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Start a New

By Patrick Van Roy On October 12th, 2017

Time for a little reset after 20 yrs of Blogging as the Troll the Troll is now dead. From this point forward every post I do will be signed with my real name Patrick (Paddy) Van Roy.

I will be doing posts as usual that offer you a perspective of American events and stories that you will never get from the Main Stream Media or the majority of American commentators. I will still participate in threads, but very few.

I hope my Posts provoke some lively threads, but if not you will at least get a perspective of America different than any other.

I give a parting song from the Troll.

5 Responses to “Start a New”

  1. Great selection, LOL. Can everybody dig it?

  2. lol

    warriors come out to play…….

  3. Here’s my contribution.

    Hang-on, it’s not Friday night. Still, enjoy my song though.


  4. Goodnight sweet Troll, may you rest in peace. Hello to Patrick, welcome to ATW , I am sure you will be a very entertaining and informative presence here 😉

  5. Thank you Colm, I’ll try.

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