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By Pete Moore On October 10th, 2017

SKY NEWS live feed …

Euronews live feed …

Been on his feet for half an hour, lots of waffle, hasn’t got to the point yet …

21 Responses to “PUIGDEMONT SPEAKS”

  1. I and the whole of the Iberian peninsula are watching it live with baited breath Pete.

  2. Summary: Committed to independence, but through dialogue with Madrid.

  3. Proposes dialogue, holds out the prospect of independence.

  4. A Catalan commentator on SKY NEWS said Puigdemont declared UDI then put it on hold.

  5. I wonder what the hour delay was about? Did they tone it down at the last minute?

  6. Yep Noel. Bluster and showboating.

    I wonder how those Catalans that got danced on and their head broken by the Policia Nacionál and the Guardia Civil in order to vote in a sham election feel now?

  7. It’s reported here that he ‘declared independence then suspended it’

  8. Interesting that in the Catalan Parliament chamber the CUP coalition partners didn’t applaud him.

  9. That’s a nice lady speaking now; Ines something. Pretty and passionate.

  10. Her party, Ciudadanos, have been described over here as ‘a centre right party for young, good looking people who don’t have the balls to join PP because they’re worried what their friends will say’

  11. While we’re on a thread about the Catalan referendum perhaps some of the ‘patriots’ and ‘nationalists’ here would like to comment on the behaviour of Spanish ‘nationalists’ at a pro Catalan independece rally in Valencia last night?


    Bloody ‘antifa’ again no doubt?

  12. Well Paul, it looks like both sides were having a ruck and the Bolsheviks came off worse.

  13. No Pete, it doesn’t look like that at all. Particularly when the headline reads:

    ‘Ultraright group brutally attacks various people during a march in Valencia on the 9th of October’

    More unsurprising excusing / diminishing of violence. Still, probably half of them are undercover cops and state agent provocateurs eh?.

  14. Paul –

    Regardless of the headline (La Sexta is left wing), it looks exactly like both sides are having a punch up.

  15. La Sexta isn’t ‘left’, regardless of what the PP say. However, here’s the centre right El Mundo


    It doesn’t look like both are having a punch up at all. Please explain how and where.

  16. El Mundo’s video is not playing for me, though I see that 9th October is a day of commie gathering in Valencia (when aren’t the commies not at work but out whining about something?)

    Stuff it, if there’s one thing I have no time for it’s commies moaning that their march has been interrupted.

  17. When did pro Catalan independence supporters become ‘Commies?’

    Anyway, here’s the preferred paper of the PP, ABC. Maybe their video will work for you.


    Now, would you like to explain how and where ‘both sides are having a punch up?’

  18. Rajoy of course turns an improved situation into a farce. He rejected Barcelona’s offer of negotiations and insists on the pre-condition that the Catalans drop their claim to independence. He’s also threatening to suspend their autonomy.

    Puigdemont should react accordingly.

  19. It’s the typical Spanish way Noel, everything has to be a drama and a crisis.

    This is an extension of the Spanish mentality that whoever talks the loudest is the best understood.

  20. //This is an extension of the Spanish mentality that whoever talks the loudest is the best understood//

    So it’s always about confrontation and power?

    Maybe it’s now time for the Catalonia govt to give Madrid a salutory shock.

  21. Have you heard the expression that the Spanish are the loudest speakers in Europe? (IMO even more than the Italians), that’s the reason why.

    Sometimes the extremes of the Spanish mentality infuriates me. Stubborn, entrenched, never wrong and loud. When I go out with Spanish speaking friends I usually dont speak because if you have half a dozen people speaking they will be almost shouting at each other thinking that they’re making the stronger point and it’ll be impossible to get a word in edgeways.

    I often marvel at Spanish ‘communication’ as they love speaking but not so much listening.

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