one would get that from reading the post itself, but perhaps not.
    I imagine you are too caught up in writing a retraction to your false teamster strike post about Puerto Rico to notice.

  38. once again sorry Mahons

  39. That fake news about the Puerto Rico trucker strike and the truckers refusal to deliver aid it was all over Facebook and Twitter and all the other usual fake news conduits

    These guys don’t retract; their intention was never to speak the truth in the first place. The intention was to act as a disseminator of dark propaganda

  40. The intention was to act as a disseminator of dark propaganda

    In all fairness there’s more than one of them around here Phantom.

    Thankfully most of the commentators and presumably the silent readership know them and their wily ways.

  41. oh you’ve got a lot of nerve

  42. Phantom or me Troll?

  43. The bull that runs through this site both in front of and behind the curtain is immense. It centers mostly around one person and it’s not me.

  44. not you Paul

  45. NP Troll. Cheers for clarification.

  46. The alarm bells went off the minute that the report of evil Puerto Ricans refusing to deliver aid to their ruined countrymen started being distributed.

    No thinking person believed it for a second.

    There was no corroboration of any kind, only the tall tale by a non-existent Puerto Rico female cop.

    I have a friend very involved in the production and air/sea distribution of Puerto Rico aid, and he spotted the big lie almost immediately.

    Pure Goebbels / Allan Controlled Demolition stuff. They can’t get enough of it.


  47. nah a bunch of crap went down off the site that I got in the middle of and with my usual grace made it 5 times worse.

  48. The worst part of it was I stomped on Mahons with both feet and he had nothing to do with it.

  49. Ok Troll take it easy you are getting too agitated.

  50. always a good source……

    PolitiFact Bias
    As we have noted over the years, many people mistakenly believe PolitiFact scorecards reasonably allow one to judge the veracity of politicians and pundits.
    [Search domain http://www.politifactbias.com] politifactbias.com

    PolitiFact Bias: About PolitiFact Bias/FAQ
    About: PolitiFact Bias exists to expose the defective fact checking apparatus at PolitiFact, with special focus on the problems that help show PolitiFact’s marked …
    [Search domain http://www.politifactbias.com] politifactbias.com/p/about-politifact-bias-html

    Fact Checkers: PolitiFact Shows Bias – Newsmax.com
    PolitiFact tips the scales leftward in two important ways: first by what the fact twisters choose to study and two, by how it interprets what the individual said, up …
    [Search domain http://www.newsmax.com] newsmax.com/Reagan/PolitiFact-Fact-Checkers-Bias/2015…

    gee what does salon say….. they’re a good source

  51. Thanks Mahons, agreed

  52. “There was no corroboration of any kind”

    Really? There is a reason that FEMA food relief is now being distributed by the military. And there is a reason that the Mayor of San Juan is now under investigation.

    Instead of pretending that Puerto Rico is just a group of 3.5million honest hard working people who managed to accidentally acquire debt of $70 billion with nothing to show for it you should be asking what happened to the vibrant Puerto Rican drug trade Did the illegal drug trade just dry up?

    Questions for the curious.

  53. Mahons and Phantom – the fact that you dispute the fact that truckloads of FEMA aid sat in the port because the PR truckers union refused to drive reminds me of Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running operation that you both also refused to believe. And the Southern border gang killings that you also refused to admit existed.

    You both really should try to wean yourselves from Fake News and CNN because you are allowed your own opinions but not your own facts.

  54. “Patty can I drop you a line, I need some advice?”


  55. Troll, my advice is to pray for guidance. Seriously.

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he will make your path straight. – Proverbs 3:5-6

  56. Patty

    There was a hurricane

    Things were not good there. There was disarray

    Your post was based on a fake call by an imaginary cop who will never be identified because she does not exist

  57. Many Truck drivers had lost their own homes

    They could not be reached because all the phones were out

    That is what happened

    How can the above lead anyone to conclude that they were greedy strikers who refused to deliver the aid.

  58. And many of the roads were out

  59. Fine you know what fuck all three of you.

    Let them pound on you all they want Patty, they treat you like shit, but you’re no better than they are.

    You get what you give.

  60. I thought you were all decent people despite all our little feuds 0n line, but Phantom and Patty really aren’t are you?

    It’s amazing how I get pounded on for being open and honest about who I am and what I believe in public, but so many of you are phony nasty people in private.

    All your e-mail addresses have been erased and blocked.

    Mahons once again I apologize for pounding on you so hard, you did not deserve it.

  61. It’s looking as though Russia really did meddle in the US elections:


    The Washington Post ran this item as front-page news entitled “Google finds links to Russian disinformation in its services,” with the excited lede paragraph declaring: “Russian operatives bought ads across several of Google’s services without the company’s knowledge, the latest evidence that their campaign to influence U.S. voters was as sprawling as it was sophisticated in deploying the technology industry’s most powerful tools.”

    “Google’s internal investigation found $4,700 of search ads and display ads that the company believes are Russian-connected, and found $53,000 of ads with political content that were purchased from Russian Internet providers, building addresses or with Russian currency, people familiar with the investigation said. …

    And now, some context which Google and the WaPo really do need…….


    Donald Trump’s campaign spent about $94m in its final push for the White House, according to new fundraising reports.

    The Republican continued his campaign-long trend of spending far less than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Her campaign spent almost $132m in its closing weeks, according to reports filed on Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. The latest reports cover 20 October to 28 November.

    Over the course of the primary and general elections the Trump campaign raised about $340m including $66m out of his own pocket. The Clinton campaign, which maintained a longer and more concerted fundraising focus, brought in about $581m.

  62. Good Morning Ladies. I slept in today, but I see that ATW is it’s old self.

    Pat, I had a good talk with you yesterday on the phone. I hope we get to meet up next Wednesday the 18th. I’ll get with you this week-end and make reservations if all goes well.

  63. I let you know Charles, the wife and I hope so also.

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