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By Pete Moore On October 12th, 2017

Nine people a day are being arrested for posting allegedly offensive messages online as police step up their campaign to combat social media hate speech.

More than 3,300 people were detained and questioned last year over so-called trolling on social media and other online forums, a rise of nearly 50 per cent in two years, according to figures obtained by The Times.

Notice how the government and/or the useless police only ever refer to “offensive” or “hate” speech. They never admit to the truth, which is that they hate free speech and those who speak their minds.

Remember, offence is never given, it’s only taken, and that’s a conscious choice. “I’m offended by that” should be met with “So?” That’s all it’s worth. Half of the investigations reported by The Times were dropped. They should all be dropped. Giving offence is not a crime.

2 Responses to ““POLICE CUTS””

  1. Arresting or investigating anyone for speaking their views proves that is not a free country.

    Unless they are making threats. Anyone can say anything, if you can’t you are not free.

  2. I agree with you here Pete. I’ve been reading about this and some of the so-called hate speech the police when After People for saying was f****** ridiculous.

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